Saturday, March 29, 2008

Time to Party class

Everyone has a birthday or two that sneak up on them! Prepare yourself with this class! We'll be making 5 birthday cards that are suitable for children, men, friends and anyone in between! Includes envelopes.

Sun April 20 7:30pm $15 class will be held at my house in Cloverdale

If you are long distance, you can still "take" this class. I will make up a kit and stamp all the images and include instructions and embelishments, all you will need to do is use your own adhesive to put the card together. Price is $20 to cover the shipping.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

sad puppy

Yesterday, Paisley got spayed. Yep, she's already that old! 7 months old and almost full grown, still a bit of a nuisence, still a suck, but kinda cute! :) When Jonathan brought her home from the vet, she was drugged up and dopey and spent the evening on the couch, moaning every now and then! Poor thing!

**notice the nice shredded corner of the couch? Yeah, apparently she likes to eat furniture along with shoes and clothes! *grr!* I am NOT impressed!!! She did that a few weeks ago, much to my chagrin. >:{

But isn't she so cute? :S

"just" a baby

Well, my next ultrasound was a *bit* better. I really liked the technologist who did the exam; we actually talked a bit! However, she still wouldn't tell me the gender! It's a hospital policy. *insert pout here* She wouldn't even leave it in my doctor's notes for her to tell me either! I can understand because they are concerned about gender equality and such. (my polite way of saying termination based upon the "wrong" gender) But still! That isn't me! I just want to know if I need to choose a boy's name!!!!! *harumph* Oh well. I'm actually used to NOT knowing. After all, I didn't know with the other three either. It's just, this is the first one I really wanted to know!

I don't see my doctor until next week if there is any special news on this ultrasound, but from the sounds of it, everything went well. She saw the heart and all the other important bits they check out, it was the spine that she had trouble with! The baby was laying on it's back, so she couldn't get a good look at it, so she had me roll to my left, then roll to my right, and tilt this way and that….finally, she had me empty my bladder, and when I returned, she quickly said, "Roll over!" and that was the trick! The baby was moving around so much too, like we had "awaken the dragon", according to the tech! :) But she was able to tell me the heartbeat was 147.

The baby has been kicking more noticeably now, and I can even start to feel it if I put my hand on my tummy! I've also realized that I'm a moron! For the past few weeks, I've been feeling this pressure against my tummy and I would think, 'sheesh, what is this baby doing?" When it occurred to me the other night: that "pressure" is actually a Braxton Hick! Duh!!! LOL And of course, ever since realizing what it is, I'm noticing them more! (roll eyes) I can't believe that I didn't think of that first though. You'd think I'd know what was going on after three children, lol! *blush*

Here is the Peanut at 21 weeks: how beautiful!

Yesterday, while shopping at Old Navy, I made my first purchase for the baby! An adorable yellow/brown striped onesie…I figure it's gender-neutral enough! Just in case!

me at 23w:

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