Wednesday, July 6, 2016

oh, I'm running (back)

This song has been on my mind all week ever since we sang it in church on Sunday. It's one that I hadn't heard in a long time. (it came out in 2010, forever long ago)

(Forever Reign by Hillsong)

Oh, I'm running to Your arms
I'm running to Your arms
The riches of Your love
Will always be enough
Nothing compares to Your embrace
Light of the world forever reign

Oh, it's been so long. Too long. It's funny (but not really) how so much can change without you even realizing it until it's almost too late. Suddenly you notice that something is missing, but you're not too sure what. And when you finally connect it, you wonder how you ever got there.

Somewhere along the line, not only did I drop off my blogging (I got busy and tired and needed a break somewhere and it's usually the first thing to go.) but I also stopped my daily journaling, and then I stopped my thankful list. And the next thing you're not doing anything that you used to do!

Why is it so easy to drop a GOOD habit???

I've been struggling with that. It's so frustrating. I wish I were more disciplined.

So this song reflects my recognition that things are not as they should be but that I am taking steps to regain all that I did before that was so much better for me. Funny how daily journaling a thankful list can change your heart and outlook so much! Focusing on good, even on the toughest days, brought Joy back to my life!  Why did I stop doing this??  *insert disappointed pouty face*

Oh, I'm running (back) to Your arms.

 My heart will sing
No other name
Jesus, Jesus

Friday, December 25, 2015

the beautiful gift

Thursday, December 24, 2015

wishing you a silent peaceful night

The kids were in their new jammies as we watched A Charlie Brown Christmas before this evening. And that's when it really started to feel like Christmas!  After they were tucked into bed (fifteen times!), my Hunny and I tackled the gifts wrapping and enjoyed the (eventually) quiet house together. We don't sit together like this often enough, usually we have distractions of tv or phone as background filler. Tonight was just a perfect evening of listening to favourite carols and resting. 

I have been listening to a lot of Pentatonix lately. I'm not usually a fan of A Capella, but they do it so beautifully. Most of it sounds like a choir singing with their mix of harmonies, which I love.  Their version of Silent Night is amazing!

{You also need to listen to Mary, Did You Know? <<< click here
And The First Noel <<< click here
No it! Go now!}

From my Clan to yours: Have a wonderful Christmas.  May it be full of family and happiness as we celebrate His gift to us.

May your night be filled with peace.

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Noel // Come and see what God has done


Love incarnate, love divine
Star and angels gave the sign
Bow to babe on bended knee
The Savior of humanity
Unto us a Child is born
He shall reign forevermore

Noel, Noel
Come and see what God has done
Noel, Noel
The story of amazing love!
The light of the world, given for us

Son of God and Son of man
There before the world began
Born to suffer, born to save
Born to raise us from the grave
Christ the everlasting Lord
He shall reign forevermore

Noel, Noel
Come and see what God has done
Noel, Noel
The story of amazing love!
The light of the world, given for us

written by Matt Redman, Chris Tomlin and Ed Cash. This version sung by Lauren Daigle.

So incredibly beautiful.  So peaceful.  

Thursday, December 17, 2015

unexpected outcome and our first IEP

I met with the Learning Assistance Coordinator at the school and she had bad news for us. Unfortunately the assessment report from Fraser Developmental Centre wasn't enough. First, they didn't receive it in time to apply for school support (which needs to be done by the end  of September to  register with the Ministry of Education) and the short report they got didn't have enough info on it. Second, upon receiving the full report, the LAC and SEC (Special Education Coordinator) went over it carefully and they aren't able to apply for extra help for him when it comes time in February 2016 either (the second time schools can apply).

So no Aide for Rhys.

At least for now.

The wording that I struggled with they did as well. ("You may wish to identify him as having....") The big issue they had with the diagnosis of Complex Developmental Behavioral Disorder (CDBC) is that Rhys doesn't completely fit that description either. He does not have any behavioral problems. That is, no aggression, or self harm, or class disruptions ,etc. And that Behavior is an important part of CDBC. So they didn't feel that they could properly label him that way. Even though as I was told they really wished they could.


To say I felt disappointed would just slightly address my feelings. I felt it was a step back after our gains lately. And I was worried about Rhys not getting the help that he needed. But I have been assurred by the LAC that while Rhys may not have an Aide, he will always have an  IEP. And they will always have him placed in a classroom where there is already an Aide, who is able to help him as needed. That encouraged me.

Despite that set back, I do not feel that Rhys will "fall into the cracks" like it felt last year.  He has such a wonderful teacher (who R and I both love) and the same Aide in the class as last year (who I've been talking with) He also has this report from Sunnyhill and they can't ignore that. But the truth is that Rhys really is doing well. Yes, he is about 1-2 years behind in a lot of ways, but he just needs direction, and he doesn't need that all of the time. So I understand the confliction in this decision.

When I met with the Learning Assistance Coordinator and his teacher last week for our first IEP meeting (Independant Education Plan) I had a bit of nerves. I wasn't too sure what to expect. And it's funny how despite not knowing for sure, you can always end up feeling as though you weren't really expecting the outcome in the end. The meeting was different than I thought it would be. We started with his strengths (which I think is always a good place to begin) and then his needs, and then delved into the many categories where he needed help. With each heading (Communication, Social/Emotional, Acedemic, Physical/Independance) we discussed areas that he needed to strengthen and the LAC gave us solutions on how to meet those concerns. It really wasn't a surprise, really. Nothing was said that I didn't already know, and thankfully most I had already discussed with the Learning Assisstance Coordinator so it felt more like an 'official recap' for the records. So un-climatic!

I am going to see Rhys' pediatrician and see if he would qualify for more help elsewhere, as we agree that Speech Therapy and/or Occupational Therapy would benefit him. As his teacher said, learning disabilities don't separate kids too much, but something they see will eventually set him apart, such as his inability to run properly or do simple things like skip. Maybe there is a program that we can get Rhys into that's locally run and doesn't cost a lot.

I really do think this year will be a good one, though. We are making small steps. He is in the right school, and placed in the perfect classroom, and he is loved by many.

Sunday, December 13, 2015

heavy heart

My heart is overwhelmed. My Opa peacefully entered into the arms of Jesus this week. As I listened to Christmas Carols on the radio, I was filled with awe that he was singing them in praise now! What a reward! I am so thankful for that surety of his life in heaven and can't help but wonder how those without Jesus Christ face death. I am at peace, but I also am sad that he is no longer with us (and its hard living so far from family) but I have that hope for an eventual reunion. I am so thankful! I will miss you, Opa!

My heart aches.

This is hard.

 ROEPER, Pieter- Monday September 9, 1929 - Thursday December 10, 2015

Pieter Roeper passed away peacefully at the Belleville General Hospital on Thursday December 10th, 2015. Pieter Roeper, of RR#2 Stirling in his 87th year. Son of the late Cornelis & Trijntje Roeper. Loving husband of 63 years to Ada (Boulogne). Father of Alice Peters (Stephen) of British Columbia, Karin Bouma (Fred) of Belleville, Connie Reed (Bob Grzela) of Rockland, Peter (Kathleen) of Shelburne, Jim (Cathy) of Stirling, Fay Sarra (John) of Markham and John (Ingrid) of Belleville. Survived by his sisters Tineke Roeper (Sip Vermey) and Willy Hanskamp (Joop) of Holland. Predeceased by sisters Alida Bas (Flip), Henny Stark (Jac) and his brothers Jan (Aagie), Henk and Cornelis (Elly). Dear Grandfather of Mark, Lori-Anne, Julie, Peter, James, Heather, Francine, Craig, Kyle, Curtis, Ryan, Tiffany, Erica, Charles, David, Katrina, Nicole, Michelle, Rhiana, Aaron, Elysha and 22 great grandchildren. Predeceased by grandson Matthew and great grandson Quinn. Friends are invited to call at the STIRLING FUNERAL CHAPEL LTD 87 James St. Stirling (613-395-2424) on Sunday from 2-4 & 7-9 p.m. Funeral Services will be held at St. Andrews Presbyterian Church, Stirling on Monday December 14th, 2015 at 11:00 a.m. Officiated by Rev. Morley Mitchell. Interment Elmwood Cemetery. If desired, donations to the St. Andrews Presbyterian Church would be appreciated.
Online condolences

Friday, December 11, 2015

Oh Light

I love Gungor for their incredibly touching lyrics, breathtaking music and heavenly voices. And this new song is no exception.

Oh Light / Gungor feat. All Sons and Daughters

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