Tuesday, June 7, 2011

new favourites

Hokey Dinah!!!

(yes, I actually say dumb things like that! *giggle*)

I came across this song and fell in love last night.

And then I heard this one....and WOW. Amazing. And to think it's all done just using what you see in the video. I've often heard these sounds in songs and wondered how they were done...
And, yes, these are the same guys who did Love Story meets Viva la Vida. Steven Sharp Nelson on cello (all 4 of them. seriously! I never knew there was an electric cello!!!!) and Jon Schmidt on piano.

I am in love. And it's a jealous love. I wish I were musically talented enough to play an instrument. I'd like to blame my non-instrument playing on my parents because they never put me in for piano lessons or let me learn to play the violin like I wanted (life is so rough, I know)...but the truth is that it just wasn't an option for me as a child. But what's stopping me now? I can't STILL blame them, can I? Dang! LOL :)

Do you think it's hard to learn to play cello as a 30-something year old woman? How about piano? I sucked at recorder in grade 7 and couldn't learn to read music notes to save my life....do you think that would be an issue now?

I could watch these videos over and over again. I'm manic that way. ...oh wait, I have!

Monday, June 6, 2011

37 weeks

Surely the end must be near for Baby Jellybean! Every week is a surprise for me!

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