Sunday, March 29, 2009

prayer request

Keep praying, dear friends, for little Stellan, AKA MckMiracle, AKA MckMuffin. He is 5 months old today and his heart is starting to weaken with his SVT. Click on MckMama for more info and how you can pray.
If you are on FaceBook, check out the Group "Pray for Stellan" as well for info on how you can help, if you like to bless others with more hands-on help (ie: gift cards instead of prayer…hey, we all have our gifts and talents.)

Our God is a Mighty God, nothing is Beyond Him. I know Stellan is in His hands. I am praying that the Father would release his little heart from the stress, and that He would give his peace on the family. I pray that Stellan will be here to celebrate his first birthday and for God to perform another miraculous healing. *sigh* My mind won't think straight. Please pray as well. Thanks.

Friday, March 27, 2009

9 months

Rhys is now 9 months old and such a cutie! He learned to sit up on his own last month, got his first tooth poking through and weighs 15 lbs! (7kg) He looks a lot like his siblings at this age too. He has such a gentle personality…sort of. Since he's been teething and battling a cold, he has developed quite the Shriek!!!! I can not get over how LOUD (and high-pitched) this baby can get! He is into babbling and learning to reach up and hug (so cute!) but doesn't giggle out loud much. I like to say he's like his Daddy in that way…mildly amused, laughing inside, that sort of thing!

Get your Rhys James' fill here:

I love him. I love him with such a deep love. He melts my heart. I am holding him closer…all my children closer…after reading about Stellan and the parents who have had to say goodbye to their children prematurely. (how did my mom do it?) God has blessed me with my children, in words I will never be able to express and in ways I'll never be able to repay, and I am honored to be able to love on them this side of heaven. My role as a Mother isn't easy and I often beat myself up about how I struggle and stress and can't seem to find a niche with it, while wondering how some mothers with more troubles seem to have it figured out. I know they have hard days too, but I wish my attitude expressed the same as theirs. I wish I were close enough to my God that things weren't as tough, if that makes sense. *sigh*

I know I'll never be perfect and I know I'll make mistakes and I'm sure I can keep myself up with all these regrets as my children grow. I've got to accept that in myself. What I've got to BELIEVE is that God put me here, He chose ME to have these gifts of children, He has given me the strength and the know-how to raise these kids the way that is the best. I am Right where He wants me to be! That in itself should humble me!

I don't know how I got sidetracked… we were drooling over pics of my Baby Honey. Don't you just want to dip him in chocolate?

Thursday, March 26, 2009

prayers needed

If you have been checking out MckMama (there is a link on my blogroll) like I have suggested, you will have gotten to know Jennifer, the wonderful mother of 4 MSC (Many Small Children…a term I am starting to use on my own clan!) and daughter of the Lord. She is sweet, funny, honest and encouraging. Her son, Stellan, was diagnosed with severe heart failure during her pregnancy and was told he would certainly die during gestation if not at birth. But God provided them with a healthy heart and a healthy son in MckMiracle! Now, Stellan is 6 months old but has just been sent to the hospital. The same thing he was diagnosed with inutero, SVT (supraventricular tachycardia) has come back and is causing serious complications.

Please please take the time out to pray for this family. I can not imagine sitting where MckMama sits, with her baby in PICU, and knowing that the doctors can't stop his Tacycardiac heart currently. Pray that God will perform another miracle. Pray that they will be able to hold Stellan longer and be able to take him home to his siblings. Pray for strength in MckMama and Prince Charming, peace and understanding, and most of all, faith and trust. They have more faith than I do right now (reading her blog) but I know she is also starting to reach the limit where she needs an answer. Pray.


Tuesday, March 24, 2009


a Hunny with Strep Throat to our house of sickies, and what do you get???

Sunday, March 22, 2009

House of Sickness

Sheesh! it's starting to feel like we'll never get well enough again in this house! We've had colds, flus, tonsilitis, stomach bugs, you name it, for about a month. All these germy yucky cells floating around. {{{shudder}}} The big kick that brought it into full drive was when Abi got sick. And she got SICK, poor thing, with Streptoccal pharyngitis or streptococcal sore throat or strep throat. (but it's just fun to say Streptocccal pharyngitis!!!)

Poor girl was miserable. She went from her bed, to my bed, to the living room, and back again. Day after day. Not wanting to eat, drinking a bit, taking antibiotics. She was home from school for 4 days! (Poor Anna, her best friend, was so lost!!!)

But, she didn't JUST get Strep, but she also got….get this! I find this fascinating: Scarlett Fever!!!! Maybe I shouldn't be so enthralled, but well… who gets this anymore??? I thought it was erridicated! I know we get immunized from it (as it can cause death) but was surprised that it is still killing children in Third World countries. (Why is no one sharing our medicines with them?) Scarlett Fever is a mild rash caused by toxins released from the bacteria and is one of the few complications from Strep. It started to show up within 2 days of her being sick.

You can see, she didn't get it too bad (thankfully) and it didn't bother her too much, but it did travel across her arms, legs, face and torso. :( She also got ANOTHER "complication" from Strep: oral herpes!!!! Poor girl! Her lips were dry and they started to break out at the edges, where she couldn't open her mouth too far or else they'd crack and bleed and weep. Not nice at all! So you can see why we kept her home from Wed-Fri and again on Monday.

We also found out something interesting during this week-long trial. It looks like she has an allergy to Penicillin. After taking it for a day, she complained about her lips feeling numb, to which I (like a GOOD mom *shame*) shrugged off with her being sick. Day two of taking it and still complaining of numbness of the lips…when I notice that her lips have puffed up!!! It's like she had taken a botox injection!!! I looked at them, looked again, wondering if she stumbled into some bad light… (lol, Clueless)…then called my neighbour. I needed her opinion, but also for her to watch the boys so I could take her back to the clinic! When Jenny arrived, Abi's lips looks a bit less puffy, but still enough for Jenny to look and look and wonder as well! By the time we go to the clinic and seen the dr, the puffiness was gone altogether. But just to be on the safe side, we're going to assume that Abi has an allergy to penicillin! I am So thankful that it wasn't a Severe reaction! And that it only made her lips feel tingly and numb and swelled her lips for a bit…imagine if it had closed her windpipe? The very thought sends chills.

That's what began our month. Two days after her Streptococcal Episode, Abi got a cold! *roll eyes* I was worried that her antibiotics didn't cover enough and that it was coming back with a vengenance, but this only lasted two days and didn't keep her from school! Phew! We were all starting to feel coldish too…coughing and runny noses and the like.

Then it was Kai's turn. He was staying overnight at Grandma & Grandpa's house so he could play with his cousin, Isaac, who was visiting from Powell River for the week. By the second night, he couldn't sleep, kept complaining of ear pain, and crying a lot. Mom was only able to settle him with warm washcloths on his ears, repeating as needed every few hours. (needless to say, she didn't get much sleep) When I went to pick him up, I brought home Abi and Emma also(so Emma could sleep over here and spend some time with Abi). He seemed okay sleeping that night. Cried a few times in his sleep, but I was able to get some Tylenol into him (what a feat! you know he's sick when he'll accept medication!) and re-warmed cloths for his ear.

But I was FREEZING!!!! I went to bed absolutely cold. I didn't think of it at first as our house was cold from us being out all day, but still… then my throat began to get sore. And I was going from cold chills and layering blankets on me, to hot spells in feverish sweats! I was down for the count! And let me tell you…I am So grateful for my neice, Emma! It was such a good thing she stayed overnight because I really needed her the next day! I literally stayed in bed until 3:30 in the afternoon!!! I couldn't get up, I was in pain, and so tired, and cold and couldn't swollow… it was a nightmare! When Emma got picked up at 5pm by a friend, I wanted to cry! She was so wonderful, watching over the kids. She made them lunch, and saved Bryn from curiousity hurting him! (apparently, he turned on the oven and put his hand into the warmth…eek!!!) Generally, keeping them company while I was TKO in the other room! …not to say that she kept them out of destruction or kept the house realitively clean (it was nicely cleaned the day earlier!) b/c that isn't her 12-year-old forte I guess! But I was thankful for what I got! Then I begged my Life Saver Jenny to pop over to help me get the kids fed and into bed as I could not do it on my own!

I was supposed to take Kai to the clinic that day, but it was totally shot! The next day, I managed to ask my MIL (who was also battling a cold, oops) to come and watch the two kids so that I could go see the doctor with Kai and Rhys. (who had been up every 2-3 hours crying and complaining for two nights with me not being able to settle whatever it was bothering him) It turns out that Kai has an ear infection! Big Surprise! His right ear is the worst, but the left is also a bit sore. So he's on Biaxin. Rhys has the beginnings of an ear infection, which could explain his unhappiness during the night, as well as a cold, which explains his constant coughing and choking, and add in some teething and that's about it! Poor babe. He's also on Biaxin. I have tonsilitis or something, I'm not too sure. SHe didn't give me an actual name, just said my tonsils and glands are really swollen. And, yes, they are! My glands are so swollen that my neck is incredibly sensitive to the touch. I also have the flu. Go figure! I had just gotten the flu shot two days prior!!!! Little too late, I guess. I am also on Biaxin. This doctor likes Biaxin. It's a cure-all antiobiotic for her, I guess, because she doesn't do throat swabs or anything. Oh well. As long as it clears it up, I won't question her.

Meanwhile, Jonathan came home in such chills that he couldn't even speak properly! He was stuttering. "c-c-c-c-can y-y-y-you get m-m-m-me something to d-d-d-drink?" It was so strange! I'd never seen him that cold before; this guy has gone camping in -27 (not taking into account the windchill factor) and been fine! I was a *bit* concerned. He's been curled up in blankets, looking totally lost, with a sore throat. I hope it's not tonsilitis for him as well.

And just in case you thought the sickness that never ends has spared Bryn, I'm here to tell you that I wish!!! Poor Little Bug has a runny green nose that won't stop! He seems to be fine other than that though, thankfully.

When MIL came over on Saturday so that I could run over to the clinic, she started to clean the house (b/c that's what she does) and then Jenny came over too..and the two of them scrubbed my sticky floors (told you Emma didn't mind them to clean up!) and bleached! It lifted my spirits and I'm starting to feel a bit of spunk return for me, so I'm hoping I'm on the mend soon. I am going to give this house a huge Spring Cleaning! Kill those germs! Flush out the dust with some fresh air!

I'm just thankful the sun is starting to come out more now (it actually feels like Spring…knock on wood, lol) and that the kids have another week of Spring Break. The first one was totally wasted on sickiness! I'd like to go out and enjoy the break and the sun!

Soon. I am ready.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Not Me! Monday

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over HERE to read what she and everyone else have NOT been doing this week.

Ahhh, it's that time again. To let it all out. To 'fess up. To be open and honest about our faux pas'. To join the collective group that says, Hey, I'm not all that bad. Look at all the things I DON'T do"! Come join the fun!

**This week, in attemps to potty train my 2 1/2 year old, I did not let him wander the house naked. And I certainly did NOT forget the fact until several hours later, when he pointed to a wet spot on the bathroom floor and said, "Bin peed!" That would be irresponsible! And defeat the Training purpose! And I definitely didn't ask him plainly why he didn't use the potty on his own accord mere inches away!

**While enjoying a cuddly moment with my Muffin, I did not snuggle up close and look into her beautiful face and inwardly desire to pluck her wayward 7 year- old eyebrows. That would be strange. And inappropriate. Just not something I would even notice.

**Baby Honey is 8 months old now and sitting on his own, eating more foods and cutting his first tooth. When I hold his wee self in my arms and breathe in his baby scent (all soft, warm and milky), I am not thinking of another bairn. No, not me! Four is enough children! My baby is still a baby; it's way too early. Nope, not even thinking baby girl thoughts.

**I am certainly NOT obsessive at all lately with playing songs over and over again or reading the same books again a month later. And in these books that I'm not reading, I do not think of myself as being of that time frame (1790) or heritage (Scotland) and I'm not attempting to pick up the language. Nope! I'm firmly grounded and not perchance to such thinking. In trowth!

What have you NOT been doing this week?

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

it started out good, turned bad, then went back to good again

Last week, I was wide awake at 6:45 am. (it helped that Kai came in for some breakfast. I told him to wait until morning!) To be honest, I was expecting Hunny to stay home sick, since it didn't sound like he slep well, but he's a Stronger Man than I am (for obvious DNA reasons) I would've whined about how siiiick I am and stayed in bed. But not him. He put on his Big Girl Panties (not really, that would be disturbing) and went to work, saying he used up too many sick days already. (I don't even get Sick Days, so I can be as sick as I want as often as I want. yay!) But I digress…

I got up, helped the kids get dressed (well, Bryn & Abi) and eat. I was so proud of myself for being so awake! Yay go me! This was going to be a Good Day! As soon as Hunny left with Abi to take her to school, I decided to curl up with Baby Honey in bed, since he wasn't awake yet. I knew I'd have to leave by 9:30, but I was just resting.

…An hour half later…. I jump up and freak out, rushing Kai to dress, and change Bryn and Rhys, gather all I need, and head out the door. I obviously fell asleep and now it was 9:47am!!!! Dang!

Oh no! *smacking forehead* I didn't consider the snow last night! Not only did I have to brush off about 2" of the white stuff from my van, plus the layer of ice underneath, but I had to get INTO it first. My doors froze! And my Emergency break froze. And my windsheild wipers froze. Oh, and then there was a good 5 minutes where Bryn thought it would be funny to lock me out of the van while it heated up. I implored, urged, demanded to him to unlock the doors. I banged on the windows. I begged and commanded Kai to open the doors. I even cursed bad words in my head…until God gently reminded me that He knows our thoughts and even if it's "only in the head" it's still as if I committed the act, so I had to confess and ask forgiveness. *sigh*

Finally, Kai gets a clue, opens the door for me, and I can scrape my windows. Thankfully, my van has been heating up enough for the windsheild to thaw partially. I didn't pull out of the driveway until 10:05am. Oh, did I tell you that the appointment was at 10:10? We were 20 minutes late. Did I mention that this was our first meeting with our new Speech Pathologist? Phooey. Our 1/2 hour meeting was now only 10 minutes. And as I set Rhys' car seat down and Bryn plops into a chair, I am informed, "Oh, and I don't allow siblings in the room."

Good to know. Now. Thanks. Not that I didn't think that Kai shouldn't go alone, but I really would've like to have been a part of our first meeting. Since we'll be seeing her weekly, I'll try to make arangements for the younger boys.

But on to the part where it gets good again….

The SP (Dara….although Bryn thought I said DORA, as in The Explorer, and kept asking when we'd see her!!!) said that Kai speaks pretty good and that she feels that we just need to work on the "S Blends" (which I knew). She also said that she didn't think that we'd need to see her for very long. I asked her how she felt about the Apraxia diagnosis, to which she said that she didn't feel he had it at all!!! Isn't that wonderful? She said it is the most misdiagnosed speech issue, and it gets parents all worried since there is no cure for it. (that's true!) I forget the term she used for what she thinks he has, but it was something "normal"! What a relief for me! I was worred over the whole Apraxia thing and how would he ever fit in and what would we do, etc. But underneath, I wondered about it as well. Did he REALLY have it? He seemed to be speaking better, and his vocabulary was getting stronger. (he now calls it "guitar" instead of "buh-tar") Was there really times where he couldn't get past the hurdles of Apraxia? I guess I also wondered if it was a proper diagnosis too, for I have no idea why I even asked! So this is good to hear. Of course, this isn't for sure, Dara only saw him for 10 minutes, but I already felt better!

I like this woman. She's very professional, and likeable, and I am looking forwards to working with her. We see her again this week. It costs us $65/half hour….but I was Very happy to hear that Hunny's medical coverage at work wil pay for $40 of it. Yay!
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