Monday, July 27, 2009

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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Cold Turkey

Over three weeks ago, I stopped taking my antidepressant, Ciprelex. Cold turkey. Just like that. Out of the blue. I didn't intend to end it like so, although I was considering weaning myself off. The new doctor I am seeing made a comment about how my perscription was a bit on the "high side", which surpised me as a friend of mine said it was very low (in comparison to her...but we are on different meds, so I'm sure that has a lot to do with it), so I was expecting him to adjust it to a new level.

If you recall my post here, where I was so, that word doesn't cut it. I was so discouraged and exhausted and ill, that I couldn't do anything. I had a friend call me to see how I was doing, and I couldn't answer. Instead, I just started to cry (although I tried my best to pretend I wasn't.) That's how rough it was... not even two weeks ago. My exhaustion was what brought me to this new doctor. My good friend, Jenny, was the one who kept badgering me about seeing my doctor or trying out a new one; she's the one who dragged me (rather willingly, though!) into his office! She knew something was wrong, but like everyone else, didn't know what to do or suggest. She said this guy would get something done. And she was right! He sent me for more bloodwork and discovered that my thyroid was Under Treated. Go figure.

I just had my bloodwork done 3 weeks prior and my own doctor didn't even call me with the results! I was slightly upset about that! I mean, they have No idea just how this effects me; how the thyroid effects everyone. I'm determined that it is just as important as well, everything else! Your thyroid helps regulate hormones...and I'll tell ya, mine goes all over the place!

I was exhausted, pure intensely exhausted. I couldn't accomplish a THING it seemed. I would sleep in until 10am, then feel the pressure to sleep again by 1pm. My life was anything BUT a life.

And the depression would come in waves. I would be fine, then I'd start to feel it creeping up, and then, BAM! without warning, I would feel incredibly DOWN and weak and want to cry over everything. And I'm not talking about just "that time of the month" where many (no, not all) women get teary and emotional or just...BLAH-feeling at the approach of their menstrual cycle. This was so deep that I'd feel like curling up in a ball and either sleep or die. Sometimes it would get so deep that I would feel like dying. I'd think of slitting my wrists in the bathtub...or taking too many tylenol...not to die, but to FEEL. And that's the truth. A lot of people who attempt (or even succeed) suicide don't necessarily want to die, they just want the pain, loneliness, emptiness and achiness inside them to be seen. It's hard to have people take you serious when it's not something they can physically see or understand. I remember sitting in the bathtub while it filled with hot water, and thinking, I needed it hotter and I wanted it to burn me. And then I pictured going to the hospital from my burns and having the doctor see, my family see, and they'd know that I needed help. This was more than "just tired" or "needing an hour to myself". It was when I started to think that that I realized just what was going on in my head. This wasn't good! This wasn't right! That's when I went to my doctor again and told her of my need for antidepressants again.

I remember feeling the sudden deep depth one evening in May. I just wanted to be alone, and I couldn't get alone in my house (of course!) And with my kids running around and my Hunny elsewhere, I penned this:

Please don't talk to me
my heart is aching.
Don't say a word
I already feel the weight.
I want to die.
Please hold me.
I'm scared.
I want to be alone.
Please let it end.
I want to hide away.

LAW. May 9/09

The fact that I can be overwhelmed so suddenly is unnerving to me. So I assumed I needed to be on these pills...for a long long time. So it was surprising to me that hear my friend tell the doctor that these weren't helping! Really? My antidepressant wasn't the right one? I should change it or get a new dose? What are you talking about? Maybe this is just the way life is supposed to be for me! Maybe my mental illness goes deeper than just some antidepressants.

But I went off them just. like. that.

It wasn't a test or leap of faith or even me "taking charge" or getting fed up. It was a simple thing of running out of them! First, I forgot to take them for two days in a row (Big Day Three, I could really tell that I was missing it) and then I ran out and forgot to call in the Rx for a refill. Then I saw my refill script from my old doctor that I hadn't filled yet....but I got rid of it! (I think so! I must've since I can't find it but I remember thinking of throwing it out!) After all, I had a new doctor, and I'd discuss with him what my Game Plan should be.
However, I didn't see new said handsome-with-an-South African-accent doctor for another week! Could I hold out?

Sure I could! I went a whole week with my meds! And no side effect. ...And, yes, I was going through a really tough time with exhaustion, but that wasn't brought on by my quitting but the opposite way around. I was SO completely & utterly exhausted and felt so depressed b/c I couldn't seem to get enough snoozes. My depression didn't make me sleepy. I can tell the difference!

I went in telling myself to get another Rx for Ciprelex and to discuss our plans re: that, but that didn't turn out as to be expected. Instead, he noted that I had stopped in my file, a-hum'ing to himself (except that I could hear it too!) He asked if I was okay, and I said that I thought so. Then he asked if I thought I needed to go back on them. H'mm... I don't think so, I replied. I mean, I'd rather not if I didn't have to.

And so I'm not. And things are surprisingly okay! My moods still swing, but for the most part, I don't FEEL depressed!!! What's up with THAT???
So we'll see how things go. If I need to go back on them, the door is still open. I don't feel stigmatized. I don't feel embarrassed (although I don't go advertising my health issues to people anyways, just complete strangers on the internet, lol) I've realized that normal people do this. It's a sad reality, but it's a reality. I'm not alone. This is not the end-all of things. This is just another way to help issues. So, if it comes back to it, I'm okay with that. Maybe my brain isn't ready for this yet. But so far, things are going well. And I am so pleased with myself!

Monday, July 20, 2009

SU! deal of the week #4


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Friday, July 17, 2009

hamster vacuum

I tell ya, if this is how they really are, then I could sure use one of these vauums in my house!!!! :) too cute!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Buffy vs. Edward

I used to watch Buffy the Vampire Slayer with my Hunny when we were first married (yeah, I know, it doesn't sound like 'ME' so much, does it? Or maybe at the time it wasn't. Maybe you aren't that suprised at all since so many years have passed and I've grown!!! LOL)and I loved it. We got busy with other things though, so our viewing slacked near the end of the series. (like every tv show we watch, lol! We just aren't good at Long-Term Committment when it comes to watching television!!!) My favourite episode was the one were Willow goes dark and tries to end the world. I loved Xander in that one! I cried! (teehee *blush*) Anyways...moving on....

I came across this a few days ago and knew I'd have to share it! It's a little video someone put together of Buffy meeting Edward, from the Twilight series. That is a book that I haven't read and a movie that I have no interest in. (I've heard all about it from my SIL, the writer, all of the good and bad parts!) But knowing how HUGE it is, I had to laugh at this. Go Buffy! (Edward is a *bit* creepy and needy, isn't he??? is he this way in the Twilight movie, or is it overdone here?)

For your viewing pleasure...

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

take that! you early-risers!!!!

I was sent this by my friend (and also understanding BIL!!!) this morning, much to my happiness!!! I feel vindicated! Take that, all you early-risers!!! (yes, I'm talking to you, Hunny!!!! LOL) I am a Night Owl, have always been (I take after my father in that respect) but have tried and tried to conform to the standards of society that Early Birds say are the way to live. Foolish them! But I suppose I can't be too hard on them, they don't have the mental stamina to understand just how wrong they are!!! LOL

This is a link to the actual article:

But, here it is below, for those who don't feel like clicking!!! It's a good read.

Want to get ahead? Sleep inLate risers have more mental stamina and can outperform early birds, study finds

From Friday's Globe and Mail Last updated on Friday, May. 15, 2009 02:32PM EDT

Smug early birds take note: Night owls actually have more mental stamina than those who awaken at the crack of dawn, according to new research.
“It's the late risers who have the advantage, and can outperform the early birds,” said Philippe Peigneux, a professor of clinical neuropsychology at the Free University of Brussels in Belgium, who along with co-author Christina Schmidt published the counterintuitive findings in the latest issue of the journal Science .
Using magnetic resonance imaging, the pair conducted an experiment that measured alertness and ability to concentrate in 30 subjects who were naturally “extreme” early or late risers. The early risers got up between 5 a.m. and 6 a.m., and the late risers at noon.
Maintaining their natural schedules, the volunteers spent two consecutive nights in sleep labs. After 10 hours of being awake, the early birds showed reduced activity in brain areas linked to attention span, compared with the night owls. The early risers also felt sleepier and tended to perform tasks more slowly, compared with the night owls, when their level of alertness was measured.

“The results suggest that night owls generally outlast early birds in the length of time they can be awake without becoming mentally fatigued,” the study concluded.
Dan Reynish, host and producer of radio show Saskatchewan Weekend , rises most days at 3:30 a.m. The Regina radio personality never uses the snooze button on his alarm clock and enjoys getting his day started ahead of his co-workers.
But he admits that his energy dwindles some afternoons.
“There are definitely times where I find if I'm not doing something or I'm sitting down. … I find myself slowing down a bit,” he said.
Thierry Busset, pastry chef at CinCin, an upscale Italian restaurant in Vancouver, wakes up most days around noon. He said he always feels well rested and enjoys working late into the night when the restaurant is empty and his mind is clear.
“I'm lucky because I need very little sleep, and I wake up ready to go,” he said.
Yet there are no “late-riser” special discounts or idioms such as “the night owl catches the worm.” That's because of societal pressures, says Prof. Peigneux, co-author of the study. Those who hit their stride at midnight are often required to then get up early for work or school. They may appear to be lazy or unmotivated – but are really just sleep-deprived.
“If you allow them to live on their preferred schedule, then they can outperform the morning types,” he said.

The study measured the part of the brain that is home to the circadian master clock that operates according to a day-night cycle. Sleep pressure dampens the circadian signal, and activity in this area decreases the longer the person is awake. The night owls were more resistant to sleep pressure.
Genetics dictate whether someone is a morning person, Prof. Peigneux said, adding that most people are “neutral.” But 15 per cent of the population is an “extreme” early morning or late riser; and another 15 per cent are “moderately evening or morning types.”

Monday, July 13, 2009

lunch conversation

This week, I have just the two youngest kids at home as the older ones are in Chilliwack with Grandma & Grandpa for VBS! They are quite excited! So am I, actually! A week with just the two "babies"; a week of quieter days, a week for the "big kids" to be with their grandparents (oh, and I was told that it is GrandMA and GrandPA, not grandpa & grandma!!! Silly me! Didn't realize there was a proper way to say it!) a week of teaching and fun and learning in a safe setting for them. I love summer!

As I was making lunch, Bryn asked what I was doing. "Hah dogs?"
"No, I'm making pasta."
"Oh!" Pause. Then again, "Hah dogs?"
"No," I repeat as I stir the noodles. "Pasta with sauce. You like it!" I remind him.
"I like hah dogs, Mommy," he says matter of factly.

When I dished out the penne, he happily ate his, of course. He really does love pasta, just like his Mommy! I'm so happy that he doesn't complain if I make it almost everytime it's just us!
It only took 4 penne noodles to fall on the floor before he ate one, though! Then he declared, "Mommy, I wike yunch! I got hah dogs. You have hah dogs too."

I shake my head. "Yes," I reply patiently. "You like hot dogs."
"Yes." He nods. "Mommy, they're in the fridge."

Silly boy. I realized later that he calls almost everything hah dogs right now. That and Ah-poh Jooz.

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Friday, July 10, 2009

I am God's Original Masterpiece

I was sent this a while ago from a dear friend and it still hits me hard. It is a good reminder for me...and for everyone. God doesn't make JUNK...even though we buy into the lie that we are less than what He made.

I want to be chiseled (no, not like THAT....although I would be happy with a fit body!) but I am afraid. Afraid that I can't change. Afraid of letting go of what I'm so used to. Afraid that it will hurt. So I hold back, when I need to just let Him do it. I just need the strength and the courage.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Happy Birthday, Cupcake

Happy Happy Birthday to my dear BFF, Heather, yesterday. May your day be as special as you are to me.

This picture was taken in April at her wedding. She is such a character! Instead of pilitely and delicately walking down the aisle to her awaiting husband-to-be, she comes out flambouantly down the aisle, stopping for people to take pictures of her in her beauty! You can tell she works in the theatre!!! I was half shocked and embarrassed and half amused! Defintely would never catch ME so demure on my wedding day, LOL! But it was a wedding not soon to be forgotten. If her In-Laws didn't know her personality by then, they sure did now, and I hoped it didn't ruin any thoughts they had of her! But this is "SO Heather"!!!!

Back in April, do to the kindness and love of family and friends, not did I get to make it for my BFFs wedding, but my sister also got to make the weekend trip with me. I was overwhelmed by what was offered...the very reason, the ONLY reason, we were able to go back to Ontario was that we had AirMiles donated to us. Something I will not likely be able to repay...but I am hoping one day I can somehow.

But as fate would have it (or whatever else I can blame it on), within half an hour of deplaning (is that the term?) and already being on the road down the crazy 401 (Julie was able to rent a vehicle at a good deal) I was feeling not-so-well. My ears were sore and sinus' a bit plugged, but it didn't last. That is, until the next morning. I woke up feeling pretty crummy. I had managed to get ourselves to stay overnight at Heather and Matthew's house, and I even got to sleep in, and when I finally got up, her then-fiance made me omlettes! (just so you know, I don't really eat eggs. Nothing against them personally, I just am not fond of them. But I must've been taken in by Matthew, eh? lol) But I still felt run-down and tired.

I ended up spending the whole weekend sleeping as much as I could at my Oma & Opa's farm (oh, that farm feels like HOME to me, even many years later.) with a very sore throat, runny nose, and achiness. Seriously, it was terrible. When Saturday rolled around, Heather & Matthew's wedding day, I was feeling so ill that I was contemplating not even going! The very reason for coming out East was for this day, and I didn't know if I even had the energy to attend! But I managed. And it was good. But I've decided that I'm never attending another wedding by myself again. Yes, I had Julie with me, but going with your Hunny is completely different!

When I returned to BC, I got myself into the clinic and found out that I had been dealing with Strep Throat! No wonder I felt like dying!

I loved going back to Ontario, to see a lot of where my memories lie, and to see family I hadn't seen in years, and I loved being able to witness a grand day in my BFFs life. But to be honest, the weekend pretty much sucked. I was ill and couldn't do anything. Everything I had wanted to do, I couldn't. And the things I did accomplish were only done with half-effort due to my health. So in a lot of ways, the weekend holds not too many fun memories for me, which saddens me. :( *boo*

One day, I want to return with my family. Let them see where I spent my childhood. Meet my cousins and aunts and uncles. Go camping at Bon Echo Park. (THAT is one place I would LOVE to pack up and move here! We just don't have a provincial park like that here.) Make new better memories.

rick astley

I remember, 12 years ago....whenever my best friend's boyfriend would take her out in his old car, he only had AM on his beater's radio (oh, the horrors!!!) and so they didn't have much choices for music. Coincidentally, almost EVERY time they went out, "never gonna give you up" by Rick Astley came on. It was so noticeable to Nicole, that one day she jokingly told her Boyfriend that is was "their song". He was horrified and quite stronly stated, "It is NOT 'our song'!" HAHAHA!!!

I'm fond of the song still and everytime I hear it, I remember this! Wonder if she does? (I doubt he does, lol) When I saw this pic on another blog, I almost peed myself laughing!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Have you ever been so fatigued that you can't breathe? Or so tired your stomach is in turmoil? Or so exhausted your mind swirls in dizziness? Or so drained that your body feels weak? Or so tired that you sit on the floor and start to cry --even though you don't know why?

This is what I deal with. This is the depth my exhaustion has hit for the past 3 days. This is what I'm trying to get a doctor to see, my family to see, my friends to see. Something is WRONG.

I can't see straight. I can't concentrate on simple tasks like finishing sentances. I can't focus.

And the worst part? I can't even sleep. It took all I could do to stay alert yesterday and to keep myself busy despite the dizziness, breathlessness and achiness. Yet when bedtime finally rolled around for me and I gladly lay in bed, I couldn't fall asleep.

Why does no one understand?

I just want it to be over. If this is Truely what my life is about....

This constant fatigue is going to kill me.

Monday, July 6, 2009

SU! Deal of the Week #2

The Second Deal of the Week:

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Sunday, July 5, 2009

could you turn the heat down???

good golly! It is one HOT day!!! Okay, maybe it's not nearly as hot as yesterday, but it is Very MUGGY. Oi! My Hunny is grumpy. Kai is whiney and demanding. Bryn is whiney (so I sent him to bed for a nap). I am exhausted and dizzy, but trying to stay cheerful and patient, but my oh my!!! Today is one of those days where you want to escape....without the kids....and go to a remote cool place to vegetate!! (Abi is at the neighbour's house playing in their kiddie pool!!! the thing is like 2' deep. She's smart!)

Thank goodness the weather is calling for clouds tonight and rain next week. Today's high was 27...and it's currently 28 degrees. Figure that out! The humidex is 30 degrees, so there you go! I could go for a nice cool breeze about now....followed by a long nap!

I love summer, but not when I'm surrounded by grumpy boys!!!!

Urgent Prayer Request

I came across this prayer request in my usual blurfing tonight, and was surprised as it was a story that my friend was telling me about at dinnertime. She had heard about it in her times on caringbridge. It's the story of a little girl named Kate who needs our prayers desperately. She went into the hospital for hand tremors and hasn't left the building yet in almost a week. Instead of enjoying Independance Day with her family in the States, she is prepping for surgery as she has been diagnosed with an agressive brain tumor. This shakes me and brings me to tears!

Here is a link to hear more from her own parents, plus see pictures of this beautiful girl. Pray for strength in the family, guidance of the doctors, faith and peace for her parents, and that our Father, the Great Physician, would heal her with a miracle. Thank-you. Kate McRae

Win a Big Shot Die Pack from Stampin' Addicts

I'm so excited! I just learned about this awesome blog contest at Stampin' Addicts! I've never checked out this site before...but now I will be!!! I am getting back into my Big Shot and have got a few new Stampin' Up! dies coming my way that I can't wait to play with, so to win this would just be the icing on the cake!!!

Check it out! has tons of ideas using the Stampin’ Up! Big Shot and is giving away a Big Shot Die Pack as part of the Stampin’ Up! summer celebration. To enter, all you have to do is write about it. This is my entry. Now give me my dies.

...heading back over to SA.... *wink*

Thursday, July 2, 2009

SU! July 2009 newsletter

Stampin' Up! July 2009 newsletter

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Enjoy your July!

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