I took this quiz today to find out what career I am actually supposed to be doing. You know, in case I was in the wrong one. Or was looking for a new one. Or was looking for life directions in a quiz. 

I did think the results were interesting though. I thought it would be something on a creative or artisitic level, or even a writer (something I love to do).



You are a caring and selfless individual. Your compassion, warmth, and sensitivity can heal others in the most authentic way possible. You help and inspire others, and can really touch people's lives. You truly understand others and can make them happy by just being yourself.

 take the test yourself here:  what career are you actually meant for?


I wanted to be a Counselor when I was a teen. In fact, I would still love to be one. But having a family got "in the way". That is, I decided having children and staying home was more important. But it has been 13 years since I have been in the workfield, and I have to admit that sometimes I miss it. Ok, a lot of times I do. I love my kids so much and would not trade in these years for anything else (even though we'd have more money and more sleep) but I must admit that being a retail manager was so much easier than being a parent!!!  (and at the time, I found being a manager challenging and I doubted my abilities. How silly of me! I am much more of a Mrs. Doubtful in my decision-making skills as a Mom!)


What made me the happiest was when friends posted on FB to this that they weren't surprised and could see me doing it. That made my heart happy. 


The hardest thing about doing what you are doing is that you are going to have a bad day...or a lot of them...and you are going to question yourself and you are going to wonder if you are doing the right thing or if you should be better of doing something else.  But sticking to it if it is something that you love. 

I had seen this posted recently by a friend that got me wondering.


  I'm not too sure what lies in the middle of that diagram for me as of yet, but for now I am doing an impotant job of raising children, and I am having fun designing and creating with Once Again designs.  And hoping that things will all work out!