Monday, September 29, 2008

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Friday, September 19, 2008

Cardio Apts.

Both Rhys and Kai had their Cardio appointments at the beginning of the month. Kai's bi-annual check-up and Rhys' follow-up, so both had ECHO's and EEGs done! Kai did super! He's gotten so used to them now that he doesn't move, just watches the video…so different from when he was 2 years old and I practically had to HOLD him down for the exams! Rhys wasn't too bad, just wanted to be held and fed, so we had to be crafty with that, especially with his Reflux! But we managed!

Kai weighs 14.1 kg (31 lbs.) Woo-hoo! He's getting bigger! :) He looks so thin and small that I fear he'll never get some "meat" on his bones! He's also 101.3 cm tall (3'4")

Rhys is 4.13kg (9.1 lbs) and 53cm (20") Getting bigger too! :)

As for the final diagnosis: Rhys' heart is perfectly normal. Praise God! I didn't really have a "feeling" anything was wrong, but it's always good to have that confirmation, isn't it? We won't need to see the cardiologist again for him. Kai's heart is still the same. His heart continues to grow as he grows, so it is still about a year to a year 1/2 "older" than he is in size. The Cardiologist (Dr. Hosking, I love this man, he fascinates me) increased his Vasotec, but everything else stayed the same. And believe it or not, he still hasn't gotten the results in from the biopsy way back in April! We assume that no news is good news, so I'm not worrying. He said he'd call me when he hears anything. I don't know what the future holds in store for Kai concerning his heart, and I sometimes scare myself when I read stories in the news of boys collapsing dead at school in a sporting event from an unknown heart condition, but the truth is he is doing well and we are treating his symptoms and he doesn't have to hold back…..because, believe me, I couldn't hold this kid back anyways! He is such a blessing!

Bryn also had a doctor's appointment this month and he weighs 12.5 kg (27.5 lbs) and only in the 30th percentile, which was a surprise. He's not as heavy as Kai! Wow!!! This boy is packed like a tree trunk! He's also 86cm (2'9")

Just a quick update!

Saturday, September 13, 2008


I love Autumn! I love the colours. I love the cooler weather. I love pulling out sweaters. I love the smells. I love the foods. I love the whole Back-to-School bit too….the shopping for new clothes and supplies. Makes my heart go all a'twitter just walking through rows of brand new school supplies! *sigh* I may not be very scholastic in any sense, but I sure do {heart} my pens and paper!!!

School has been in session for two weeks now. Sort of. Abi started grade TWO on Tues Sept 2nd, and Kai started KINDERGARTEN (*sob*) on Monday Sept 8th!!! I can't believe I have Two in school now. This is crazy!

Abi's first day of Grade Two.. I let her put on some of my MK lipgloss and sparkly cheek colour!

Abi's class is full of a lot of new kids to the school, which is so neat to see. She sits at a desk (a DESK? Already?! Squeal!) with three new kids: Oakley (yes, that's his name! How cool is that? He even LOOKS cool with his spikey hair and puka shell necklace, lol!), Evan (who has big teeth…sorry,but true) and Anna-Marie. When I dropped Abi off, I prayed for her teacher, and for her, and I prayed..or maybe Begged…that she'd find a friend this year. A Special Friend. A Forever Friend. One that is HERS. I think it's wonderful that she's a friend to everyone, but I wanted her to have that one special best friend. Well, God answered my prayers that day. What a surprise! Abi declared Anna to be her new "best ever in the world" friend!!! I couldn't be happier. This girl is such a sweetie! I love her! Every morning, when I see her, Anna smiles and waves at me! And you know the other exciting thing? Both Abi and Anna are both tiny and small and cutesy! They play together every recess. Oh, my heart is full of happiness!

Oh, and as for the scholastic part of school… that's great too! ;) Abi's one smart cookie. She's great in math, but finds it boring. She's not a math whiz, so it's not like she's too advanced and that's why she's not interested, she'd just rather do other things! Like crafts or writing! :) Her reading is Awesome! I can NOT believe how well she reads. She has blown me away several times over this summer and now…she will read words that she's never known before, and I'll wonder how in the world she learned it! I am so happy for my Muffin.

Kai's first day of Kindergarten

All the way up until the weekend before Kai started school, I wondered if he was really ready or not. I know it was just Mommy Jitters because deep down I knew he'd be fine, but I still wanted to protect him and hold him close! I'm not quite ready to let him go! It's funny…. I don't quite feel that way about Bryn, I'm not worried about him I think he'll go out there and conquer the world one meaty fist at a time (LOL), but Kai…*sigh* My Kai. He's so little, so fragile, so innocent… I'm making him out to be some kind of pansy, aren't I? LOL That's further from the truth, this kid is Full of Craziness! He's got Loads of imagination! He's got 'antsys in his pantsys'! (got that from Veggie Tales…gotta love Mr. Lunt, the gourd!) But underneath all of that, he is actually very sensitive. He still comes running to me wailing when he stubs his toe and wants to curl up in my lap! *sigh* My Bud. I'm not too sure if I can let him go so fast.

But a week into school for him and he's doing Wonderful! No peeing in his pants, although I do pack extra clothes, just in case! (however, he still hasn't got the pooping down yet. He's used the toilet, but mostly likes to use his pullup as soon as he gets it on. It's discouraging.) He loves going to school and actually has NO problems! On his first day, Abi stayed home b/c she wasn't feeling too well, so I was worried that he'd be lonely or scared, but just the opposite! Actually, he doesn't even play with Abi at recess/lunch break, as he's usually on the playground, and Abi likes to build forts in the 'forest'. I'm so proud of him my heart wants to burst. He's confident and independant! Who knew? :) So much so that on his second day, when Abi wanted me to just use the drop-off zone instead of parking, I asked Kai what he'd like since I wanted to walk him to class, he said he wanted Abi to take him to class and for me to just drop them off!!! WT? Suddenly he's ready to just cut those apron strings? After all these years? LOL! I watched the two run across the school yard in my rear view mirror towards his classroom (we were a *bit* late..oops..well, just in time actually as the bell rang as we arrived!) and I said, "that's the LAST time I let her do that without me!!!" I felt so left out! *pout* I'm very surprised with how I feel about this too… with Abi, I was so happy and excited when she flourished and was able to leave me to join her class and be involved in something else for so long. For Kai, it kills me to think about how much he's doing during the day that I can't be a part of. I want to stalk him and watch through the window!!!! What's become of me???

All in all, it's a great start to the school year! It's been harder on ME though! *wink* I can't wait for all this school year has to offer the kids.
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