Tuesday, April 29, 2008

entering third trimester

I did my 1-hr Glucose test on Saturday. Woohoo, what fun! Have you ever had to drink that orangey drink? It's just plain nasty!!! Who likes orange pop anyways? Sheesh, you'd think they'd offer other flavours….and then it just makes you feel ill and burpy from the carbonation and the fact that you have to drink it within 5 minutes… YUCK! But, I digress….

I did my test on Saturday, and lucky me, I got a phone call from the Maternity Clinic on Monday saying that my results were a "little high", so I needed to take the 3-hour test! Oh Man!!!! I know I shouldn't have been upset, and I should've expected it (really—was I THAT surprised???), but I still did NOT enjoy finding that out. *sigh* So today, Jonathan took the day off work (I don't think he was that bothered to do that, lol) so that we could get Kai to preschool and that I could take my test. This was a fasting test as well, so I hadn't eaten since 11pm the night before. (and even then it was only ONE strawberry, lol) I made it at the hospital's lab by 9am, took my blood test, drank the nasty orange drink and then made my way next door for the Maternity Clinic for my monthly drs apt.

I was reading the label on the Dextrose drink (which is what it's called) and it made me laugh. First line says that it's not to be given out without a doctor's prescription, which makes me wonder if people are actually asking for this drink on it's own??? Is there really a problem in the States that they need to write that down? There's no caffeine in this drink; there really is no benefits to drinking it, I'm sure! It also gives "directions" on how to administer it (orally) and that the "patient should keep quiet." WT? What does that mean? I"m not allowed to talk and move? Or are they concerned that I'll suddenly want to go out jogging or something? What a bizarre instruction!

But I made it through the 3 hours…. except at the first hour mark, the blood draw was Incredibly painful! She used a good vein that was visible, but Man, it HURT!!! I couldn't get over it! The tech felt bad too and wondered if there was a nerve nearby. Possibly, because it hurt when the tip of the needle went in, came out and when pressure was applied! OWIE!!!! I've never had a needle hurt like that before; it was a bit surprising!

My appointment to see my doctor was actually very helpful for me…aside from the fact that I didn't even see my own doctor! I swear I've only seen her 25% of this pregnancy. But I saw a great doctor that made me wish I had HER instead! :p I told Dr. Park about how I think I've been leaking amniotic fluid, but wasn't too sure, so she has scheduled an ultrasound for me to check on my levels and to see if my uterous is thinning. (scary thought) My scan is scheduled for this Thursday, which surprised me! I knew she wanted it within the week, but this is fast! It makes me happy though, but Jonathan will have to take another day off work for it so that Kai doesn't miss his Speech Therapy and I don't have to worry about the boys. Dr. Park mentioned how since I am entering my 3rd Tri (I'm 28 weeks now) and only made it to 33 weeks with Bryn, that we really need to pay attention to how things are and watch for leaking and such. Believe me, I have!!! I'm so incredibly paranoid, to be honest, that I can't sleep well.

So that's my news. If you would keep me in your prayers, that would be muchly appreciated. I'll let you know how the scan goes.

Friday, April 25, 2008

*beware: mushy post*

"Well, some matches are made in phosphorus factories, while others are made in heaven. Either way, it all starts out with a little chemistry."
~Narrator, "Veggie Tales: Moe and the Big Exit"

I Love that line in the show! MY Love was made in heaven, of course!

Yesterday, Jonathan and I celebrated 9 years of marriage. (we've been together since Aug 97) It's funny how time slips by and sometimes it feels like nothing, and other times it feels like it's been so long, but even then in a good way. I look at him and find that all the things that attracted me to him are still there. The things that I found fascinating and endearing and wonderful…. I still think he's brilliant and sexy and smart and funny. But then there are things that are NEW*er, things that brought about through change and age that I find so becoming and amazing about him. Like how he cares for me and will still try to surprise me and how he interacts with the kids…..Every girl loves a man who loves children! Especially their own!

I am so blessed to have this man. I'm not comfortable using terms like "love of my life" for some reason, but he is. He is my best friend. How did he get so lucky??? Uhm, I mean, how did I get so lucky? ;) He completes me.

mysterious spots

Today was another beautiful day and the deck is some-what cleaned (we won't go further into that) and so the boys played outside today. I even enjoyed it too! (although it wasn't sunny or warm enough for me…) This evening, Bryn was on the deck, playing around in the last remains of what used to be my flower boxes, and all seemed fine. Until I went to change him and prepare him for bedtime. His thighs were covered in pink splotches! At first I thought it was a diaper rash, which made me feel terrible, but then I saw the splotches on his stomach, back of his legs, and chest!!! WTH???

Of course, your first thought is "Chicken Pox?" EEK! The older two have bypassed all poxes that have gone around so far, could our youngest (currently) befall such a common childhood disease???

Jono looked it up on the internet, and of course the pictures weren't very useful. If he DID have the pox, it was very early stages, and his spots didn't resemble those yet. What also didn't help was the description of how it starts out:

"Some kids have a fever, abdominal pain, sore throat, headache, or a vague sick feeling a day or 2 before the rash appears. These symptoms may last for a few days, and fever stays in the range of 100°–102° Fahrenheit (37.7°–38.8° Celsius), though in rare cases may be higher. Younger kids often have milder symptoms and fewer blisters than older children or adults."

Oh great! We've all had this yucky flu for a week, and those have been the symptoms: sore throat, fever, sick feeling…. *roll eyes*

What he DID have were pink splotches with white bumps in the centre.

The good news is that they didn't seem to bother him at all. But we put some Kid's AfterBite on a few of them to see if there was any change….after half an hour, I didn't notice any difference. (I'm so NOT observant. *blush*) So I decided to cover him with Calamine Lotion, which Bryn thought was tickly and fun! :) By then, we decided that the spots were most likely caused by mosquitos, since he was playing near a bucket of yucky stagnant water. EWWW! It reminded us of last summer when we went camping and the poor babe was covered ALL OVER with bites! :( Julie had put lotion on him until he was an unrecognizable year-old-pink splotch! I think he takes after his Auntie with blood that mosquitoes prefer. So sad….but let me tell ya, it wasn't terrible going out with my sister and bugs; I wasn't bothered much! *wink*

At least, let's hope that's all it was….the welts have gone down now, so that's good, right?

Sunday, April 20, 2008

hilarious phone call

I got this email from my parents and I laughed SO HARD!!! It makes me think of my Dad. :) I'm just passing along the smiles…

Guy witnesses an accident…hilarious!

This is very funny. The guy's laugh is contagious!
Turn up your sound and click on the website below.

This accident happened in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area and
you must listen to it.

It is a phone call from a man who witnesses a car
accident involving four elderly women. It was so popular
when they played it on CHUM FM that they had to put it on their website.

The guy's laugh is contagious. If you close your eyes and
picture what he is watching, it is even better than a video clip! (it
is clean)


Monday, April 7, 2008

Asthma Sucks!

Kai has been dealing with poor health his whole life, from his heart condition to constant colds to asthma, and this past weekend was no exception. He's actually been having issues with his breathing a few times during the week, but I've been able to give him Abi's chamber inhaler, since he is completely out of nebules for his nebulizer. (I actually should've taken him to the doctor for a refill prescription a few weeks ago, but put it off….shame on me!) On Saturday, though, he coughed so much! We were at a birthday party of a family friend and of course, two of the family members there have asthma and pointed out the cough and such to me! I felt soooo bad!!! I felt that I'd better do something!!!! But the ventolin just wasn't doing the trick. In fact, Kai was awake every Other Hour that night, coughing with asthma. And every other hour, I'd go to his room and give him more ventolin, knowing it wasn't doing much. :( But I couldn't even take him to the ER that night b/c I had forgotten my purse at the house of the party, so I didn't have our Care Cards for the hospital! :( So I had to wait for the morning.

Sunday morning, I took Kai to the clinic, where the doctor (who barely even listened to his chest) gave us a new prescription for his pulmicort and ventolin nebules. At 12:30pm, he had a good dose and was a new boy! Yay! By 7:30pm, he was back to coughing and struggling and crying, so again I pulled out the medications. To keep him company, Abi read him a new book we just got "Russell the Sheep". (very cute book. great illustrations) …she's so sweet! And amazes me at her reading ability. The poor boy looked so ill.

By the time the medication was done, he had started up coughing and struggling again, crying and moaning. That scared me! It's common for him to be coughing when we start the procedure, but not to be at the end! He just wasn't himself, all warm and lethargic. He fell asleep as soon as I got him into bed, and as I watched him I wondered what to do. I had a feeling I should take him to the hospital, but…. you know how you second guess themselves? I am too proud to make a mistake and take my children (or myself for that matter) to a doctor unless it is NEEDED for sure! ….So I called my Mom, the retired RN for some advice! :) She said take him to the ER! *sigh*

I still waited an hour….had some dinner, got stuff ready, checked on him several times hoping he'd be better. Instead, he got rosy cheeks and his breathing was rushed. But he was sleeping, and who likes to wake sleeping children??? But I did, and we made it to LMH at 9pm. Of course, along the trip there, Kai was breathing totally normal and seemed fine! (roll eyes) We made it through the triage (seeing three different nurses) and then got a bed, and waited….and waited…and waited… For three long hours.

It wasn't a terrible time though. We read every single book in the waiting room, coloured some pictures in the colouring books, made some pictures on my own writing paper, sang some songs… Kai was WIDE AWAKE!!!! And seemed to enjoy his time there! He was full of energy and kept saying random things, like, "Mommy, I like baby monkeys!" "yes, they're cute." "They jump from tree to tree." "Yes, they do." "Tree frogs hop from tree to tree!" I laugh. "Yes, I guess they do too!" He was quite cute, but I kept having to remind him to be quiet! It was way past his bedtime, and he thought it was neat that he was in his jammies. He pointed out that I wasn't wearing any. In fact, he said that if I got sleepy, I couldn't go to bed b/c I didn't have jammies on, and the bed was only made for little kids! LOL

To pass the time, we played with my camera and made silly faces!

Finally at 12:45am, the doctor got to see us and listened to me tell the same story I'm telling you, and then listened to his chest and said that he was doing well, he didn't have any pnuemonia, and it was a mixture of a cold with asthma. He wrote us up a script for his own chamber inhalers too, and told me that it could take 10 days to fully go away and it may get worse before it gets better.

And that was that. Today he's wheezing, but he is full of energy and totally seems himself, which is such a relief! When we got home at 1am, despite being wide awake at the hospital, he fell asleep within moments and slept pretty good! Phew! I'm sure he'll be sleeping well again tonight since he's missed so much last night.

Sadly, Abi has needed her inhaler today as well. *sigh* It's definitely Spring! Love the season, but not the reactions in my children!

Saturday, April 5, 2008

beautiful thought

I was given this little flip book called "365 days of beauty" from my BFF and every day has a new "secret". Today's is quite beautiful:

"God adores you, and He always has."

Good food for thought. May your day be wonderful and may you feel His love surrounding you.
When I have time, I HAVE to tell you about this AMAZING book!

Friday, April 4, 2008


I'm so excited! This afternoon, I get to see an OB! I talked briefly with my doctor at the maternity clinic on Monday about pre-term labor and such, and so she has decided to refer me to an Obstetrician. (which is someone my SIL has been telling me to see!) I have hit 24 weeks, which in Canada, is considered Viability. You'd think that would be encouraging, but somehow it has gotten me more paranoid! If my baby is born now, there is a chance of survival –one of those good-bad pieces of info they tell Moms. It doesn't help that I've never gone full term and that my last pregnancy ended at 33 weeks.

I got a call from the OB's office yesterday saying that they had just gotten my referral that afternoon and were upset that I was so far along already, that I should've seen then a while ago. Having the receptionist tell me that actually made me feel good! It was nice to have someone concerned about pre-term labor other than just me! My own doctor didn't seem too worried. :S Typically appointments are booked months in advance, but because I'm already nearing my Third Trimester (eek!) the receptionist has gotten me in Today!!! I'm anxious! :)

Is it presumptuous of me to hope that I'll have some answers today….or some sense of relief? The doctor may not even have a clue as to why I don't go full term, but having someone else look into it makes me feel better. I"m already paying closer attention to my body…noticing the BH and making sure I"m not leaking fluid (which I think I have twice this week already, but nothing major) I was spoiled by my last doctor…she knew my history since I'd been seeing her since I was 14….so she was interested in this as well. She at least attempted to find out solutions! My new doctor, while she is very nice and seems capable, hasn't shown any thought regarding pre-term, leaving me a *bit* anxious.

I wonder what the OB will do? I can't wait for my appointment! I feel silly for being excited, but I am! I hope I'm not sadly disappointed! LOL

ETA: Well, my appointment did not happen. :( I got the boys ready and we went down to White Rock and I arrived early enough, just to have the receptionist say, "I tried to call you…." My face fell and I felt crushed. The OB was just called out for an emergency delivery. The worst part was that the receptionists made it sound as though it were MY fault that I didn't get any message not to come!!! I felt like crying. :( Talk about putting too much expectation on the day, eh? Oops. :( The good news is that they were able to fit me in to see a different OB a month from now. I'll be 27 weeks then, so still early enough….I hope!!! ;) *sigh* I'm trying not to get too anxious about things I can not control or don't have any proof for.
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