Saturday, October 31, 2009

add another one to the Confused list

You can add my name to the list of the Confused regarding H1N1. Is it an pandemic? Isn't that what WHO finally had to consider it this past summer? (I'm not too sure what the difference between an epidemic and a pandemic are) Isn't it more dangerous than the regular flu? Don't people die from it? So why is this so confusing??? It shouldn't be. Right? I mean, when you look at all the stories out there, shouldn't it be an easy cut-and-dry decision to make? Yet, here I am not sure at all!

When the vaccine first came out (just this past week to Canada) I was thinking there was No Way I was getting it! We don't know what it's made from! It hasn't been out long enough to test! What are the side effects? What could happen to us in 10 years? 15 years? 20? Do we really want to jump into this?

But then I thought about it and I weighed the options and the information out there, and I thought that it really comes down to Trust. Yeah, something as "simple" as that. Do I trust Health Canada? Do I trust WHO? Both say this vaccine is necessary, and healthy and safe. If I can't trust my own country's health committee, then who do I trust? I certainly am not one to just think that there is some type of conspiracy out there and that these 'big companies' are just out to make money---yes, they are a company, and yes, companies are supposed to make money...but at the expense of human lives? Seriously?

So I decided that I could trust this vaccine.

But do I get it? I can trust it...but enough to actually think I NEED it? Maybe my kids do, but...really?

But then Abi started to feel sick. Sore throat. Fever. Just not feeling well, not sleeping. She stayed home from school on Friday and it was so hard for me not to think paranoid thoughts! It's all good and fine to debate this vaccine. It's good to share information. It's good to discuss thoughts and fears and show what truth is out there. But the whole thing gets a BIT too much, you know? And I'm one of the many Canadians who just don't know WHERE they stand on it.

1. I am scared to Death of my children catching this flu. I'm terrified that they will get so sick, be hospitalized and die. I look at any of them and think, No Way can I allow that. Kai has a heart condition. He and Abi have asthma. Rhys is still just a Baby. It's all too much to consider something happening to them.
So. There. That means I should get the vaccine. Right?

2. I have a few friends/aquaintances that have gotten this flu. Two were so mild that it was barely a blip. Yes, they had the Dreaded Swine Flu. They felt yucky, stayed in bed for a few days, were quarantined at home a couple of days, but got over it and are all back to normal.
So. Then it's NOT that bad??? Maybe we don't need the vaccine after all.

Then I have two friends who's children are still fighting the after effects of it. One friend's 1 1/2 year old still isn't quite "herself", and it's been a month since she had it! One friend's daughter became the First Pediatric Critical Care Patient to Survive H1N1 in New Mexico! (ask your dr if s/he's heard of Haleigh; her story is going around!) She was intubated and one life support for a while and her parents didn't know if she'd survive. Just remembering it stalls my breath and breaks my heart. It's been over a month for her and she has some serious issues to deal with, including sensory disorder, memory name a few. (the list is long) She's 9. Will she fully recover? Is her story not the norm, one of those 1-in-a-million type things? Do I want to chance it with my kids?
So. Then I SHOULD get it for the kids.

But then there is that old issue haunting me....we don't know what could happen from it. *sigh* It doesn't help that there are all these email scams and junk filling my In Folder and my mind... cut up onions? that'll stop the outbreak? really? if only it were that easy! Wow, where was the WHO on THAT discovery? What? this vaccine is the same as the 1976 outbreak one that gave everyone Gullian-Barre??? Oh great.

So what's a person to do? I think I'm leaning towards getting the vaccine...but is it due from Real Fear or fear drummed up by the media? After all, this is Major news. Conspirists would believe that the media (or, really, the Government) is just making this a big deal to cover up other things. (don't even get me started on that one) I mean, if there weren't as much to talk about with this, would I get it done? Well, not likely. But...and here's a Big BUTT *lol*.... if it "wasn't that big of a deal" then why would they even want us to get the vaccine? Which brings us back to a conspiracy. So then you've got to ask yourself if you believe the government is trying to mass vaccinate us all and what is this so-called vaccination Really for? If we're not going to believe the H1N1 is Real and Dangerous or even an Epidemic, then what's the whole deal about? They're giving us a placebo vaccine? Yeah, because that makes sense! Let's spend MILLIONS (if not billions, I'm not too Up on the cost of producing medicines anymore) to come up with a fake vaccine...just to make the people feel "good." Yeah, because that's worked. Look at how happy everyone is! *roll eyes*

So, I guess we can rule out the conspiracy thing. And possibly the media thing. Yes, there is a LOT of news about this silly flu. So much so that people have made up fun names for it. No longer called the Swine Flu, it was dubbed H1N1. But that's just not fun to say, so I've been calling it High-nee! (thanks to my BIL for that one) I've found a whole list of other names for it online though that gave me the giggles:
Hamthrax (my personal favourite)
Bacon Flu
The Baconic Plague
The Porking Disease
The Measqueals

But what is it that makes us want to blame the "media" for their mass reporting? I guess it gets a bit "overdone" and all that...I mean, who wants to hear of lineups for the vaccine everyday? and how they don't have enough of it? I guess it gets a bit old. But then there are the news stories that hit me the most: death.

A otherwise healthy (according to his parents, and well, the media) 13 year old boy died last weekend in Toronto. This effected me the most. He was fine beforehand, but then got sick. Went to the clinic, where they said he just had the flu, give him OTC stuff. The next day, his fever breaks, he's doing better, yahoo! He goes to have a bath, and this is where I get lost, but in the end, he goes limp, the ambulance is called, and they try for 2 hours to revive him to no avail. Turns out he had H1N1.

See, a lot of people don't want to get the shot, and they defend it by saying that they aren't in the "high risk" category, which is fine. I mean, many people I know (myself included) don't get the regular flu shot as it is! And even the media is saying that right now, only the pregnant and High Risk can get the vaccine. Which is great and all...but am I the only one noticing this? Aren't the HEALTHY ones dying??? Sure, there are a few people who have died from this who had preexisting complications (elderly, etc) but it's the ones who had no signs to begin with that frighten me.

The question comes down to: do I want to risk it or not? It's a game of Russian Roulette. And it's a scary one. Will I get this flu? I don't know. It's out there. I have kids going to school, I attend church, I go to the grocery can be anywhere, right? If I do get it, will it be bad? There seem to be mild and severe cases. I don't want to sound like a paranoid person, but you've got to wonder which group you'll fall under. And seeing as there doesn't seem to be a particular path, I'd say any of us could get it bad.

As for those mysterious side effects (some who say there aren't anymore than the regular flu shot and some say it's worse than getting the illness itself) I risk it or not? If I get some strange disease after this vaccine years from now, what will I feel? Will I feel it outweighs the dangers of having this H1N1?


I'm still not too sure. I just want to BAD is this flu virus? I mean. Really? Yes, it could kill. But it could also just make me feel more yucky than normal. I know that you can get Tamiflu (an antivirus perscription drug) to treat the virus...if it's that simple that this medication will help, then seriously, I ask again: How bad is it? If that's all there is to it, then why bother? Do I really want to drag 4 children down to the clinic to get this done?

And then there is this whole thing of the availability of the vaccine. If it's such a BIG DEAL...why has it taken Health Canada so long to get it out there? Why are there so few available? We have lineups and people waiting 7 hours just to be turned away! It's ridiculous! Why do the health care professionals have to wait until NEXT week to have their shot when they're working with those who are ill with it? That makes no sense! If this is such an epidemic, why is it taking so long to be available? These deaths could've been prevented if this vaccine was here a month ago! Or am I missing something? Did it take this long to get out because they WERE testing it after all? They don't want to give shoddy medicine that isn't going to help or be safe. I like to think that, at least.

I need to know just the basics of it. But, to be honest, when it comes to my children, I don't see how I can play chance. My son has a heart condition. If he catches this..... I don't know. And if I'm getting him, doesn't it make sense to get them all? And if they're getting it, it makes sense that I do too, right? Right?

Feel free to add your thoughts and opinions as a comment. I really do love hearing and debating. But, please, let me point out something...if all you say that you "just feel this way" and have no other info to back it up, you're not really helping anyone, especially not yourself! I don't think this is something you can get away with being placid about.
I will add any other info that I find useful as it comes...

Here is Health Canada's website:

PS> Abi is fine. Even when she was warm, she was still completely herself. I'm thinking it was just seasonal stuff mixed with too many late nights.

Monday, October 26, 2009


When I first heard that David Crowder*Band was coming in concert, I knew that I HAD to go! Time passed, and the ads started on the radio and it just made me wish longer. After all, they claimed that it was a concert that I "could not miss!" But then it was a week before, and still no tickets. I was starting to resign myself to the fact that I was not going, and I even convinced myself that was okay.

Until my parents saved the day!!! As an early birthday gift, they bought me two tickets to the concert!!! (as an added bonus, they picked up his latest cd, Church Music, at an awesome deal as well) Now just to figure out who to take with me! ....h'mm...who?...uhm....who listens to him?....and I couldn't think of anyone who would enjoy it as much as me! Now, don't get me wrong, you don't have to like him as much as I do, but I want to enjoy the evening with someone who can share my excitement and enthousiasm. You know? You don't invite the halfhearted-hockey fan to the Canucks game with you, but take the energetic friend! The one who is loud and loves being there! Am I right? Can I get an Amen? (teehee)

So I went with the first person to pipe up their immediate interest: Abi!

Yep, I packed up my dear lovely 7 1/2 year old daughter and we took off on a Sunday night to a concert that is typically aimed at the College/Career age group. (is that age group even called that anymore? It was when I was that age group. *ahem* I know that at my church we've opted for the boring 'post secondary group'. Yeah, b/c that sounds like fun! but then again, I guess College/Career doesn't really evoke excitement either, does it? Not like Young People's group or Youth Group did!)

The tickets said the concert was at Abbotsford Pentecostal Assembly, so I dutifully checked on Google maps for directions and made sure I memorized them (I so suck at directions, I'm the perfect candidate for a GPS system, yet I don't have one. My sister, who is just great with directions, has one. but then she goes places, and I don't. but I digress.) All was good. All was fine. I left early, like Hunny suggested. (he likes being UBER early to things, I like being ON TIME...not early, not late...just when it says to be there!) and it was a good thing too....
When we found the church, after a few detours (google maps doesn't tell you when there is road construction and the main road you need is closed), and were celebrating the fact we were a whole half hour early! The fact that the parking lot was only 1/8th full made me wonder though... We head to the door and see a handy-dandy handmade sign informing us that the concert had to be moved to a new location. *smacking forehead* The ads on the radio stated that too, but I just assumed that since the tickets were only just recently purchased, that it was corrected on it. Oh great! I see the new venue (7 Oaks Alliance) is, thankfully, on the same road. But which direction? A nice young guy (college/career age, I'd say) was in the parking lot gave us easy directions though, so we were back in the game!

With maybe 15 minutes to spare (after all, the ticket says it starts at 7pm) we make our way with the groups of other stragglers across the 4-lane traffic, after having to park at the mall across the street as the church parking lot is full already. We did quick looking around the foyer, entered a contest to win tickets to the Winter WonderSlam concert with Toby Mac, met the morning djs that host at our fave radio station Praise 106.5FM, and then decide to find a seat. Up and down the aisles, starting at the balcony, from one side to the other, all the way down in the mezzanine, searching. *sigh* Shoulda come earlier!

We had to settle for a standing position on the balcony, with using the pew up against the way back wall when we were tired. That was okay. I was feeling pumped and didn't think I'd sit much anyways!

In the end, our "seats" were perfect for us. Yes, Abi said that her feet were sore after a while, and sitting on the floor at the top of the balcony stairs weren't comfortable for her bony bottom, but in the end it worked out. Let me just tell you how it all went down...

DC*B had two bands open for them: Seabird and Danyew. We listened to Seabird (where I was reminded just how loud concerts's been many many years since I last attended a concert, now being older than the college/career age!) and I really liked them! But then we had to make a trip to the bathroom and buy some hot chocolate for the lil miss (where I picked up lotsa water for me). But I got to shake the lead singer's hand, buy his cd...then we popped back upstairs (didn't want our standing position to be taken...there were still a lot of people coming in. Why they sold that many tickets, I don't know, since there weren't enough seats, but maybe it was just my perception of it. After all, they can't OVER sell seats as it's a safety hazard, right?) Danyew turned out to be Awesome, and I found I liked him better than the first, and so I was kicking myself for not waiting to buy a cd! (they only had DC*B's latest cd, otherwise I would've spent my money on him, lol! I unfortunately didn't have enough for a fun pink unicorn DC*B t-shirt)

Now, to state the obvious: David Crowder*Band was AWESOME!!!!

They opened up with Veil, a song I LOVE from the new cd. This disc is more electronica than the do I know that, seeing as I don't own any other cds, you ask? Because that's what music reviewers are saying! And I'd have to agree. I love the sound! The electronic beats, the music, the's a cd that I can, and do, listen to on a daily basis. (It reminds me of Jars of Clay's first cd, which I LOVED....I was so excited that there was a band finally that had a mix of all my favourites: meaningful lyrics, the dance beat,some orchestra AND choir! Be still my heart!...but then they went back to any other group. *sigh* So to hear DC*B's album makes me go all melty inside again)

Their second song, David began by getting us to repeat after him:
How could you be so good to me?

Then he had to state that he wasn't interested in our singing qualities or even if it sounded good. He just wanted it loud! So we tried it again MUCH louder! What fun! And he started his song "No One Like You." David and the other members (Mark, Hogan, Jack, B-Wack and Mike D) were so much fun; and very funny! I had such a good time, and there was a grin plastered on my face most of the night. I told you about our wonderful standing-only "seats" and all that business, but I failed to mention just how great they actually were! We had a great view of the stage without seeing from above (and getting dizzy!) or just their heads, or missing out on seeing all the members from a seat below. I so wished that I had my camera! But I just didn't bother bringing it, not because I forgot it, but b/c I knew it would just disappoint. I've dropped it one-too-many times, so it's being held together with duct tape (so not cool) and the zoom is practically nil, unless you want an over-pixelated picture. So...I am using pictures taken from my Favourite Radio Station. (*uhm* I hope I don't get into trouble with this.)

The crowd

Mark actually took a similar picture, which you can see on their site. (it's currently at the #14 position under the Photos section from their tour! just scroll across it with your mouse and it will be titled "Abbotsford!!!" Of course, neither I nor my lovely daughter are in it, as we were way up in the balcony standing, but we've gone over that already!)

David and his Keytar!!!

I was SOOOO excited about this song. How He Loves. If you click on the link on the right under My Fave Videos, I have already loved this song since the first time I heard it performed by Jesus Culture. So imagine my happiness when I heard that DC*B recorded it. They ended up performing it the third song, and I admit, I would've liked to hear it further into the concert, but we can't have everything we want, can we? The song was beautiful despite! And, as you can see, during his concert, there are two large screen to either side of the stage which has the song lyrics printed on them. Isn't that a great idea? That way, you can sing along even if you don't know it! I appreciated that.

I was surprised to hear that DC*B are from Texas. For some reason, I thought they were from California! I also learned afterwards, that this was their FIRST stop in Canada...and their only Canadian stop during their Church Music tour. (Woot! Woot! for us, but that sucks for the rest of Canada) To show us some of their Roots, they brought out banjos and sang "I saw the light", going straight into "I'll fly away." (It's funny how I recognize this song in this way also! What's funnier is that everyone knows the main part, "PRAISE THE LORD, I saw the light!" That is when it gets loud, as everyone can always remember to sing that line! I was glad he posted the lyrics on the screens, personally!)) I found out that this is a common mid-way concert gem, and have a YouTube video to show you just how much fun it is! (this was taken at a book signing. how fun would that be?)

"it's like Frontierland!" *snarf*

I was surprised by how many songs the band actually did in their 1 1/2 hr set. I didn't write them down until I was listening to them again at home afterwards, plus checking online at their message boards. They did a lot from their new cd, which makes sense, but I was impressed! Here is the basic playset: (0nly partially in order)
No One Like You
Church Music (Dance) ~David said this was his fave song! it has a FUNKY disco vibe
How He Loves
Eastern Hymn (LOVE IT!)
Glory of it All
Here is our King
Everything Glorious
Foreverandever etc
You Are my Joy
Oh Happiness (LOVE LOVE LOVE this new one! can't wait for radio play of it)
I saw/I'll fly
Alleluia Sing
O Praise Him
God Almighty, None Compares

By about halfway through the concert, Abi was starting to really complain about her sore feet, and she was becoming tired. For a bit, I had her on my back, but it's hard to dance, bounce, jump, sing, raise your hands and praise with a child clinging to your back, trying not to fall off, but not willing to put an effort out! Eventually, I just suggested that she lay down on the pew in the back (a few feet from me, so not so "in the back" as it sounds!) She wouldn't be able to see the concert, but she could rest and listen. I was happy she agreed b/c...well, she needed to lay down and *cough*cough* I was free to enjoy the concert more freely myself! It turns out that it was such a blessing to NOT have a seat complete with seatmate beside us: Abi could lay down and I could dance away without a care! And dance I did!

David did one of my first favourites of his: YOU ARE MY JOY. (Yes, I named my blog after his song!) I was just getting into it, when the band suddenly stops to monologue!!! I wasn't too happy about it, even though he was funny; I was totally into the groove and lovin' the song! But he came back to it. He just wanted to let us know that they were doing a bit of "rock opera" meaning the songs were going to be a bit longer than usual!!! (think Meatloaf!) I'm not too sure which the second song was, but I want to say "God Almighty, None Compares"

Here is a video of it being performed live, hoping that you'll get the feeling of it, and just how great it was.

And He set me on fire, and I am burning alive.
With His breath in my lungs I am coming undone.
And he set me on fire and I am burning alive.
With his breath in my lungs I am coming undone.
And I cannot hold it in
Remain composed.
Love's taken over me
So I propose the letting myself go.
I am letting myself go.

You are my joy.
You are my joy.
You are my joy.
You are my joy.

And He set me on fire, and I am burning alive.
With His breath in my lungs I am coming undone.
And He set me on fire, and I am burning alive.
With His breath in my lungs I am coming undone.
And I cannot hold it in and remain composed.
Love's taken over me and so I propose the letting myself go.
I am letting myself go.

You are my joy.
You are my joy.
You are my joy.
You are my joy.

I need to catch my breath, I need to.
I need to catch my breath, give me a moment now.

You are my joy.
You are my joy.
You are my joy.
You are my joy.

I'm laughing so hard
And I'm laughing so hard
And I'm laughing so hard

I chose this as my blog theme b/c I want to be reminded on how HE makes me feel, and how I need to be more focused on that. There is so much that can bring me down, but when I'm renewed, this song still rings true. HE is my joy. He is who gives me joy. His blessings are what bring joy into my life.

This concert was so amazing for me. Not just the electronica or the Fun nature of these men or the heartfelt lyrics but b/c it brought me to a place where I could FREELY be ME. I was able to take off my boots and could swing my arms around and I could belt out the words and I could laugh and I could weep. And it was facilitated by a band who grew out of a desire for other Bible School students to worship the Father they were learning about; to develop into a deeper relationship, not just talk about it; to create music that touched a generation of young people who hadn't had that happen before. I didn't care about others (although I was aware of them, out of respect) I was just there to praise Him! So when I talk about what an AWESOME concert it was, and those are the only words I can say, and I struggle to explain further, it's b/c this is something that can't be described. It was MORE than just a fun time with great beats and singable lyrics. It was more than just a display of great music (b/c these men are TALENTED with their many instruments and digital sound, plus their robot member "steve"!) It was something more. Something I needed.

I had to wake up Abi in the end and I carried her to the van, and we drove back home in silence. (her sleeping, and me trying to relive the concert feeling) I wish it didn't end. I wish I could've taped it and watched it over and over again. (it's funny what an electronic age we live in when all I see amungst the crowd are blue screens! I'm hoping someone will post something on YouTube from this concert, but haven't seen anything yet! When/if they do, I'll post it here too!)

They ended the concert with the song, Rescue is coming.
I have no words for that one either. You'll have to watch the video I found on it. Watch it a few times actually. This one makes my heart palpitate a good way!

you're like a pumpkin

Being a Christian is like being a pumpkin.

God lifts you up, takes you in, and washes all the dirt off of you.

He opens you up, touches you deep inside and scoops out all the yucky stuff-

including the seeds of doubt, hate, greed, etc.

Then He carves you a new smiling face

and puts His light inside you to shine for all the world to see.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Wish I spoke Polish

I just had my neighbour berate me. Well, firstly, he's not really my neighbour, he's my neighbour's father; he's just there all of the time. Secondly, it was in Polish, which I don't speak. We have lived here for 6 years and I think I still only know the same words I first understood from him!

I just arrived home from picking up the kids from school, and the man practically ran at me, as if laying in wait for me. At first I nodded and said, 'yes, I know! because he is gesturing to the many leaves across my lawn, driveway and sidewalk. See, I don't own a leafblower like he does, and I don't have all the time to blow them around every afternoon. Knowing that, he picked up some of mine and filled my one-and-only Yard Waste pail. I was grateful and have memo'd myself to buy more recycling yard bags. Twice now.

But then he's getting quite animated, and it's starting to sound more angry and frustrated. I can't understand half of what he's saying, of course, not speaking any Polish of my own, but I do catch the odd few words. Garbage. Here. Trailer. Boat. Garbage. Help. There.

And I get the gist. My neighbour is berating me in Polish about my messy house. And I'm a mix of emotions.
I'm angry at the nerve of him. Doesn't he know how difficult it is for me?
I'm embarrassed because he's right. Hunny did work on the deck and just dumped things at the side of the house (old pipes, wood, etc) The front of the garage has garbage bags of debris. My backyard is an unsafe disaster (DS1 stepped on a nail the other day)
I'm frustrated to live like this.
I feel I need to make excuses. I have 4 children and no time to focus on every part of my house. Something is going to get left behind. My Hunny works 6 days a week and is a typical man, meaning when he comes home, he sits and watches t.v. in the evening.

You know the worst feeling? That things aren't any better IN my house either! I wish I could say that my exterior may need work, but that's because the interior has all my attention and look at how beautiful and upkept it is! But it's not. I fail at that one too.

At this point, I feel defeated.
Absolutely crushed.
I've failed in so many things.

And I want to say that what my neighbour thinks doesn't matter. But it does. No, I'm not trying to 'Keep up with the Jones', but I need to be aware of the reflection I'm giving across to others. Am I embarrassing myself/my family? Am I looking like a fool? What do others think when they see me, my house, my children?

I've read it several places that a SAHM should be "the best homemaker" there is. You know, work as if I were getting paid (wouldn't that be nice?) Make it something my Hunny could be proud of. And I'm trying. But I feel like I always fail. It's just Not.Good.Enough. I can't keep up with it. And I don't know what my problem is.

I feel overwhelmed with STUFF right now and I can't focus. I need to some Major Clean Sweeping (remember that t.v. show? I thought I needed help until I saw the state of some of those rooms, lol! Turns out, I do need help still! lol) but task list is so long I don't know where to begin.

Oh, and lets not forget I only have a good 2-hours every now and then to work on it. Then I have children to tend to, food to make, and other errands.

It's all piling up and I feel very cornered. My neighbour is right and I'm embarrassed. But I don't know what to do; where to start.

I wish I had time, money, ideas... It all seems so futile, you know? But I could make a list up of things that I don't do well or do at all. There are limitations to my ability. Sadly, my personality, charm and beauty don't cut it! *smile* I may always need to have someone over to help me clean my house, or rake my leaves. But is that so bad?

I wish I spoke Polish and then we could talk this through, instead of me guessing and leaving feeling like a failure, the one-who-brings-the-neighbourhood-value-down.

I also wish I didn't care what he thought and only focused on what I can and DO do.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Flouride is my Aphrodisiac

Okay, so I didn't write this, MckMama did. But I am posting a link to it here because it is written so well. She really speaks for me in this one! Not that I've ever done a just-in-case test (although now I'm thinking that's a good idea...I HATE those "trick questions" on being pregnant. Those who know me well or have read my blog long know how I feel about the "could you be pregnant" one. How idiotic! If you're having sex and you're a woman of child-bearing age, there's always the possibility, isn't there? Sheesh! NOTHING is fail-proof. But moving on....)

Read her article for the MN Star Tribune HERE

I know I can't be the only one who has taken a test and had mixed feelings when it came out negative, even though it was Supposed to!!! I have many memories of those. *sigh*

Sunday, October 11, 2009

so thankful

This weekend is Thanksgiving in Canada, and as I sit here, with a happy tummy from turkey, I am thinking upon the year and remembering...

*I am ever-so thankful for friends who helped my sister and I go see my BFF get married. The willingness and giving natures of my friends don't necessarily shock me, but it was such a humbling surprise!

*I am so thankful that Abi has a best friend of her own and that they are in the same class and are there for eachother.

*I am so thankful for my neighbour who is also my friend. She cares for me. She understands the issues that mothers go through, she encourages me to keep at things, she helps me out, she pushes me when I need it....I love Jenny!

*I am so thankful for my children. They delight me. They frustrate me. They make me laugh. They drive me nuts. They give me reasons to try harder. They make me notice the things in my life that I still need to work on.

*I am so thankful for my family. We're all getting older and our lives are different and we live apart and we have different friends and we don't always talk....but when we get together, it's all perfect again! I love my family! I love my brother's humor. He still knows how to make me feel silly, yet feel loved at the same time! I love my sister's perfectionist ways. She gets things done and they're done right and she knows how to have fun doing it too! I love the way she makes me smile and feel normal! :) I love my parents b/c...well, my mom is the Best, and my Dad is ...well, he's my Dad. He's funny, annoying, silly, loving, giving...

*I am so thankful that my in-laws are friends and that getting together isn't a chore. I'm thankful that even though we've very different, we're also very much the same.

*I am so thankful that we have the oppotunity to send our kids to LCS. It is such a wonderful school where we love the teachers (the principal has almost all the kids' names memorized by sight now, it's amazing!) and the community.

*I am so thankful for our church, Jericho Ridge. I love our pastor! I love that our kids love going to Kids at the Ridge! (Sunday school) I love that our church has a wonderful community feeling and shows care and love in tangible ways.

*I am so thankful that Hunny has a good job where his boss cares for the employees, even though it is really slow right now.

*I am so thankful that we haven't had any serious illnesses or injuries this year! (so far) No hospitalizations. (yet)

*I am so thankful that I was able to go off of my antidepressants cold turkey a few months ago! I am in shock over it, but I am so thankful! I never saw that happening, but it did! He is watching over me!!! I haven't gone psycho!!! lol

*I am so thankful that Galilee Fly & Tackle has been open for a FULL YEAR now! God has blessed the business and I pray it continues to grow.

*I am so thankful that we have a house and food and vehicles. It's been incredibly tight lately for us financially, and I've been stressed out b/c of it, but when I seriously think about it in comparison to some people and some countries, it's hard to feel so sorry for myself!

*I am so thankful that God still blesses us, even though we sleep in and miss church or forget to tithe our 10% or lose our patience with the children or skip prayer at dinner or forgets to live by the Fruits of the Spirit. I'm so thankful that My God is a God of Love and Forgiveness who doesn't save based upon acts b/c I would so lose! I'm so thankful that when there are days that I feel like giving up, that I'm just not "good enough", He reminds me not to, that He created me and that I'm exactly where He wants me to be.

He has blessed me over and over. There is a saying that sticks in my head, which I find cute. "I'm too blessed to be stressed!" It's a funny thing, and I wished it were that easy. But when you think about it...truely think about's true, isn't it?

I have come to realize something very important, and this has become somewhat of a motto for me right now. "He has provided for us so far, why would He stop now?" God isn't going to give up on us just b/c times are tough! He's not going to suddenly say, 'well, sorry, you're on your own from now on'! Instead, He reminds us to keep on, stay the track, I'm watching over you! I'm walking this with you.

He has blessed me and I am full of joy.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

sometimes I wonder...

...why the toilet seat is wet. of course, I never notice this until after I've sat down. I've seen my boy pee, and he aims quite well, so what is this from? do I want to know?

...why I still can't find my cell phone a month after I let my other son play with it. Where can it be? Seriously!

...why, even after I do 4 loads of laundry and feel proud of myself for having "caught up", I find 3 more loads waiting the next day. Are the clothes multiplying during the night?

just some simple wonderings before bed.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

no longer slamming my head against the wall...

The older kids are home for 5 days in a row starting today! It's craziness! I'm all about having them home, really, I like the sleeping-in bit (when it happens) and the no-schedule like day. But man, oh man, why do they have to act like wild animals just escaped from the zoo??? They faught this morning, hitting and kicking, pushing and wailing. They would share toys, but only with a specific sibling. They were loud and obnoxious. And I have a serious case of lack-of-adequate sleep. *sigh*

Things seemed to have calmed down a bit though. Rhys is talking to himself...or his rice krispies, hard to say. Bryn is having a nap (even though it was forced upon him by myself) Abi & Kai are playing with LEGO and Barbies...(guess who's playing with which!) Listening to them play behind me is very interesting; their imaginations are wild! Something about a Princess and a Prince, and bombs and rescues, and turning bad! At least they're playing together nicely!

Monday, October 5, 2009

feeling punchy?

Remember me bemoaning over the fact that I overzealously joined a swap I know nothing of? Tickle your memory muscle here, if need be. I had committed to creating 25 punch art penguins, but didn't even have half of the punches needed to complete said task. (See the cutesy penguins created by Jenn Diercks HERE) Well, I figured it out and all was done and I saved the day with my cunning-ness: I decided to scrap the whole idea of cute Christmas penguins and make owls! That I could do!!!

Here is my unveiling of my oh-so-cute owl:
This baby only uses punches I own! Such as the 1 3/4" circle (ok, I actually don't own that one either. I cheated and used the Circle Scissors Plus. Shh! don't tell!!!), scallop circle, round tab, 1/2" circle, crop-a-dile, and heart-to-heart punch. The paper is Handsome Hunter (a colour I never use), and the DSP is brand-new staight-from-the-holiday-mini, Autumn Meadows. Oh, and I used the sentiment from the Owl Together Now set. I liked my card front and was so pleased with myself. Especially with my funky attempts at shading with pastels! That is, until I got the 24 other swaps back and then I felt a bit inadequate! My card front looks slightly....boring...and not detailed. Oh well, that's what swaps are for, right? To learn new ideas and share your own, even if they aren't in a gorgeous setting!

For your enjoyment, I going to share some of my favourites. There were so many to choose from, but I picked only 4. The first two are great for upcoming Christmas cards.

Aren't they adorable? The reindeer was done by Lynne Gorbahn and the cardinal by Taylor Madge.

The next looks difficult (although my Hunny says he can figure it out, lol) but definitely one I want to CASE. It was made by Aaron Maltais.

Seriously! isn't it great?

Unfortunately, none of them had directions on how to recreate these punch art pieces. Actually, about 90% of the swaps didn't, which was disappointing.

The next one, I got to see via blogging before it arrived, and I must say it is much cuter IRL! This one was done by my friend, D, and you can see her own post on it HERE. She gave a recipe on which punches were used at least! *wink* Isn't it the most adorable thing you've seen? {{BTW>they are babies hanging on a washline. NOT piggies, like my Hunny thought! I laughed so hard when he said that...I can kind of, maybe, see how he can THINK that the tops are ears and the faces are pig noses..but really, I can't! Silly man!}}

Can you see how mine looks so....boring? *sigh* But I made punch art! How awesome is that? Yay go me! *smile* Methinks I'm just going to have to increase my punch collection and have a fun punch class soon! Who's up for that?

Upcoming Classes

It's hard to believe that October is here already! September just flew by! The calendar may say that Christmas is over two months away, but now is the time to start thinking of those cards you're going to send! I have a few classes coming up for you to get them ready!

Christmas cards 1: Wed Oct 28

Christmas cards 2: Mon Nov 2nd

You will make 10 cards in each class, 5 of each design.

Sign up for both classes and get a kit to make this Top Note tree card for FREE!!!

Can't make one of those classes? I have Wed Nov 4th open for a catch-up class. Or get some friends and make a Christmas card get-together!

Santa's Workshop

Looking for quick gifts this season? You never know who'll pop in, and it's always nice to have a small gift for neighbours, teachers and friends. I have the answer for you! My Santa's Workshop classes will feature 2-3 small projects and will be held every other week starting in November. Projects include: tiles, fold-out scrapbooks, candles, magnets, treat bag, and much more!
Sign up now! Take a class with a friend! Sign up for all three sessions and receive a free gift!
Thurs Nov 12, Thurs Nov 26, Thurs Dec 10th

Contact me if you are in the area. I live in Cloverdale, but I have done classes as far away as Chilliwack, so I'll travel! Ask me about my newsletter as well, as there are a lot more deals written in it. It comes to your email box monthly and lists any promotions SU! has, as well as any classes and promos I am holding.
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