Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Evening at the Creek

I love it when my Hunny surprises us!  He called from work to instruct me to have the kids fed and ready to go out as soon as he got home, and that's all he said!

Our evening consisted of going for a walk around Williams Park and splashing in the creek! (which is actually Salmon River, but it's slow and not deep so it resembles more of a creek in some areas)  It was perfect for the kids!

Especially for Bryn, who was first to get into the water, of course!  He's always the first one to get soaked doing something!  I'm starting to pack extra clothes for him.  I need to start to make sure that he removes his shoes first though, as he's not always good at that.

The kids tried to skip rocks, played in the sand, and ran around seeing how deep they could go in the water! My kids are attracted to water, it seems!

  {he looks so cute, cuddly and innocent!}

  {Abi looking like an aloof model!}

 There was a fallen tree that the kids had fun climbing.  Abi made it her goal to climb up to the end of it, which stood taller than Hunny at 6'4".  It took her a while, but she did it!

{almost there!  it's a tiring job!}

{woohoo! made it!}

When we finally convinced them to get out of the creek, they played at the playground for a while.  It's a small one, but it's not busy there, so it was great. There was only one other family there with a toddler.

 {to infinity and beyond!} 

 It's funny how I've heard of Williams Park, yet had never been there until this month!  Our school will do things there, and our men's group at church will hold their bbq evenings with the kids there, though. And now since I finally made it out, I've gone three times! It's where we decided to host our family birthday party too. (we will do a joint party for Eden and Rhys for family since they are just nine days apart.) I like this park!  Aside from the mosquitoes at the river in the evenings, it's a great place to go with the family. I have never found it to be busy at all at any time I've been. 

Check it out! It may be your new favourite too!

Monday, June 29, 2015

pick up lines

This came across my newsfeed on FB this past week that made me laugh so much: Christian Pick Up Lines!!!  

Some are terribly cheesy, but some are really good.

Haha. Clever.

Would a pick up line work on you?

I think they are silly, and I've had a few dumb ones, but when I look back, I realize that in some ways they did work. It got my attention and it did get a conversation out of me. Even if it didn't turn into anything, at most it made for a funny encounter and memory.  (like this one guy who asked me if I dropped a quarter....while we were in the hot tub at the pool!!! I looked at him dumbfounded. Where would I put a quarter in my bathing suit???)

Saturday, June 27, 2015

step one, check!

I got the phone call I was hoping for yesterday!

 I have been trying for almost two years now to have Rhys assessed at Sunny Hill, which is a program for children with developmental delays and/or on the autism spectrum. He just turned 7, but still is at a 4 yr old level in a lot of things and we have been trying to find some answers for a while now. Well, they finally called! 

I talked to a woman who was working on our file and she was really nice and helpful. She asked me a bunch of questions on my concerns, plus the typical "how does he do with this...?" type of ones. She is going to set us up with a developmental pediatrician, a physiotherapist, a psychologist (or psychiatrist, I can't recall), a speech therapist and a social worker! (The social worker is what is the scary word.  It's the fears of what the name means, right? In the news, it is a Social worker that takes kids away from families! But I was told that she was there to advocate for him and to show us how to...more like a case worker!) 

Yay! I'm not too sure when these appointments will be made, but I'm hoping soon! Having specialists assess him could mean an eventual diagnosis, or at least something to help him from falling farther behind. He needs help in school, but not 100% of the time, so it's difficult! 

The other news is that we got a letter in the mail letting us know of an appointment for assessment at the Biochemical Diseases Clinic at BCCH.  That was out of nowhere! I hadn't heard of this place, until it was pointed out to me that it was TIDE BC, the clinic we were hoping to get him into!! They work alongside the genetics department in efforts to "prevent and treat intellectual disability", using diet or medication. (I prefer the term "delayment" as it doesn't sound so scary to me as ID!) I'm excited about this appointment, even though it's not til October. 

It's the start of something good.  The start of some important steps!  It's hard not to feel hopeful, so for now I am going to be thankful and celebrate!

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Thankful Thursday

Welcome back to Thankful Thursday, a feature started by Louise at Talk Nerdy to Me, where we look back over our week and remember our blessings.  It is so good to see all that has happened, especially if you have had a particularly tough week. Being grateful is good for the soul. Here are just a few things that I am thankful for...

1. Grad

Abi's done! She has officially finished and graduated from Middle School! Woohoo! 

There was a school Celebration Ceremony where all of the kids dressed up and got their certificates and then the students ended the evening with a dance party. It was a fun night!

2.Rhys's birthday

For his birthday meal (each person gets to choose what they'd like to eat on the day of their birth), he wanted bacon, so he went out for breakfast with his Dad!  He's never ate so much; it was impressive!  Turning seven gives you a big appetite, apparently!

3. Silly and creative

This girl of mine makes me laugh. As we were driving recently, Eden starts to HOOT in the back seat. I ask her, "What was that?"
E: I'm a carrot!
Me (laughing): but carrots don't make noise!
E: (quite confidently) I'm a musical carrot!

Oh, of course!  Silly me!  What a creative (and funny) imagination.  I love that she had a response immediately too!

4.  The Men in My Life

 Happy Father's Day to the men in my life.

I came across this photo taken Fathers Day 1997. Haha. My Dad is still goofy and makes us laugh. He's still a hard worker, and he still is opinionated, and he's still easy going and makes everyone feel good! I am so lucky to have him in my life, and in the lives of my children. He is a different grandfather than he was a father, and that is a good thing; grandparents are so much more patient!

 I am so incredibly blessed to have my Hunny as the father of our children! He is a great Leader of our Clan!  He works so hard for us, he surprises us, and shows his love in so many ways. 

5. Fairy Kingdom

It was so nice to go to Redwood Park with the kids and their cousins and go for a walk to the Fairy Kingdom!

6.  No More Lunches to Pack

I am so thankful for our wonderful year at LCS, and so incredibly grateful for all that the teachers did in my children's lives, but I am also so happy that I am done with packing lunches for the kids for the next few months!


7.  These kiddos

I am so very thankful for them. Funny faces and all!  They make me happy.

8. BBQs

When my Hunny bought this huge BBQ a few years ago, I thought it may be overkill. Why would we need a bbq that could hold like 30 steaks at once? Men! haha.  He assured me that we would loan it out for our church and school to use as well, so that made it more worthwhile.

And lend it out, he did!  This BBQ has done many family meals, and camping trips, youth group and church events and even went along with the grade six' for their welcome-to-middle-school camping trip in September!  I am thankful that my Hunny has so willingly lent it out and volunteered his chef skills as well.

The only thing is that with so many things going on this month, we have BBQ'd 7 out of 9 nights! We are tired! And I think we are so sick of hotdogs!!!

9. Birthdays!

We got to celebrate Eden turning four and Rhys turning seven this month! Their birthdays fall within 9 days of eachother.

Eden starts off our "birthday gauntlet".  We have three birthdays in June and four more in July, all in the immediate family, plus several others for friends. Then we take a break after Bryn's birthday in August. Phew!  It's such a good thing that it's summer and we can do fun park events to celebrate!

10. Helpful kids

At the end of the school year, we found out that Kai had a slightly damaged math text book. Boo!  It's a good thing that the librarian is a good family friend! She agreed to let him pay off his debt by working on inventory for her one day, which he did this week. Not only did he do it without complaining, but his brother Bryn also volunteered to help out! It made the day go by much faster for our friend, so that was a blessing to her. And they did it with smiles and a good spirit too!  I was so impressed and pleased with them!

So that's my week in a nutshell. How has your week been?  I'd love to celebrate your Thankful list with you: share it in the comments!

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Verses for your week

Visiting the Fairy Kingdom

I was originally supposed to babysit my adorable nephews this week, but that was cancelled, so instead the kids and I met my favouritest sister and her boys at Redwood Park in Surrey. We hadn't been there in a while (well, technically, we were just there on the weekend for Rhys' birthday party, but we were only at the playground and not there very long, so that doesn't quite count.) and it didn't have a water park for the little kids to get wet and dirty at so it was an agreeable place to meet!  


After the cousins played on the playground for a bit, we decided to check out the Fairy Kingdom.  Last year, when we walked through the park we found all these Fairy Doors added to trees, making it quite whimsical and cute. This year, it has changed again. We didn't notice too many doors this time, but Fairy Houses were added!

 They were everywhere!    It was so neat to check them all out!

 I love that children are painting these houses and that the park lets them get added to the forest! It makes for a fun and magical place for children to visit!  It made me want to go out and add our own house too!

  {we found the princess castle up in a tree)

When we were at the park on the weekend, there was a Fairy birthday party for a little girl named Cheyenne (I saw her sign telling friends which way to find her!) and the guests all painted houses and then went to leave them in the Kingdom. At the time, I didn't know you could do that! Fun! I think I know what I'll be doing for Eden's birthday next year!

{we found some fairies!}

It was a fun way to spend the morning. I'm sure we could've stayed longer in the woods, discovering all the many houses, but it was getting to be lunchtime so we had to leave. But we'll have to make sure to go back this summer and see if any new houses have been added! Check it out for yourself if you're looking for an easy walk to take with young kids!

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

school's (almost) out for the summer!

That's it. These are the last lunches I'll pack for this school year. I am relieved and excited, yet also sad and feeling almost unready to say goodbye to teachers and friends!

This year has been incredible.  We have been so fortunate to have had the teachers my kids ended up with. I can not express my gratitude properly.

Mrs. N taught the kids how to pray in grade 3 and affirmed each child with special words regularly.

Miss S showed such love and care to my boy by teaching him responsibility; she worked hard with him especially when he struggled with health.

Mr W was so relaxed with his grade 8 class; he has a love of teaching and an enthusiasm that brought happiness and laughter into his classroom.

Mrs. E had the kindergarten class look deeper into things, to stop and think of solutions, and to work together.

What a blessing it has been for my kids this year.  All month, I was gearing up with end-of-year projects and trips and parties, and just couldn't wait for it all to be over. And now that it's almost here, I am feeling unprepared.  How is it possible that the school year is done?  I may get a bit teary at the good byes this week! (I always do!)

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Pond trip

For the first time in a long time, I actually got to go on a field trip with Bryn and his class!  Typically, all of the Olders go on trips that don't accommodate younger siblings, so I miss out. That's the hard part of having other children, so see, sometimes the benefits of being a stay-at-home mom doesn't qualify for school. Next year will open up a few more things, maybe. And then definitely the year after that, when Eden joins school full time! Woohoo!  (I'm hoping that there will still be fun school events that I can be a part of then)

The grade three classes were finishing up their unit on pond life, and lucky for us, a family in the school had a farm with a huge pond on it that we could all explore tucked away in Fort Langley.  Once I managed to detour around the construction (I sat in non-moving traffic for 10 minutes first, found the road closed and had to turn around.  I had missed the part of the announcement that we needed to take a different route while I was toileting a child.), and waited patiently for a long train, the kids and I arrived just fine!  The three classes were split up and circled around three different events for the afternoon: a craft project with plastercene, a scavenger hunt/hike around the trails, and searching for life in the pond.

 Even Eden got to check things out by borrowing a net and bucket!  She was nervous about getting too close to the edge, but was more upset about not being able to catching anything!

I was impressed that Bryn didn't end up all soaked.  He and water are magnets that attract eachother! I know to always pack extra clothes for him if we ever end up near anything wet!  Or at least a towel! He's a very active and adventurous boy!

 {Some boys managed to catch a frog. If you look closely, you may be able to see him in this picture. There were lots of tadpoles and small fish to collect. }

 After our excursion at the pond, we all headed over to Williams Park for a BBQ lunch and play at the playground. Hunny volunteered his huge BBQ to do up all of the hotdogs, which made it all go much more smoothly. (it was better than asking parents to bring in individual ones and having to cook up 8 dozen weiners!)  It was nice having both of us on this trip!  I know that Bryn appreciated it and thought it was cool...even though he spent the whole time running around and climbing on things instead of staying with us!

It was a perfect day to spend outside, exploring God's creation in plants and in a pond, and enjoying the sunshine at a playground!
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