Tuesday, February 16, 2010

magical marquee card

I came across this awesome card on the wonderful Jan Tink's blog and knew I had to teach it to my 10x10 Club last month! It's a card that when you open it, these flaps open up like a curtain to show a message or picture from behind. It looks like a theatre curtain. Very cool!

The card was incredibly easy to put together...it was just the front that we had difficulty with. Jan made her using the Circle Scissors Plus, which would be great, but I was teaching 6 ladies and knew that wouldn't be an option, as that would take forever for us all to use the thing. Plus, I'm still working on mastering the blasted circle maker as it is! And everyone would have their scallop circle punch different to their own style as well, so I couldn't pre-cut circles out either. Or maybe I'm wrong. *shrugs* So I had to think of a solution. First, I used the scallop circle punch for the front pieces, but that got tough by the third layer. Then I thought of using larger circle punches! That wasn't the easiest either, but it worked!

On the night of the class, we actually all brainstormed on better solutions, and my lovely sister came up with the idea of tracing the circle instead of using a mask, and I must say it worked out so much better! At least for me!

Of course, none of this makes sense without seeing the card or Jan's samples and instruction video! So, here, check out the card we made in the class. This one actually isn't even mine, but my lovely sister, Julie Royer's! *smile* She fiddled around with centering the circles and having the red show up beneath. Then she added a punched heart on top of the "curtain", just to cover up the lines of where the two pieces intersect (but not stuck down with adhesive on one side so it can open). That wasn't in the original card I designed, but I love it! Wish I'd come up with it! This card uses the brand-new DSP that I LOVE called "Sending Love" and a new Pretty in Pink epoxy brad, both of which are in the new mini catalogue.

Julie worked hard on the inside, making it so that you couldn't see the curtain bits after you opened the card. It turned out really nice!

I'm so happy with this card! I hope you'll check out Jan's video tutorial and try it out for yourself!

Sunday, February 14, 2010


I think it's time to invest in some new expensive-y bubble bath when I have to choose between the Spiderman Cherry Power or the Hot Wheels Blueberry Blast, and I'm wishing the Winnie-the-Pooh Berry wasn't gone! And it's especially time to pick new fragrances when my Hunny snuggles up to me in bed after my bath and whispers in my ear, "Mmm, you smell nice." Thanks, Hun, that would be the blueberries you're smelling.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

for no apparent reason

We were driving back from a "quick" family trip to WalMart when we decided to drive around the new neighbourhood a bit. There was a new Thrifty Foods that just opened up last week and Hunny was curious where. So we drove here and there and turned around and tried a new street, all the while with the kids asking in the backseat, "where are we going?" "Why are we turning?" "Why are we here?" Ok, so those all came from Kai, but I swear my children have no sense of adventure!

Finally, we saw a giant shopping cart on a corner pointing out the direction that we somehow missed earlier. So we turned, and then around because we went into an unfinished parking lot that was closed off. They should really think of turning on the lot lights.

And then there it was. Thrifty Foods. A grocery store. Tucked in a dark corner. Yahoo. Now the mystery was solved. So Hunny steered us out of the parking lot maze and we headed towards home. Seven minutes into our drive, Bryn pipes up from the backseat, "Are we going to the store?"

"Hmm? What store, honey?"

"The store," he insists.

"Oh. The one we were looking for?"


"Oh, we were just looking for it, " I reply.

There is a pause. Then, "Why?"

"We didn't know where it was, so we wanted to find it. And we did!"

"We're not going to go inside shopping?" he asked incredulously.

I smile at his honest shock and utter confusion. "No," I say cheerfully. "We were just looking!"


It's too much for the poor boy's mind to take. I knew I needed to switch tactics. He just wasn't going to understand why we would search out a store and not intend to go inside! "We're going to go another night."

That seemed to satisfy him, thankfully. And I am reminded that we need to go on more Sunday Drives. My children just don't get it.

Friday, February 12, 2010


"What is your wish?"

My what? My wish? The question threw me off. Bryn asked me that on the drive home from a "quick" family trip to WalMart. "Uhm, I don't know, sweetie. What is your wish?" I counter.

"I wish it wasn't so dark outside."

I laugh. "Yes, it is pretty dark. But if it weren't dark, we'd never be able to sleep, and if we didn't sleep, we couldn't get strong and grow." Not to mention I'd go insane, but I decide not to add that.

Bryn chatters on about the dark and not wanting to go to bed, and Kai adds his bit. Then the question comes again. "Mom? What is your wish?"

Uhm. I think quickly. "I wish Rhys would sleep through the night!" Let's go with honesty. Yeah, because three-year-olds love that in conversations about wishes.

"No-o-o,' he replies. "I know what you wish!"

"You do?"

"Yes. I'll tell you what you wish," he asserts from the backseat.

I smile. This should be good. "Ok. What do I wish?"

"You wish I was a Wall-e!"

"I wish you were a Wall-e?" I crinkle my nose in slight confusion.

"No-o-o. You were a Wall-e," he corrects.

Oh. Of course. I wish I were a Wall-e. "And what would I do if I were a Wall-e?"

"Then you could fly!" Bryn is so confident in his answer and sounds quite proud of himself.

"But Wall-e can't fly. He doesn't have wings, " I point out. Somehow my reasoning falls on deaf ears, so I add, "Wall-e could only fly because of Eve and with the fire extinguisher." (except that I can't remember what it's called, so I call it a "blowy thingy". I'm smart like that.)

"Yeah," Bryn jumps in with excitement. "Then you could fly!" I can hear in his voice the happiness that I've finally clued in to his theory.

The wishes of a 3yo are so imaginative. But I still wish Rhys would sleep through the night!

Thursday, February 11, 2010


To amass cost over Christmas, Hunny decided to help the kids make gifts for eachother. For the boys, Abi helped paint and glue together some stick horses (which are sadly already broken). For Abi, Hunny found a really interesting game online that we'd never heard of before. Mancala. It's a game that's been around for centuries and originated in Africa, played by digging our holes in the ground and moving rocks. Hunny made his board out of pine and he bought a bunch of marbles. (however, we discovered marbles were a bit too big and should've gone with something smaller. They still work though, they just fill the holes up!)

Hunny found a good tutorial for the game with like 10 videos (I'm a visual learner, ok?) but I can't find it again. But this one seems good. (it has written and visual instructions) When he explained it to Abi on Christmas, she caught on quite fast! It's deceptively simple, yet still a tricky game and she quickly kicked everyone's butts! Us adults were trying to figure out her stragedy, but finally realized that we had to play opposite of how we normally would. (You don't necessarily want to be the first to get rid of your marbles, when most games teach you to be first out!)

It's a great game for most kids who are learning to count, too, and Kai had fun playing. It's a fun family game. (well, for two players...and taking turns, that is! what I meant was that most ages can play it!) Two thumbs up! Try it out for yourself!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


I'm struggling right now. My thyroid is out and I can tell but there isn't anything I can do about it until I can get my doctor to realize. I had my bloodwork done last month and when I saw my dr (my original doctor not my friend's doctor, lol) and while she said that my levels of TSH were too high, she didn't want to adjust anything b/c she wasn't convinced that there was an issue yet. She asked if I had felt anxious, to which I said No, because I'm not. Aggitated? Oh Yes!!! Very aggitated! And sleepy. Oh so sleepy. Since I'm not anxious, things must be ok, right? Even though I told her I knew my thyroid was out, I could tell and that I was extremely exhausted. *sigh* Doctors!

So while I have a LOT of things I want to post and talk about, I have no energy. My life is kind of on auto-play...no thinking, no action, just doing. And it sucks. :(

For those who don't know, I was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism in 2005. (that was a tough year for me) Your thyroid controls your
*heart rate
*respiratory rate
*rate at which calories are burned
*skin maintenance
*heat production
*digestion. (1)

But more than that, more importantly, when your thyroid is out, you have a range of symptoms that really screw things up! The symptoms for Hypothyroidism (when your thyroid is underactive and produces high levels of TSH and low levels of T4) include: *fatigue
*dry skin
*feeling cold
*weight gain
*coarse hair/hair loss
*muscle aches
*difficulty concentrating
*brittle nails
*hoarse voice
*puffiness of the face/around eyes
*heavy periods
*high cholesterol. (2)

Believe me! I know! I don't have all of those symptoms, but I have enough! Also, "hypothyroidism can lead to serious consequences if not treated." (3)

I go get my blood checked every other month or so. Actually, that's not true. I had my thyroid nice and settled for a good 6 months where it was regulated and all was good. But then I got pregnant with Rhys and things haven't been in order since. I think. It's been a while; I don't remember when it first went out!

Hopefully things will get back into order again. I have lots of updating to do and I want to do it before it becomes OLD news! :)

(Beers, MH, Fletcher AJ, et al, editors, The Merck Manual of Medical Information. (1) Kasper DL, Braunwald E, et al, editors, Harrison's Principles of Internal Medicine 2005 (2) Abbott Laboratories, Limited 2008 You don't feel right, but you just can't put your finger on it....(3) ...I picked up a handy-dandy pamphlet at my doctor's office recently!)

Friday, February 5, 2010

Curry Chicken

My friend, D, has posted her Colour Challenge #2 on her blog, Prairie Papercrafts and Stamps, and it was a doozy! You may remember my card for her Chocolate/Orange challenge. That one I liked! This one...my goodness, it was a lot harder than I anticipated. The challenge was made up on her My Digital Studio...isn't it such a great display?...and the inspiration came from some linens of hers.

When I saw it I thought, 'ok, fine, this won't be too bad!' Immediately I thought of a quilt pattern and had envisioned a card with some nice Designer Series Paper. But could I find any DSP with those colours? *sigh* So I sat. And sat. And sat. And thought. And thought some more. I pulled out the colours and stared at them. I pulled out card sketches. I looked through card samples and the Idea Book & Catalogue but still no inspiration jumped out at me! Oh the agony! I really wished I had the Hostess Level 1 stamp set, Country Morning, for the rooster!

Finally, I came up with something! And I like it!

recipe: (all SU!) Embrace Life stamp set, Thank You Kindly stamp set (which you can choose FREE through our Sale-A-Bration promotion! Ask me how!, Whisper White c/s, Real Red c/s, Night of Navy c/s, Crushed Curry polka dot grosgrain ribbon, Crushed Curry ink, Not Quite Navy ink, Basic Black ink, aquapainter.

Look, I even stamped on the inside! *smile* (which you can sort of see)

But the more I looked at the card and admired it, the more I began to think that it didn't quite fit the rules. Yes, it included all the colours, but not in a major way. The white is the predominant colour here, and I think I'd like to see one of the actual *Colours* up front (since technically White isn't a colour!) So I'm thinking I'm going to have to try this challenge again!

I'll keep you updated....

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

silly groundhog

Happy Groundhog Day! So the groundhog, Wiarton Willie predicted another 6 weeks of winter. (as did the American groundhog, Punxsutawny Phil) There are many thoughts that come to mind when we observe this silly tradition each year.

*the calendar says spring doesn't officially arrive for 6 more weeks anyways! No matter what that silly sleepy groundhog says.

*why does it matter to us what a groundhog back east says? our weather is wildly different! It may be icy and snowy where the sleepy groundhog has his tunnels built, but it is...well, it's rainy here, but that's not really so strange for the Wet Coast...the trees and bushes are starting to bloom, the crocuses are poking out of the ground, the people are putting away their winter gear, it's wonderful! It's almost too nice. Especially since our ski hills are starting to melt. Cypress Mtn (where some Olympic events will be in less than two weeks) had to bring in some snow from Manning Park this weekend! (I guess it's snowing in some parts of B.C. still!)

*why does the groundhog predict more winter if he sees his shadow? I would figure that the shadow shows that the sun is out, which means spring-like weather! But instead it doesn't. How bizarre is that? No shadow means no sun, means overcast, means too chilly to get up, time to go back to sleep! Just sayin'...

Silly sleepy confused groundhog. But here's a picture of a cute fat groundhog to make you smile.

I just found out that there are more than one groundhog that predicts the weather across Canada! There is Shubenacadie Sam in Nova Scotia, Wiarton Willie in Ontario and Balzac Billy in Alberta. They all predicted a longer winter!
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