Thursday, September 24, 2009

absolutely peaceful

You HAVE to check out this site:

You can watch a virtual snowfall. Even make your own snowflake! Very neat!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Natural Disasters

I've been packing earthquake kits for the kids to have at school. I hate doing them; I find them so hard. It's hard enough making them lunches daily, but to add to the pressure is enough to crack any tough parent! the idea of the Earthquake Kit is that it is to contain enough food to theoretically, last 72 hours. Good grief! So this has got to be items that'll last a year in storage as well, if it isn't needed. To make it more difficult, these items are to be full of protein and fruits/veggies. So in other words, they can't survive on juice boxes and junk food alone! But, oh, did I mention that our school is Nut Free due to allergies?(which I have no issues with since I don't want a child to die just b/c of my children's inconvenience) And lets not forget to factor in that my children are picky eaters!

What in the world am I supposed to pack for them? I've decided to include some pudding, when both of them piped up, "But I don't like those!" (that must've been someone else' kid that begged me for pudding, that they LUUUUUVED it, on our shopping trip this past weekend) I informed them that after 3 days, they'll be so starved that they'll like them then!

I was thinking later of adding a "comfort item" in, you know, a toy or photo. I was thinking gum would be a nice surprise too. But then I rememberd that they'd never eat their pudding then! They'd survive off of chewing gum and saliva for 72 hours! I know my kids!

After the first day of school, Kai came home and asked when we'd have an earthquake. (I guess they discussed needing kits soon) I said we never know when it'll come. (We live along a fault line or something in BC and for many years the Big One has been predicted to come. Sounds omnious and scary to me.) I told Kai that I hope we never have one! He seemed highly disappointed in my response; I think he really wanted to experience one! So I decided to show him some images from the recent Indonesian quake. I don't want to scare him, but I want him to realize it's actually a Bad Thing!

Oddly enough, the very next day, Abi came home from school and asked about housefires and if we'd ever see one. She seemed genuinely upset to think that she's never able to see one either! And again, I had to explain how destructive a fire is, how damagin and scary it would be to witness one. I don't like having to explain these things--I don't want them becoming concerned and anxious. But I find it more disturbing to hear that they want to see these events! What are they teaching these kids in school??? LOL

Thursday, September 17, 2009

That time of year again....

It's Back To School time!

It's funny how as August was ending, I was looking forward to September. I was ready for Summer to be Over, as it was such a tough one for us. We weren't able to go anywhere, so no camping, and we had no money, so I didn't feel I could even make many day trips (had to save gas, after all). So it was really disappointing. The kids seemed to be okay and enjoyed what they had, but it was tough for me and Hunny.

But now that it is here, and school has begun, it's been quite an adjustment for me. I'm getting less sleep again (no more sleeping in, dang!) And I'm finding that the days are going by incredibly fast, and it's hard to plan things. This 'new normal' takes a bit to get used to!

But I am loving that the two older kids are in school. Not because I wanted them gone or "out of my hair" or anything. (not that I was in tears at them being gone either, b/c that's not me at all!) I get so excited about BTS! I love everything about it, as evidenced here. I am excited about their classes, and teachers and the opportunities they'll have, the lessons they'll learn, the new kids they'll meet. Everything's NEW.

Kai started Grade One this year. It amazes me! He is doing WONDERFULLY. He is so confident! I love it! I used to think that Kindergarten was "The Year", the one where you learned everything, but I have discovered that it is, in fact, Grade 1! This year, Kai will learn to read, will learn to add and subract and will start to prepare for actual School. (as opposed to K which is still a lot of play with a bit of learning!) It is so exciting to think about!

His teacher is Mrs. V and at first I wasn't too sure about her. She's not warm and bubbly like Mrs. J that Abi had, but I've got to stop comparing all the other teacher's to her since she was just so amazing and fun and nice!*** I'm finding that Mrs. V is quite nice. She's a great teacher, kind and wonderful with the kids. I'm warming up to her! She may not be immediately Warm, but I am learning that I can talk to her about things.

Abi started Grade Three this year. She is Upstairs and in the Intermediate grades now, which blows me away! She has a "real" BIG desk this year, and her own locker! The classroom looks more serious too, which was depressing for me...until I saw the cartoonish bears on the wall and the window decals for the Fairy Tale theme! I'm not quite ready for her to be So Grown Up yet!!! :( I like her teachers, even though I'm having a real hard time remembering their names! I also am trying to figure out their roles. According to Meet The Teacher Night, Ms. T teaches Bible, Spelling, Reading, Computer, Art, Theme and shares Math. Mrs. H teaches French, Writing and shared Math skills. (I like her!) The class is known as 3TH!!! :)

I was so happy and relieved that Abi is in the same class as Anna! They are the best of friends, and while Abi has other friends and is friendly to other kids, Anna is the one she is the most 'herself' with. She seeks Anna out and waits around after school with her to be picked up. (we all sit outside at the front of school waiting...heaven forbid if we need to leave earlier or if I just don't feel like staying after!)


This summer, I let Bryn pick out a backpack as well. He can use it for when we stay overnight at Grandma & Grandpa's house! He was so happy for the first day of school and wanted to pack his bag as well. So Abi & Kai helped him a snack and he posed for his picture too!

This is going to be a Great Year!

(***you will remember how I mentioned here that Abi's old grade 1 teacher is pregnant with Twin Girls. I ask that you please keep her and her Husband, Ryan, in your prayers, as Jo is in the hospital on bedrest. The water of Twin A broke at 23 weeks, which is a mighty scary thing. Things are going well and babies are safe and growing at a steady rate, thanks in part to her GD and her following instructions! She is at 29 weeks, and still not out of the Danger Zone. Please keep them and the babies in your prayers. I, and they, definitely appreaciate it. You can read updates here.)

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Summer day in September

Hello again. It's been a LOOOONG while since I've popped in! It's a new month and it's almost over!!!! I'd like to give a grand excuse, something about how busy I've been to even come online, but that would be a lie. I just couldn't. wouldn't. didn't. But here I am trying.

At the beginning of the month, my church hosted a community even that we went to. Well, as per usual, Hunny BBQ'd for it---he bought a HUGE BBQ with the intention that he'd donate it's use and himself to our church for events (the stipulation for the expensive purchase). It can hold something like 2 dozen steak on it at once! It's nothing amazing to me; it's just a long stainless steel unattractive BBQ. I'm more interested in the man behind it! The one who not only said he's use it to help out the church, but actually does! I love my giving Hunny!

The event was wonderful. We had 2 bouncy castles and a huge slide.

Bryn had trouble going up the incline, so Abi helped him!

There were demonstrations from a Tae Kwon Do school as well as the Langley Gymnastics school.

There was live music, by our very own JRCC Team. And face painting. Abi got a dolphin by Ellen. Really. You can't tell what it is in the picture, but it looked like a dolphin IRL! (Ellen is talented at face painting, just like me! Meaning that we aren't! But she was brave enough to volunteer for it anyways!)

And there were "door prizes". And guess what? One of our numbers was picked! (We were given 3 tickets upon arrival: one for me and the 2 older kids) I handed the winning ticket to Abi for her to claim our prize. (I was hoping she'd go running all excitedly. She didn't. But she was happy! She was convinced from then on that it was HER ticket that won!) The prize was two tickets to see the Langley Chiefs hockey game! When we went to their booth to claim Abi's prize, one of the players (FW Trevor Elias #21) immediately began to sign his autograph on a pre-printed poster, which made me giggle. We didn't know who he was, didn't ask for a thing, he just assumed. But that made it easier for us--less embarrassment for me. (Hockey players, pro or not, make me giggly and tongue-tied. It's the Canuck in me!) The game is this Friday, which we will be taking Abi on a "date" to! She is super excited! We'll see how long her interest lasts during the game.

The day turned out to be absolutely beautiful and hot. As you can by their clothes, neither child wanted to believe me it wasn't cold out! It felt like summer again! Oh, so technically it still IS summer for another week, but that's not the point. Besides, as soon as we welcomed in the new month, it felt as though September slammed the door on the season. We replaced our heat with the chills and rain. Put away our shorts and tank tops and pulled out sweaters and boots. Coming from one who loves Autumn, even I thought the transition was sudden. But here we were, enjoying a hot summer day again. Of course, I forgot sunscreen, so of course I got sunburned. (that only scared me a little bit as I stared at my red skin that night in the mirror and rubbed aloe vera into it) I wouldn't have forgotten it at all if I remember the diaper bag, since it's in the front pocket. Oops. That's okay, I appeared to be on a theme. I also forgot to bring money for the BBQ! So instead, the kids snacked on free popcorn. I did manage to scrounge up some quarters to add to Abi's so we could buy 3 drinks. (Of course, much later, at home, I found out there was an ATM inside the Event Centre. Good grief!)

The kids were hot & getting whiney, so I decided we should check out the water park. (somewhere we'd never been to yet this summer) I didn't remember to bring the swimsuits or towels I told myself to remember. Dang it! Oh well. I gave the kids permission to get wet. And Abi truely did that! She got soaked running through the sprays.

Kai stomped in the puddles and got his pant legs wet. Then he decided to try to spike Rhys' hair!

Bryn started cautiously, then joyously ran around.

And Rhys delighted in splashing in a puddle.

To help with drying off before heading back home, I let the kids play on the playground. I like this one, as it has a terf floor, instead of rocks or woodchips. I'm sure it's still going to hurt if you fall on it, but it sure feels soft to the feet!

I even put Rhys down the slide a few times, and got Abi to take a picture of us! He loved it!

I love my kids.

It was glorious. A beautiful non-traditional September day.
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