Friday, September 28, 2007

oh yeah, he's a boy!

My sweet darling adventurous boy has changed. Oh, he's still sweet and darling, but his advernturous side has taken a strange turn. This week he has discovered….WORMS. Yeah, the creepy, slithery things that come out after a rainstorm to litter my sidewalk. UGH! Now, on a regular day I have nothing against this little things (are they considered insects???) but Kai has taken a sudden interest in them. He has come into the house several times this week, showing off his newest discovery!!! What makes this all so shocking is that this is the Same Boy who just a month ago, could not STAND to have his hands dirty and gross!!!! And now, here he is, digging in the muck in the yard and pulling out wiggly creatures!!! And worst of all, he wants to bring them inside!!!! Eep! I'm not too sure why and what he plans to do with them, but I am so terrified that he'll leave them in his room or his bed, or worse... mine! And I'll come across petrified worm casings. {{{shudder}}} So I've been trying to remind him gently that the worms need to stay inside, and in my garden (well, whatever you call those planter boxes with carcasses of withered plants) where they can help things grow. (although I know nothing will save those flowers…) So far he's listening….

*sigh* So I guess this is where it begins. Where my son starts to do more and more "BOY" things. Creepy things. Gross things. Annoying things. (*roll eyes* he already likes to show me his "wee-wee" as often as he can, with a wiggle and a giggle.) Oh wonderful! :p My heart goes out to Abi, who must endure TWO brothers!!!!!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

surviving BTS

Well, it's been two weeks plus a day and Abi is settled into school, and Kai is back in preschool and my house is much quieter and more enjoyable! I don't think I'm getting any more done, lol, as I spend most of my time on FaceBook or catching up on sleep, but well, I'm sure that will come!

I can't believe that Abi is in Grade One! She is SO BIG!!! She even acts it! Tonight, she came into the kitchen (for the third time since she was sent to bed!) for some kleenex' for her snuffly nose. I mentioned how I was happy she had finally learned to blow her nose, as she had been claiming for years that she just "didn't know how to"! (roll eyes) She responded that now she's in Grade One and has learned so much, "even how to blow my nose!" Oh!! Wow! What a smart teacher she has! LOL *wink*

Kai is back with Teacher Michelle at the local preschool and I am so happy. As soon as I walked into the classroom and saw all the other children, I Just Knew that it was going to be a Good Year for him! I'm so happy! These kids are all just three, so he's a year older, but he is the same height and seems to be at the same level speaking. He fits in great, even Michelle noticed, which makes me happy. I don't know if he'll be ready for Kindergarten next year, but that doesn't need to be decided until Spring. As for now, he'll likely be going to Pre-K, which is just fine with me. **on a side note, he starts Speech Therapy again next week. He'll be seeing Linda weekly like we did in Summer. He's been growing and gaining in vocabulary so much over summer, so I am sure that he will just excell this year! …of course, not before we start getting the government suppliment cheques though! *wink* lol!

Abi's First day of Grade One: (she's so beautiful)

Kai's first day of preschool (I love his smile)

Saturday, September 1, 2007

saved by grace

I was just about to publish my last post when Bryn intervened. He was this tendancy to crawl under my feet and play with the cords, which frightens me as well as annoys me! He loves to turn off the power bar when I'm in the middle of something VERRRY Important!!! (roll eyes) Maybe that's his way of saying that it's time for Mommy to get off the computer! *grumble*grumble* Now his latest thing is to pull out the plug for the internet! grr!

I was just finishing up my last statement, when I get the message that a "local connection has been disconnected". (roll eyes) BRYYYYN!!! Then the screen goes black! EEP! A moment later and it is restored. H'mm… Then I smell something burning!

I crawled under the table so fast, and there is Bryn sitting on the floor all happy and oblivious! Beside him is one of our chop sticks with a blackened tip!!!!! I guess when he was playing his favourite game of "wave-the-stick-around-and-see-what-we-can-whack", it connected with the electical socket, which I may add wasn't even completely exposed!!! So now our chop stick doesn't match it's partner! Of course, they are wooden, but the end has an aluminum tip for decoration. One now has a burn mark and two small holes in it!!! Gleeps!

Now, I don't know much about electricity and power and what can and can not happen, but it sure is a scary thought! I can't help but immediately thank my God for protecting my baby from harm and saving our house from a possible fire. He is Good! We are saved by grace in more ways than one.

class list

Yesterday I got to pack up the kids in the rain and drive over in rush hour to Abi's school just to get her class listing. What fun! I only had to slam my breaks once, screeching my tires! But it was all worth it because the two boys slept! :) But next time, I'll just check online. (roll eyes) After all my hard work (and believe me, it was hard work!), I come home and my dear husband informs me who Abi's teacher is!!!!!! >:( I wasn't impressed! (he checked online, which I didn't know you could do! grr!)

Abi is in grade 1J, with Mrs. Jobs as her teacher. Rumour is that she's a good one too, so that's nice to know. The only sad part is that she isn't in a class with her friends!!! I was so upset about that! Not only did we find out a few weeks ago that her best friend, Megan, is being transferred to a new school, but now her other best friend, Katie, is in another class! Now, there are two other girls from her kindergarten class with her (Tia and Robin) and she played with them and likes them (I'm proud of my girl, she's a friend to everyone) but still…. *sigh* I felt like crying on the drive home!

It's funny how *I'm* more sensitive to this than Abi is!!! She didn't even notice who wasn't in her class…but I also did my best to point out the positives. I KNOW that she will have a wonderful year and that she will make new friends, I was just a bit sad for her. You always want the Best for your child, and you certainly want to sheild them from the pains you had, so my Mothering Bear Claws were sharpening!

Just two 1/2 more days until school begins!!! I'm so excited! Not because I want to have my children gone (although that's nice too, lol) but because I just love the back-to-school newness. New teachers. New classroom. New friends. New books. New clothes…. It's a love and joy my Mom passed on to me and I'm sure to pass on to my children. (or Abi at least!)

Have a wonderful Labour Day weekend!
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