Friday, February 27, 2015

Killer Stairs

It's been two weeks now, so I think it's safe to say that I have survived an attack on my life. Or at least on the life of my backside. My stairs tried to take me out, but I came out okay. A bit sore, okay a lot sore, but I am mobile.  And that's saying something, considering how bad off I was last week.

I was just escorting the younger boys downstairs to the bathroom first thing in the morning, because, well, little bladders, and their father was in the bathroom upstairs having a shower. (yes, we are a two-bathroom home, no ensuites. Which really doesn't bother us, we make do, but apparently to a lot of people on HGTV home-hunter shows it can be a deal-breaker) At the bottom of our thirteen steps, it curves just a bit as you hit the landing at the front door. I thought I manouvered that corner just fine, but I guess in my sleepy stupor I managed to slip off one stair, and just when I thought I had corrected my stance, I plunked on my bottom across the last step. It seemed to happen in slow motion! And it was painful!  Right across my butt cheek and my tail bone.  I lay on that floor for a few minutes, unable to move, deciding if I could just stay there for the day. But I did pull myself together and climbed those steps again and other than feeling really pained, thought I was doing fine.

Until it hit me.  

It always hits you later. You know, after you've been laying on the couch for the past few hours, nursing your bruised bottom, and your bladder tells you to get up or your toddler tells you it's lunchtime, and you realize that your tailbone is more sore than it was earlier. I really had no idea how much work your tailbone actually did! Not only is it useful in getting you to sit down, but it is incredibly important in standing (which was something I struggled with) and it also aides you in pivoting. I had no idea!

Now I do.

I managed to hobble along that afternoon and pick up the kids from school (I don't recommend walking around in areas with small, busy children. I was so frightened that some kids would knock into me, causing more pain, at the school), but I ended the afternoon in tears. And the next day was even worse! I couldn't stand for longer than one minute before I was in tears and incredible pain!  I had to call my husband from the driveway to see if he could leave work and pick up the kids since I had barely made it to the van before I felt I could go no further.  It was horrible.

Despite the incredible amount of pain I was in, I still was hesitant on going to the doctor. Well, for one, mine was booked up for the month, and the clinic nearby was already booked for the day as well, so the alternative was to sit in the ER for the next three hours (or more) just to have an x-ray. And even then, I researched, the doctors couldn't really do anything for you anyways. If it was dislocated, they could relocate it for you, but if it was broken they could only advise that you rest and buy one of those old-people inflatable butt pillows from the pharmacy. It's not like you could put your bum into a cast. So instead, I found some old tylenol 3s with codeine in the back of our cupboard and took them. (shh!) And waited.

It wasn't an easy wait, but it was a manageable one. I was in less pain on Friday, but still found standing longer than five minutes tough. But that was better than my pain threshold of one minute the day earlier!  Funny thing though is that I found sitting to be easier on me. A few of my friends who have broken their tailbone have said that they couldn't sit, so I guess that meant that it likely wasn't a break. (I was also told that I'd "Know" if it was broken, so I'm going to have to take their word for it.)

After a week, I felt more mobile. I could pivot. I could stand. I could walk easier. Things were looking up.  

Except now, I found that sitting was more uncomfortable! Go figure.  

But it would seem that our stairs weren't satisfied with trying to take me out and it went after another victim! Sadly, it was Miss E!  She took a bit of a tumble near the bottom steps and smucked her nose on one of the stair treads. Poor girl. She howled and howled and her big sister rescued her and carried her up to me with a tiny bit of a bloody nose. Of course, noticing that made it worse for her, but I was happy that it was barely bleeding at all. So I thought she'd make it out of the deal just fine.

Until that evening.  When I saw the bridge of her nose all swollen up. The poor girl was almost unrecognizable! Now I know what she'd look like had she been born to a family with a strong Grecian nasal bridge! Nothing wrong with that feature, but it wasn't the look she was born with. It was sad to see her so swollen. Which increased my concern and had me texting my mom for advice (does she need to go to the ER?) and checking into Dr Google (how do you tell if your toddler broke her nose?), both of which said that as long as she is breathing okay, there isn't anything the doctor can do until the swelling has gone down. So we wait.

  {day one. poor girl! look at that swelling! it breaks my heart.}

The nice thing is that Eden didn't even notice! Her nose didn't even bother her at all. I even tried poking on the two black eyes she had the next day, but she didn't even flinch!

Of course, every one had to stop us at the school and ask what happened to her, and to share their stories with their toddlers (breaking your nose on the stairs is quite common apparently). And of course, the one day she was being difficult and not listening is the day that I have to grab her arm and drag her across the crosswalk at the school (she was trying to run away from me, which meant into traffic or to hide in the bushes, neither of which I was impressed with) and that the vice-principal is on crosswalk duty! He looks at her and asks me, "is she okay?"  I nod and reply, "oh yeah, she fell down the stairs!" and quickly usher my children to my van, hoping he doesn't think the black eyes and my strong grip on her are connected! Eek! Deep breath!

 {all fiesty as normal. Her nose doesn't hold her back! day two and her eyes are swollen and starting to get purple.}

But she's healing.  I did have to post a picture on FB though, since I knew many people at church were wondering but didn't want to ask...

 {look at that beautiful smile! day four and black eyes and yellowing nose, which is good since it's healing, but still looks nasty}

But really, she was looking better.

It's been two weeks for her as well, and all that is left is two small bruises under her eyes. But that is so much better than a swollen nasal bridge and two black and purple eyes!  

I find myself being extra cautious when I go down my stairs now though. I didn't realize it had a mean streak in it! Wow!

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Thankful Thursday

 Welcome back to Thankful Thursday, a feature started by Louise at Talk Nerdy to Me, where we look back over our week to remember our blessings.  It is so good to see the good things that have happened, especially if you have had a particularly tough week. Being grateful is good for the soul. Here are just a few things that I am thankful for...

1. sunshine, buns and pussy willows

There's something wonderful about eating ham-and-cheese buns in the sunshine, and enjoying some pussy willows after Church!

2. ukelele serenade

Kai is able to put away that recorder finally and  is now learning to play the ukelele! I remember when they introduced it to the music program in elementary school. It was, of course, after I graduated! I think my sister may have learned it, or maybe she missed it by a year as well. Either way, I remember thinking it was silly and I was glad I missed out. It seemed like an embarrassing instrument to play!  Silly me!

Kai is actually loving it and I'm impressed with how much he is paying attention and practicing! He likes to serenade us on our drive home from school on the days he has music class!

3. Surprise haircuts

Our boys have needed haircuts since before school began again in January, but things have always popped up. Events, shopping, sickness, or just budgets. They have looked more and more shaggy and unkempt! (although, on some days, Kai looked like Hiccup from the How To Train Your Dragon movies, which isn't too bad, I guess.)

I was happily surprised to come home one evening to find that my Hunny had cut the boys' hair while I was out! Yay for good looking boys with new haircuts, and yay for husbands who like to surprise, and yay for something we can do at home at no cost and yay for the talent and ability to do so!

4. lost book found

We had a book that I took out of the library in December that went missing, which was very irksome since I tend to keep all of the books in one place so that doesn't happen. I managed to renew it online even though it was overdue (you can do that!), but it was still missing and I was starting to worry since we couldn't renew it for a third time. But Hooray!!! (cue musical interlude with harps) I found it!!! After looking in the most common places (like under beds) I thought of some place obvious: the bookshelf!  I am so thankful!

5. friendships

I am so thankful that Abi has a good group of friends this year, which has both boys and girls in it. I am thankful that she has those she can hang out with outside of school and that she can feel herself with this group. I am thankful that things are looking good for her!

6. Sketching and sunshine

We had such a beautiful weekend and I am so thankful for the sunshine! It really does good for my spirit and soul!  I loved laying around in the sunny spots (I think I was a cat in another life! haha) and took the time to sketch out ideas for upcoming projects.

7. Market Day

I am so thankful that Kai and his fellow grade sixers were able to be creative and show off their entreprenurial sides with Market Day. I am also thankful that they were able to sell their items with the proceeds going to an important organization, who then can go on and bless others in their real-life goals of getting out of poverty. I am thankful for their enthusiasm and energy and willing to Serve this way.

8. Projects and Little Helpers

I pulled out some more wood this week and prepped them for upcoming projects. Of course, Eden had to help as well, insisting that she could sand them down with me!

I am almost finished this one kitchen sign. I'm hoping it will turn out good. Right now I'm seeing flaws. *sigh* 

9.  Babysitting Opportunities

I've mentioned babysitting my sweet nephews a few times already, but I wanted to specifically mention how thankful I am for this chance! My sister has now returned to work full time (she's a NICU Nurse) and so on the days that she is coming off of a night-shift, I come over and watch the boys all day so she can sleep. I am so thankful that I am can do this, and I am thankful that I lasted 7 hours with three toddlers! (Miss E is 3, Gavin is 2 and Micah is now 1!) What a blessing! So many things to be thankful for!

I am also thankful that I got to spend my time with this little man on his first birthday!  He is such a happy boy. He melts my heart! 

I am one lucky auntie!

10. family walks

We took the kids for a surprise walk this past weekend at Campbell Valley park. We hadn't been there before and so it was a lot of fun! They loved the "troll bridges"!  It was a good day to be outside in the fresh air and let the kids run around and get some exercise!  

We will definitely need to go back there again!

So that's my week in a nut shell. I hope that your week has been good. What are you thankful for? If you write a list, I'd love to read it!

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Market Day

Each year, the Grade Six classes at my children's middle school put on a Market Day, which is a part of their Theme course, as well as some parts Maths andsome part Service project, so it's a big deal. The students are put into groups and they have to come up with a small business, complete with mission statement and plan. They spend the next six weeks studying about buisnesses and the laws and how they are put together, and use that information towards getting their own company up and running.  At the end of the course, they open up their own school market and sell their wares! All proceeds go towards Opportunity International, an organization who gives micro loans to those starting up small businesses in developing countries.

When Abi was in grade six, she and three friends opened "Soapy Doapys", where they (well mostly Abi) made handsoaps and bracelets (the other girls made those). It was held in May or June, outdoors, in the beautiful sun.  This was the first year the school had done Market Day and it was impressive!

This year, Kai was in a group with his friends Sarah and Joshua, and they opened up "Piez of Pain", whose existence was to throw pies into people's faces for profit. Their slogan was "we've got pain-berry pies!" They had to research costs and do some practice throws (of course) and decide on the best type of whipped cream. Then they had to go before our own LCS Dragon's Den and pitch their idea! (this was a group of teachers and parents who had their own businesses. Abi didn't have to do Dragon's Den; this started in the second year.)  Kai was willing to take a pie in the face for that interview!  (I had to grab the photo off of Instagram since it made me laugh)

 Today was the actual day of Market Day, since they moved it up to winter instead of sunny early-summer. I missed much of it, due to errands and doctor's appointments, which was so disappointing. What sucked even more was that I couldn't take any photos since my phone completely died as well. So I had to borrow some off of friends.

 It looked like it was a successful Market Day, and the kids had a lot of fun. Kai enjoyed himself! I think he actually liked being pie'd in the face!  They even managed to convince some teachers to get pie'd, and some students agreed to do it for their friends! 

{fun and brave Mr Keuhl taking some piez to the face!}

I love seeing all of the fun ideas these kids come up with. There were the food tables (hotdogs, tacos and rumors of sloppy joes, not that I found them though) and snacks (the cotton candy table sold out by 1pm! and ice cream floats, chocolate-dipped fruit-kabobs and smoothies) and hand-crafted items (stress balls, headbands, bracelets, magnets) I always want to buy something, but I'm so indecisive and can't narrow down which to spend my meager-amount on! The "Bow Bros" made some really cool tiny bows/arrow sets that were well put together and worth the money.

 I did manage to grab some pictures of Kai afterwards, with his hair styled and full of whipped cream!

At a quick count, they made over $200!  That's impressive!  

Market Day actually makes me excited and want to try out a bunch of crafty ideas!  There are so many things that I want to make and it would be fun to open up a market to sell miscelaneous stuff! Surely people want to buy crafty un-themed items! It would be like a small-scale department store! *smile*  I love seeing creative people, and for some reason, brave people who open up their own small business excite me! (whether it's for a one-day class project or not)

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Year of Specialists

I am fast beginning to realize that this is the year of appointments.

This week we have a Breathing Test for Abi. That should be interesting. I'm curious as to what will show up and what the specialist will suggest or say about her lung function.

We have her ENT appt booked for May. Yay! She has struggled a lot this winter with her tonsils and asthma and so I am happy to have this addressed. Especially when every doctor we saw (her own, plus two at the medical clinic) mentioned how Huge her tonsils were, so much so that our own doctor said that they were "almost kissing"! That can't be right!

We are finally seeing a new pediatrician for Rhys! I am so excited about that! We have actually seen this doctor before, when Bryn was a baby and struggling with reflux. This doctor also, incidentally, was the one on call when I brought Rhys into the ER at one month old and very very sick, and he's the one who did all sorts of tests on him (including spinal tap) to determine why he was having apnea spells. That was a scary visit! But this upcoming visit next month will be better! I'm looking forward to seeing a new doctor and hopefully getting something sorted out for Rhys. I hate having this Mommy Gut tell me something isn't "right" with my boy, but also having him "well enough" that I need to explain and justify myself.

For Kai, we got confirmation for his annual cardiology appointments in August, which is nice. I hate having to call BCCH to get our appointments booked. It is such a hassel and the receptionist never calls you back!  The doctor also has his 24-Hr Holter Monitor booked, as well as an exercise test, which shall be interesting.

Of course, we also have our usual dental visits (I'm not looking forward to an upcoming one) and an annual eye appointment next month as well. But those are normal.  Hopefully our "un normal" ones will give us good answers though. And for that I have hope and slight anticipation!

getting used to the teenage years

I dropped Abi off at a birthday party....for a boy!!!! I know!  This feels just as strange for me!

I admit that I got the giggles when I heard of the invitation two weeks ago. Nervous ones, that is. And silly ones.  This is the first birthday party (that I can recall) where there were both boys and girls.  And this is definitely the first one where it was an invitation from a boy to his own party! This is different and it's going to take some getting used to.

I was considering that it would be much like a Youth Group event that she already goes to, which has both genders, but then I had to step back and reconsider. Especially after I heard that her friend's mom was making sure that there were other girls going to be there as well!  Oh yeah. Oops. I should be thinking of these things too! I just assumed that there would be though; I figured this guy invited all of the group of friends!  I guess I need to start thinking of these things and being more cautious.

It was only just over Christmastime that I found out that her group of friends included a boy!  He was one that signed her get-well card near the end of the year. (which I thought was sweet)  And it wasn't until a few weeks later that I found out that there were, in fact, two or three boys that were amung this group of girls!  This is new!  Abi isn't necessarily "girly girl" or exclusive in any way, but she's always only had girl friends and only hung around them and pretty much stayed away from the boys. I guess with three brothers she didn't feel the need to see them at school too!  And since Abi has never shown signs of being interested in boys in any way (which is unlike her mother, who was "boy crazy" starting in grade four, teehee) this was a bit of a surprise to her father and I. But eventually she has to talk to them!  I am teaching my kids that not only is a okay, but it also good, to be friends with both boys and girls. God wants us to work together, beside each other, have love for each other, encourage eachother, build each one up. No where does it say for us to be separate. After all, as these kids grow, they will have to learn to be around eachother in work, and eventually, if it's God's plan for them, to be married. So starting now is a good time! And, besides, we've always encouraged Kai in his friendship with Sarah and even let him invite her to his birthday parties in the past! This really shouldn't be any different!

But it feels like a whole new phase in life.

We arrived at this boy's house at the same time as her friend, and the mother asked me if I was going to go talk to his parents or not. I wasn't planning on doing that, but then felt that maybe I should, it was a good mom-thing to do, so we walked up to the door together. But then I really felt silly walking my eigth-grader to the door!  In the end, we didn't see any parents but other students, which is funny in itself too. I asked her friend what time it would be done (I always like to ask that at events, just to be clear) and his response was to smile nicely and shrug, responding, "ten, eleven or twelve; whenever is good for you!" hahaha. Abi's friend, Hannah,'s mom immediately responded, "we'll be here by 9!"

I arrived by 9:30pm. The kids had ran around outside for a while, played Truth or Dare (which has always been a dreadful game in my experience...and now Abi says she will never drink another ice cream float again), and were watching a movie. All good stuff!  I even had a moment to talk to the mom, who is a lot like me with five children. All the while, Abi and Logan  stood at the door, waiting for us, smiling.  I was impressed with him actually; he was very polite and got the door for us and thanked us for coming. And I was happy that he didn't look like some sixteen year old! (some of those Middle School boys look like they're in High School, you know what I mean?) Even if there is no "romantic" feelings between them (and, sheesh, they are only 13 and 14 years old!) I'm happy and comfortable with them being friends ad hanging out.

In fact, I've decided that if we are to be the type of family that has the friends of their teen children over, if we want to be the gathering place, we need to start that feeling now. So I'm having Abi invite her group of friends (boys and girls) over for board games and wii on Friday night!

It's an exciting and nerving new stage for us!

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Thankful Thursday

Welcome back to Thankful Thursday, a feature started by Louise at Talk Nerdy to Me, where we look back over our week to remember our blessings.  It is so good to see the good things that have happened, especially if you have had a particularly tough week. Being grateful is good for the soul. Here are just a few things that I am thankful for...

1. Muffins

I am thankful that I am able to bake for the family and that saves us some money on buying snacks.  I am more thankful when the kids actually eat it too!

And I am thankful for little girls who like to help out! (look at that determined face!)

2.  quick cards

B had a joint birthday party to go to with three friends, so I had to put together three cards quickly. It's a good thing I'm a cardmaker!

I didn't do anything too fancy. I figured they were just for some gr 3 boys who were not likely going to keep them. I just wanted them to look good and to have something for B to give them!

Yay for creative stamping!

3. Abi drawing

I love it that this girl has a talent to draw. It's something that I always wished I could do, but was never accomplished in. I love that she will just create cute and fun pictures, and that she will do them mostly for her friends.

I am thankful for natural talent, and talent that we can work at and enjoy and get better at!

4.  fun surprise gifts!

A friend of mine had posted on FB about the Valentine's candies that she was helping pack up for one of her child's class, which I had responded that I was going to steal my son's black ones from his box! (I thought they were in the same class; it turns out that they aren't! oops)  My friend said that she only added the black ones because she felt she should. Normally she throws them away! Imagine my shock! haha

A few minutes later she posted that she was sending some for me for Valentine's Day!

I enjoyed my black jelly beans! I feel loved!

5.  Old music

I pulled out some of my old CDs and had fun listening to them again this week! Yes, I still listen to cds. I don't have everything downloaded! Besides, I have a nice cd player in our van that makes me happy. I love the moments after I drop off Abi at Youth Group on Thursday nights and I get to play my music real loud!

I listened to my Rich Mullins cds "Songs 1 and 2" and remembered the beauty of his words and the musical talent and the tears I cried (in sadness and happiness) at his death. This song has touched me a lot this week: If I Stand.

Stuff of earth competes for the allegience I owe only to the giver of all good things

 If I stand, let me stand on the promise that you will pull me through
and if I can't, let me fall on the grace that first brought me to you.
If I sing, let me sing for the joy that is born in me these songs
If I weep, let it be as a man who is longing for his home.

Oh, I love music!

6. Conspiring Cousins in the Corner

I got to babysit my little nephews this week while my Favouritest Sister had a doctor's appointment. I enjoy spending time with them and I love watching them interact with Eden. I hope we are always able to be close enough for the cousins to grow up and play together.

 7. Early birthday celebrations

We celebrated my nephew's 1st birthday early this month, since this is what worked best for the family. I love family! I love birthdays!

8. visits

We made a trip out to see myparents on the weekend. I haven't been to see them in a while, so this was nice!  We discussed buisness plans and ideas for revamping Once Again Designs and came up with some great ideas! I'm excited about them!

After dinner, the kids played Monopoly with my Mom!

9. Flowers and sunshine 

We have been so blessed with sunshine and Spring-like weather this week.  It really does help with our attitudes and mood. It's hard to be grouchy when there is sunshine after so much rain and chill.

This is why I love living in BC. True Story!

10. 100 Day

This week marks 100 Days of school, which meant that the kindergarten class had a celebration! They made cute glasses shaped in the number 100 (Rhys wouldn't let me take a picture of him wearing them though)  and they each had to bring in 100 items for a snack party.  Rhys and I, with Kai's help, counted out 100 Cheerios! I was impressed with his counting skills! He could count to ten easily, and so we made ten groups of ten, and then he counted up to 100. I love that he is learning and retaining information!

That's my week in a nutshell. How has yours been? What are you thankful for?

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Wordless Wednesday: why I love BC

Sunday, February 15, 2015

a new angle

A few weeks ago, my husband and I were called in for an appoitment with Kai's teacher. That's never a good feeling! She has been really concerned with his school work and behaviour, saying that he has missed a lot of school and isn't completing work. We had talked to her about this in the Fall, but we thought things had gotten better.  She is worried that his schoolwork is failing due to health issues as he's falling asleep in class and is basically a zombie and not seeming to take in any information.  

We have troubles with him at home with getting to bed on time, generally listening to us at all really, with doing any time of chore or task. He also has NEVER been bothered with consequences, which makes things difficult. He'll throw a temper tantrum at first (and, yes, he is 11yrs old), but be stubborn enough that he won't be bothered by it later. We have been struggling with finding a way to deal with him, but everything seems to turn into a fight. It's been rough.

Other than the usual stuff that we already knew about...his teacher mentioned something that completely surprised me. She wondered if he has ADHD! The funny thing is that my husband agreed it was a possiblity. I'm not saying that it is NOT possible...I was just so surprised as it had never crossed my mind before! However, I looked online and found the list of symptoms on the Mayo Clinic site and was surprised at how much of a possibility it is!

 Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) has been called attention-deficit disorder (ADD) in the past. But ADHD is now the preferred term because it describes both of the primary features of this condition: inattention and hyperactive-impulsive behavior.
Signs and symptoms of ADHD may include:

  • Difficulty paying attention
  • Frequently daydreaming
  • Difficulty following through on instructions and apparently not listening
  • Frequently has problems organizing tasks or activities
  • Frequently forgetful and loses needed items, such as books, pencils or toys
  • Frequently fails to finish schoolwork, chores or other tasks
  • Easily distracted
  • Frequently fidgets or squirms
  • Difficulty remaining seated and seemly in constant motion
  • Excessively talkative
  • Frequently interrupts or intrudes on others' conversations or games
  • Frequently has trouble waiting for his or her turn
( see here for more information:  )

In our meeting, the teacher had also included the school Special Needs Coordinator, who deals with ADHD students. We had never met her before, or even knew her name, and she hadn't met with Kai before this meeting either, but the teacher thought it would be good to bring her in just for an assessment.  We were fine with that because this problem was starting to become something bigger than we had thought it would be. While we didn't know he was having this much trouble in class (his teacher said that one week he was such a "zombie" that she didn't even know if he even learned or listened to a thing that whole five days, and thought it may have been a write off in terms of usefulness. Wow. Harsh. Bigger that we thought.)  we did know that he was becoming more difficult at home. So many late nights, so much frustration and anger and temper tantrums, and so much arguing and causing fights. He made car rides so stressful! And we were at our wits end with what to do for him, but knowing something had to change!

At the end of our appointment, the SN gave us a questionaire to fill out. One for us and one for his teacher. And, just like in filling out one for Rhys and his special needs, I found it hard. You have to sit there and focus on all the possible negative qualities your child has, and it is tough on a mommy heart. Some of the questions were surprising, such as "has your child ever stolen when confronting others (ie mugging, purse snatching, armed robbery)?" or "Has your child ever assaulted anyone sexually?" Those made me nervous and I was wondering, 'are you sure this is a school questionnaire and not something the police needs to know of?' eep!  You had to give your answers in numbers (0: not true/never all the way to 3: very true/frequently) A lot of them weren't too hard to answer, but a few had me not quite seeing it as my husband did, so we had to discuss them. The easy ones were "does your child blurt out answers before the question is completed?" or "annoys others on purpose" or "is the last to be picked for teams and games." or "is a poor speller" (that seemed strange to me, as if spelling had anything to do with behavioural issues) or "become irritable when anxious?"  (We haven't noticed any anxiety)  

The hardest for me were the last three questions:  does your child's problem seriously effect school work and grades? friendships? home life?

The questionairre also gave a place for us to write down what we thought were his strengths, but after focusing on negative things, it's hard to get into that mind set.  My husband said that he has "good mechanical aptitude". I laughed. That sounds so clinical. Who even knows what that means? I mean, other than my mechanically minded hudband!  We added it anyways.

So now we wait. I'm not too sure what will happen next, but I guess we will hear from the SN Coordinator and maybe do further testing.

Until then, we are trying what we can at home. We are being more strict in his bedtime and are giving him Melatonin to help him sleep.  I have never been one to believe in giving medications on a long term basis (other than ones that are medically needed, such as my thyroid pills and the ones Kai takes for his cardiomyopathy, of course) but we thought this was needed. Especially since it seemed no matter what time we send him to bed at, he was still staying up late and struggling to fall asleep and struggling during the day time. Sleep was one of the concerns his teacher brought up, so we knew we had to address it. 

We were amazed at how it changed him almost immediately! He was suddenly a happier boy! He wasn't fighting much with his siblings anymore and he was helping out in the family and it was just a shock!  I greeted him with a "hello" one morning and he responded "good morning!" cheerfully!  I blinked and wondered who this boy was!  Sometimes change is good!

Even his teacher has noticed! When she asked him about it, he said that his parents were making him take melatonin, and so she asked what he thought about it, to which he replied that it "felt like his brain was awake now"! Wow. What does that say?

I'm not too sure what will happen next, but I guess we are starting a new journey with him. One that has been needed to be addressed for a few years now. I'm apprehensive and nervous, but also hopeful. Maybe this could be the answer to our worries!

Friday, February 13, 2015

Chalk it up to experience

I haven't been blogging much since I've been busy at home..doing home things...away from my computer... you know....

Two weeks ago, my Dad and I made it "Facebook Official" and opened up our own little home decor business Once Again Designs. You can find us online now. There isn't much to the page yet, but I am working on it!  It's a scary and exciting thing...  We create one-of-a-kind hand crafted decor items. My dad has a sign painting background (something that his father also did for a business) and wood working, and I am learning. It's been fun to learn something that I've always been interested in and have been wanting to do for a while now!

Before Christmas, we signed up to do a craft fair, which gave us a few months to prepare. Of course, with Christmas and sickness, I ended up with less time than I would have liked. But since I seem to like living in the 11th Hour, I was pleased with what I could put together the last two days prior!

The Artisan Market was held last weekend in Chilliwack, where my parents' live, so I drove over and stayed the night so we could prep and get set up on time. Without kids. Yay!

The day was long. And had it's moments of being boring and disappointing. But I am choosing to focus on the positives, which were that we had a lot of great comments and people seemed to really like our work;  they asked questions and took our business card. But it just wasn't a profitable event for us. Which is really discouraging.  But we aren't giving up! We will go to our next market in two months with new products and ideas and displays, and we'll make a statement!

Signs of Spring

I know that most of the rest of Canada is still under a lot of snow, as well as parts of the USA, but here in my part of the world, in Beautiful British Columbia, we are seeing signs of Spring already. And that is the way it is supposed to be!

 I sometimes miss the snow back East (having spent my childhood in Ontario), and every winter I wish we would get snow, just enough for a day or two, more than just one snowfall in the whole three months (or is it four months of winter on the calender?), but by mid-Janurary I am ready for winter to be over! If we had snow now, it would have to be pretty much the most terrible thing to happen here! Instead, we are the ones who get to usher in Spring first! 

And that is the way it is supposed to be!

To my delight, the crocus' started coming up in my yard last week! They are all over the place and I am so happy!  I love it when the squirrels plant my gardens and God springs them  up out of the ground! I'm not a gardener, so this is perfect for me!  And look, a bee came to visit as well! It's promises of these that make going through winter more bareable.

Hooray for Spring!

Friday, February 6, 2015

Thankful Thursday

Welcome back to Thankful Thursday, a feature started by Louise at Talk Nerdy to Me, where we look back over our week to remember our blessings.  It is so good to see the good things that have happened, especially if you have had a particularly tough week. Being grateful is good for the soul. Here are just a few things that I am thankful for...

1. afternoon snuggle naps

Poor Eden came down with a fever this week and ended up having a three hour nap in my lap! I was so surprised! That's the longest she's napped in years!  I am thankful that she was back to herself later that night and that the fever didn't spike again and that she was fine the next day. Strange!

 {I look so serious, but I was a bit concerned...and I had a lot of things that I needed to do that day but wasn't able to work on since she fell asleep on me! I didn't want to disturb her, since she obviously wasn't doing well, so I had to sit and wait.}

2. Baking

My niece Emma has been visiting this week, which means lots of freash baking! She is training to be a Chef, so she enjoys being in the kitchen. I, however, do not! So I had no problem with her making dinner and goodies!

3. 3N Chapel

Bryn's class led chapel at school this week! They had been learning about Pioneer times and so they did a lot of comparisons for us, such as what it was like to be in school during the Pioneer times, as opposed to now, and even what it's like in a Developing Country. I was sad, and a bit surprised, to think of how today's developing countries (such as where our LCS sister school is located in Gondo, Africa) are even less than life was like in the pioneer times. Rough, dirt floors, poor water, tin roofs, poor sanitation. A lot of children end their schooling by grade three in Africa, which is crazy to think of! I'm not too sure if that is due to cost of school or that these kids are needed at home more (which was often the case in pioneer times: kids were needed on the farm more than their education was considered necessary)  We take a lot of things for granted here.

4. Rhys KE Special Helper

Once a month, each child in the kindergarten class gets to be the Special Helper. That means that they get to sit in the special chair at the front of the class, instead of one the floor for circle time. They also get to use the pointer, and get to lead the class line when they go to other rooms (for PE or library, etc)  They also get to bring in something special for Show and Tell!

Rhys was so excited and had been asking every day for when "his day" was coming up!  We were planning on bringing in his tiny Dwarf Hamsters for show and tell!  (we got approval from the teacher before hand) The kids thought that was neat!

It was fun and Rhys loved it!

5. Date Night with B

It's not too often I get to go out with Bryn just on our own one-on-one, so when it came for me to pick up my ring (it was being resized, yay!), I took him along with me.  We grabbed some dinner in the mall food court. Nothing fancy, but he loved that I got him sushi. (that's not my fave. I went straight for the pizza!)

We wandered around the mall a bit, and I let him show me all of the things he would like at Toys R Us!  I told him I would buy him something small, so he was trying to decide between a Lego Minifig or a Lego Mixel! (the minifig won!)


Abi was invited to a concert by a friend in her Youth Group that I knew that her cousin would love to attend as well, which really is the main reason that Emma travelled all the way from Powell River to us!  Manafest was playing in Langley!  I dropped off the two girls and it was so strange: the first "real" concert that Abi was going to. She's been to see DC*B and Newsboys with me, when she was younger, but this is her first time on her own! I was thankful it was at a small venue and that she had her cousin with her and her friends!

They had a blast!  I guess this is the start to many Youth events for her. Soon I'll be taking her all over for things!

7. Daddy-Daughter Squishy Hugs

I had to capture a photo of my Hunny being squishy hugged by Eden. Sometimes that girl can squeeze tight! It's so cute! It made me happy.

8. Working Hard

I was busy this week preparing and finishing some projects for an upcoming market sale, and feel quite pleased with myself, thank you very much!

9. Timmys Win

Tim Hortons is having their annual Roll Up The Rim contest again and I won a free coffee on the first day! That makes me happy and thankful.

It's the little things, eh?

10. Days that turn right around

I had one day this week that started off on the wrong foot. We were almost late for school, it was wet and miserable, my front yard is water logged, I yelled at the kids, Eden was irritating me and being disobedient, Abi missed school, I feel run was just a cranky terrible morning. After I came home from dropping the boys off at school, I wanted to crash into bed for a nap and start over!  Of course, I couldn't do that. Instead, I had to feed Eden, keep her company, work on some long-neglected household tasks (am I the only one who knows how to fold laundry or reload the dishwasher?), get things organized and then head up to Horseshoe Bay to take Cousin Emma to the ferries so that she could go back home. *huge sigh*

I sat on the couch that night, in my quiet house, reflecting on the day and realized just how many good things happened and how in the end, everything turned around! Instead of my day continuing along in a miserable trudge, things got better and I had so much to be thankful for! That we made it to school on time, that Abi was able to get the rest that she needed, that we had safety driving to and from the ferries (an hour trip each way), that I could talk with my Mom and get new ideas from my Hunny, that I could do some painting...I was just amazed at how many blessings I was given!

I am so thankful for this list! It is such an incredible tool in changing your attitudes and thoughts. I was able to number all these good things that had happened despite having a crappy morning!  I am so thankful that He watches over me and He blesses me with peace and He is the one that orchestrates my day and that He gives me opportunites to see His blessings better.

So this is my week in a nut shell. What are you thankful for?

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