Thursday, April 23, 2009


All was fine the day earlier: the kids played in their "toy room" and nothing was out of the ordinary. Hours later and the room has become home to a new "family"…. of itty bitty SPIDERS!!!!!!!!


yeah, I'm {{{shudder}}}ing just remembering. Ewwww! I don't like spiders. Okay, let me rephrase that: I don't like MOST, almost ALL, spiders. I can handle the Daddy Long Legs for some reason. And if they're small. What I CAN NOT HANDLE are every other kind. Especially when they are in the multiples. So while these were "just babies" (supposedly innocent), there were MANY of them. So they must go. Now.

Do you see them there? All nestled in the back of Bryn's truck? Doesn't it just give you the {{{Heebie Jeebies}}}???? Seriously! Excuse me while I jump up and do a strange dance. No reason why. I apparently need to stretch.

You can't quite tell from the picture, but the web actually spreads from across the truck to the empty diaper box (the kids have to save those for imaginary play!) and across the large plastic container and turning back to the truck in a nice triangular shape. Very creepy. However, despite the creepiness, I managed to hold my horror inside and let the curious nature get to me as I got down close to inspect these evil creatures. (which just freaked out Kai on my behalf! how cute!) They were tiny, many sleeping, some moving along the web. If you were to only watch one they weren't so troublesome, it was the large group of them that I just couldn't sit well with. They. Must. Go.

And go they did. I took out my trusty vacuum cleaner (ok, so I took out Jenny's since mine SUCKS so much that it won't anymore and she hasn't claimed hers back yet….) and sent those babies on their way!!!! NO chance for them!!! Muah-hahaha (that's my evil laugh! can't you just hear it echoing while lightning flashes in the background?) Of course, I wanted to make sure they couldn't escape from the confines of the vacuum bag, so I vacuumed up some more (not that the carpet needed it, oh no, that would be unusual for me!) hoping for some added weight.

Then all was good. No more baby spiders. No more mess. The room was safe again. We were free. Yahoo.

But I did wonder whatever happened to the Mother…..



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