Sunday, August 8, 2010


I remember four really well. Four years ago, to be exact. For it was four years ago that I started to leak during my pregnancy, was sent from the hospital I hoped to give birth at to another hospital that could handle preemie babies, had a bizarre reaction to a shot of Gravol in the hip (I went deathly white apparently and felt incredibly weak), and took an ambulance ride (which was anti-climatic and not at all dramatic, which is a very good thing but also made me feel almost silly. I mean, sheesh, I could've driven and not been charged the $50, thanks!) from one city to the next, next, next one!

Four years ago, things were good enough for the doctor to decide I would just stay put in the maternity ward for a good week before they'd induce me. I wasn't leaking badly, baby was fine, and I was having no contractions. And I was okay with being forced a week-long "vacation" of rest; I was tired! (not to say that my dear Hunny was pleased with the situation! We had two children at home and he had to work!)

It was four years ago that after getting myself situated in the not-so-comfortable hospital bed, in a crowded room with three other roommates who were all terribly busy with their visiting families that I made it to the bathroom, got sick, managed to make it back to the bed and throw up three times on the floor! After paging the nurse, I then fell asleep! I.was.sick!

Four years ago, the doctors decided I must've caught an infection from having PROM. So four years ago, I was induced, and four years ago, I labored (with a little help from "laughing gas", which did not make me laugh, but I didn't hyperventilate, that was the key) and gave birth to my second son at 33 weeks.

So much time has flown. Many things have changed. A lot of memories, some a bit foggier than others, but I have not forgotten that crazy day four years ago.

Bryn, you are my little fighter. You are challenging and you are strong.

You are our "Adventure Boy". You are fun-loving and easy-going.

You are patient (for the most part) and quick to give hugs and even quicker to forgive. You are caring and sharing with your siblings. You fill our house with laughter.

Bryn, you are such an amazing little boy who has grown from such a tiny little four pound baby in the NICU to a big bundle of energy! I am so excited to watch your personality grow and see the talents God created in you emerge. It's funny how four years ago, it would've been easy for our family to stress and be worried about your future when you started off so early. But you did amazingly well. You left the NICU after only 13 days and settled into our family so well! And it hit me that even though, medically and scientifically speaking, you arrived "too early", you came just as it was meant to be. Nothing happens outside of God's plan. He knew your birthday and He knows your life and the paths you will take, nothing escapes Him. I don't need to worry about your future because He has it all figured out! You are exactly where you are supposed to be, and little man, I am so pleased it is here with us. Happy birthday. {{{hugs}}}.


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