Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Repeat After Me

Eden is 23 months old and is starting to put together words, this week it's the beginning of 2 and 3 word sentences, which is so exciting! Rhys didn't pick that up until he was 3 1/2 or 4!  It is so surprising for me to see the differences between Eden and the others. Part of it may be from her being a girl, because for sure, both she and Abi had no trouble speaking, but it was painful getting my boys to grasp the skill to turn tongue from babbles to words. A part of it may be largely to her personality too; she is one powerhouse! She is strong in muscle and in her attitude! She delights me as well as frustrates me!

Last night, she woke up at one in the morning crying, of course, just as I was going to bed. (She always seems to know when I'm just ready in bed) I had hopes that since she stopped crying by the time I got out of the bathroom that she had fallen back asleep, but deep down I knew that wasn't likely. Sure enough, she's sitting up in her crib, eyes wide awake, just waiting for me to rescue her. Phooey.  But I'll admit it, as much as I find it frustrating that she wakes up a good 98% of the time, I also do love snuggling with a sleepy child!  Except, this one wasn't sleepy! :(

I'm carrying her down the hall, whispering to her, hugging her and asking, "What happened?"
"What's wrong?" I try again.
"wrong." she repeats
"Are you hungry?"
Ok. Maybe we're getting somewhere.  We go into the kitchen and I open the fridge. I offer some cheese, she shakes her head. I offer her a rice cake. Another stiff response. Is she thirsty? Negative. Ok, so there's nothing in the kitchen she wants. She sees the Keurig. "Daddy?" She already knows that Daddy uses the machine for his coffee!
"Daddy's in bed."
"yes, he's sleeping," I explain.
"well, it's nighttime. Do you see how dark it is outside?" We walk into the darkened living room.
"dark side."
"Yes. It's time for bed."
"Noooo!" she starts to cry as we head down the hall.
I have to stop and turn back so that she doesn't wake anyone else up. I cradle her head to my chest and kiss her temple. She is so precious and still so new. "What's wrong?"
"wrong." she repeats.
"You don't want to go to bed?"
Ok, we are getting no where with this!  "Do you want to go to bed with Mama?" I offer.
"yes, with me."
"Yes, it's bedtime and I'm tired. Let's go!"

As soon as we snuggle up in bed at 1:30am, she gets herself cozy and falls asleep. I wish it were that easy for me! It's such a delight to hear her little voice speak real words, but sometimes getting any real answers out of her isn't easy. She loves to repeat the last word you say!


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