Friday, November 29, 2013


My kids had their Parent Teacher Interviews this month. I approach these with some apprehension. I know my children have struggles in some areas, but you never really know what to expect. Will they be struggling more than you knew? What if it's a bad interview? I have a bit of fear, but that could be from my past school history: I struggled in grade five (we just moved to the west coast so there was a lot of isolation, loneliness and exclusion that I was dealing with, plus a lot of homesickness.) and I failed grade six and so I worry about my children going through those very bleak years as well. But God keeps reminding me that their stories are not a repeat of mine. They will have their own troubles, yes, but also their own triumphs, that are unique to them. And that's an encouraging thing!

We always go to the Interviews anticipating what will be said, but my Hunny likes to cut to the chase and will mention the things we think the teachers will say. Such as; yes, we know that Kai doesn't like to do his work, and yes, Bryn can not sit still even at home and he talks and talks and talks, and yes, Abi needs to speak up more. (I think he likes to throw them off!) Sometimes it's nice to be completely surprised!

Our visits with each teacher went better than expected! Our children are in great classrooms with women who really care about them. Other than his messy writing, B is doing great. He even sits still and listens well! (something we are working on at home.) Abi is doing much better too, and participates well and just seems like a different person than the one who first started grade seven in September. (I had to come in to see Mrs. C in Sept to talk over the struggles that we saw in A, and it looks like we have found some great results!) We are so pleased that her teacher sees the change like we do!

I think that Kai's teacher interview went the best, though. He's always had supportive teachers who have encouraged us in helping him reach goals (which, of course, are school goals, not his, so they are often met with resistance!) and I have loved them. But this teacher surprised me! I wasn't too sure how he would be this year, with missing his best friend and with the school work struggles last year (something that seems to be building), but he is doing well. He is doing his work and meeting expectations (although he needs to work on his multiplication table memorization) and she said that he is doing much better than he did at the beginning of the year, which is such a relief to hear. She even named things that are positive and strengths in him --- like his passions and his good nature. And that makes a mom's heart feel good! Instead of saying what he's not good at and needs to work on (well, some of that was said as well), she pictured him as a boy full of character and energy and creativity to us. I am so grateful to her for that. Sometimes it's easy for us to see the list of things we need to work on (like attitude or selfishness or self control) that we don't see the good in the "bad behaviour".

One thing we've always struggled with is finding a punishment that works for him. We've taken away his Lego, his DS, his computer privileges (all very important to him), and he'll be upset and angry for the first 20 minutes, but then he gets past it and isn't bothered anymore. We've held out for a week, all the while realizing that he's doing fine without these things. He's not bothered that he's without his possessions! We can see that as frustrating (and it is!) and stubborn, and it leaves us with wondering how to effectively parent. But when we told his teacher, she laughed and said it was because he's creative and can find some other way to occupy himself.

Creative? H'mmm...hadn't thought of that. Yes, that is a positive thing!  Him not giving in and being stubborn can be so difficult for us to work with ....but it's that type of personality that doesn't give in to peer pressure and leads in confidence.

We are pleased with our children so far in school, and are very thankful for their teachers. (their report cards come home in two weeks...we'll see how we feel then, though. hahaha.)

I had to laugh at this one common theme with all of my children, though. Apparently they all have this "Meh attitude". Bryn has it when it comes to writing and any art project. He just scribbles messily as if saying, "meh, this looks fine!" Kai is the same way when it comes to most school work and had even gone up to Mrs B and said, "I didn't do my homework last night!" She'll respond, "oh really? why not?" He'll shrug, "I don't know!" Meh.  ((good to see his confidence. This made me laugh out loud. When I didn't do my homework, I avoided the teacher and if I had to admit it wasn't done, I usually made up an excuse!)) Abi will do the minimum amount of work needed on a paper, as if thinking, "Meh, this is good enough," her teacher told us. So she says, "Meh, not so much," and hands the paper back! hahaha!


It made me laugh.  All of them with this condition.

I know where they get it from. Oh yes. *cough*cough* From me. I have a big "meh" attitude! I will put off things. I don't get bothered by small things. I even love the word! (I want to get this t-shirt from Zazzle!)

I guess sometimes having an easy going personality can come out as lazy and uncooperative. Oops. My bad.  I'll need to work on that.




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