Friday, January 3, 2014

product recommendation

Rhys has some sort of sensory issue when it comes to his feet. He absolutely HATES having them touched, even the *thought* of them being touched freaks him out! I have had to hold him down, while bribing him and letting him scream, just to clip his toenails! sheesh! I'm sure you sensory-moms understand!

He's had a plantar wart on the bottom of his foot for a few months now and I was hoping it would go away on it's own (wishful thinking) But as it got bigger and more noticeable (and he started to complain), I started to worry about how I would even get a doctor near enough to his foot to even look at it (much less touch it) But guess what? We bought a box of the Compound W wart remover "pads for common warts" for has 10 colourful medicated bandaids in it. We let Rhys put them on himself and he was okay with that. And it worked!! Woohoo! His wart is gone!

So there you go, my product recommendation! It worked and there wasn't much fuss. Yay! No more wart and it didn't need medical intervention or me holding him down! (he did start to get anxious when the bandaid folded over and he couldn't get it on properly and I stepped in to offer help... but that was averted too)

I just had to share because I was happy. 
***and, no, I wasn't compensated for writing this. However, if Compound W....or anyone else for that matter.... would like to pay me, or give me free stuff to recommend, let me know and send it my way! *big innocent grin*


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