Thursday, November 19, 2015

Thankful Thursday

Welcome back to Thankful Thursday, a feature started by Louise at Talk Nerdy to Me, where we look back over our week and remember our blessings.  It is so good to see all that has happened, especially if you have had a particularly tough week. Being grateful is good for the soul. Here are just a few things that I am thankful for...

1. Birthdays

Kai is 12 now, which is crazy because I thought for sure he's already been 12! He's more of a teenager than a tween with adolesence hitting. I am loving this new stage of life for him, to be honest. It's so good to see maturity and passion and kindness show up more often.

2. healing

It took her the full 10 days to finally be able to control the pain better, but I am so thankful that Abi is starting to get back to normal again! Her voice is still weak and sore halfway through the day, but she's back at school and all feels right!

 3. big brother help

I caught Rhys one morning zipping up Eden's jacket for her as we were leaving for school. How sweet! Sometimes having an older brother is the best!

I am so thankful for his gentle spirit and for his seeing a problem and doing his part to fix it! It made my heart happy.

4. Remembering the sacrifices made

With Remembrance Day just past, I am so thankful to consider all of the lives that were effected to keep us safe in our homes and our country. The soldiers, the doctors and nurses, the families that had to give up husbands and sons and daughters.... so many sacrifices; it's overwhelming.

I am so thankful.

5. warm safe home

I am so thankful for heat and protection and blankets and boots and jackets and warm meals...all the things that we had to keep us safe and cozy while the world was pelted with rain and harassed with wind over this stormy week.  We have it so good! I am thankful for so many things.  (*I am also thankful that my parent' power only was out for 12 hours and that they were still able to stay warm despite that. In the same theme...I'm thankful for cell phones so we can still be in contact despite no power!)

6. Giving friends

I was out for lunch with a friend this past week when my debit card was noticeably missing from my purse. (which is strange since it is always in this one spot.) I searched and searched, feeling perplexed, when my friend offered to pay for my lunch so that I didn't have to put the small order onto my credit card. I am so thankful for her quick willingness to do that. I can't think of any of my friends who wouldn't, but is such a blessing to have a friend who does that immediately! I am thankful for her gift. (and I am thankful that the kids found my debit card in the back of the van...after an unnamed preschooler took it out....and that I was able to give back to this friend)

7.  coffee dates

I am thankful for the times that Hunny and I are able to pop out for a quick coffee date just to spend some time chatting without kids always at your feet or demanding attention or just irritating you with their bickering.     

 My Hunny is a Starbucks drinker, so we often end up at the one near us. (I'm not as picky.) I got my plain red Holiday cup from Starbucks and I wasn't offended. It's a bit boring this year, but nothing that effects me too much. (haha. What a huge waste of time and attention that non-story was this past week!)

8.  Upcoming change

My Hunny was offered a part time teaching position at a local college , starting next semester! This job wasn't something he was trying for or something he was thinking he'd end up doing, but it was something that was presented to him about a year ago just as an idea. Funny how God moves things and opens doors you hadn't thought of before!  I am thankful that this has come up and that it has brought excitemement (and nerves) to my Hunny. I am thankful that God loves surprises too!

9.  Babysitting Play Dates

I got to babysit all of my little nephews this week and it was wonderful! I haven't babysat them in months, since they didn't need me anymore. It was fun! It was only for an hour and half, but it was actually enjoyable!  I had Eden there and the three boys, so four kids aged 4, 3, 21 months and 2 months old! It reminded me of the days when I had little kids all around. (I never had four in that short of an age gap, but I always seemed to have a toddler and a baby at the same time, lol ...Or so it seemed.)

10. Classes that go better than expected

I teach a class of 3-yr olds at my Bible Study group (BSF) and this week our classes and Leaders changed, so we weren't too sure how it would go. Instead of me being in a team of 4 leaders, we were now separated into smaller classes so it was just myself and another woman. I am so thankful that it all went well and that we felt confident and that the kids had a good morning. Phew!

So that's my week in a nutshell. How about you? What are you thankful for? 


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