Thursday, December 24, 2015

wishing you a silent peaceful night

The kids were in their new jammies as we watched A Charlie Brown Christmas before this evening. And that's when it really started to feel like Christmas!  After they were tucked into bed (fifteen times!), my Hunny and I tackled the gifts wrapping and enjoyed the (eventually) quiet house together. We don't sit together like this often enough, usually we have distractions of tv or phone as background filler. Tonight was just a perfect evening of listening to favourite carols and resting. 

I have been listening to a lot of Pentatonix lately. I'm not usually a fan of A Capella, but they do it so beautifully. Most of it sounds like a choir singing with their mix of harmonies, which I love.  Their version of Silent Night is amazing!

{You also need to listen to Mary, Did You Know? <<< click here
And The First Noel <<< click here
No it! Go now!}

From my Clan to yours: Have a wonderful Christmas.  May it be full of family and happiness as we celebrate His gift to us.

May your night be filled with peace.


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