Tuesday, December 18, 2007

what is with some people???

I don't even know what to say….but I'm sure I could rant about this for hours!!! Did anyone else see this news?


A Dutch diplomat adopted a 4 month old girl from South Korea with his wife 7 years ago. Now they have "returned" her. Last year, they put her into the care of the Social Welfare Department of Hong Kong, where he is posted.

Is anyone else incensed over this??? Does this make anyone else's heart shatter and make you cry for that little girl. She was four months old when adopted, so this is the only family she has ever known, and now at 7, she is being discarded from them, like an animal. They say that she "never adjusted" to their family. They had SEVEN YEARS!!! How is that possible when she had Nothing To Adjust to???? I am so angry at them for this!!!! How can they do this to a little orphan girl and not wrestle with their conscience? What ever happened to the idea that she was adopted and legally a part of their FAMILY now?

This breaks my heart. Please remember Jade in your prayers that she will find a family (a REAL one) who will truely LOVE her and Keep her. I have no other words about this couple. Shame on them.


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