Wednesday, March 4, 2009

it started out good, turned bad, then went back to good again

Last week, I was wide awake at 6:45 am. (it helped that Kai came in for some breakfast. I told him to wait until morning!) To be honest, I was expecting Hunny to stay home sick, since it didn't sound like he slep well, but he's a Stronger Man than I am (for obvious DNA reasons) I would've whined about how siiiick I am and stayed in bed. But not him. He put on his Big Girl Panties (not really, that would be disturbing) and went to work, saying he used up too many sick days already. (I don't even get Sick Days, so I can be as sick as I want as often as I want. yay!) But I digress…

I got up, helped the kids get dressed (well, Bryn & Abi) and eat. I was so proud of myself for being so awake! Yay go me! This was going to be a Good Day! As soon as Hunny left with Abi to take her to school, I decided to curl up with Baby Honey in bed, since he wasn't awake yet. I knew I'd have to leave by 9:30, but I was just resting.

…An hour half later…. I jump up and freak out, rushing Kai to dress, and change Bryn and Rhys, gather all I need, and head out the door. I obviously fell asleep and now it was 9:47am!!!! Dang!

Oh no! *smacking forehead* I didn't consider the snow last night! Not only did I have to brush off about 2" of the white stuff from my van, plus the layer of ice underneath, but I had to get INTO it first. My doors froze! And my Emergency break froze. And my windsheild wipers froze. Oh, and then there was a good 5 minutes where Bryn thought it would be funny to lock me out of the van while it heated up. I implored, urged, demanded to him to unlock the doors. I banged on the windows. I begged and commanded Kai to open the doors. I even cursed bad words in my head…until God gently reminded me that He knows our thoughts and even if it's "only in the head" it's still as if I committed the act, so I had to confess and ask forgiveness. *sigh*

Finally, Kai gets a clue, opens the door for me, and I can scrape my windows. Thankfully, my van has been heating up enough for the windsheild to thaw partially. I didn't pull out of the driveway until 10:05am. Oh, did I tell you that the appointment was at 10:10? We were 20 minutes late. Did I mention that this was our first meeting with our new Speech Pathologist? Phooey. Our 1/2 hour meeting was now only 10 minutes. And as I set Rhys' car seat down and Bryn plops into a chair, I am informed, "Oh, and I don't allow siblings in the room."

Good to know. Now. Thanks. Not that I didn't think that Kai shouldn't go alone, but I really would've like to have been a part of our first meeting. Since we'll be seeing her weekly, I'll try to make arangements for the younger boys.

But on to the part where it gets good again….

The SP (Dara….although Bryn thought I said DORA, as in The Explorer, and kept asking when we'd see her!!!) said that Kai speaks pretty good and that she feels that we just need to work on the "S Blends" (which I knew). She also said that she didn't think that we'd need to see her for very long. I asked her how she felt about the Apraxia diagnosis, to which she said that she didn't feel he had it at all!!! Isn't that wonderful? She said it is the most misdiagnosed speech issue, and it gets parents all worried since there is no cure for it. (that's true!) I forget the term she used for what she thinks he has, but it was something "normal"! What a relief for me! I was worred over the whole Apraxia thing and how would he ever fit in and what would we do, etc. But underneath, I wondered about it as well. Did he REALLY have it? He seemed to be speaking better, and his vocabulary was getting stronger. (he now calls it "guitar" instead of "buh-tar") Was there really times where he couldn't get past the hurdles of Apraxia? I guess I also wondered if it was a proper diagnosis too, for I have no idea why I even asked! So this is good to hear. Of course, this isn't for sure, Dara only saw him for 10 minutes, but I already felt better!

I like this woman. She's very professional, and likeable, and I am looking forwards to working with her. We see her again this week. It costs us $65/half hour….but I was Very happy to hear that Hunny's medical coverage at work wil pay for $40 of it. Yay!


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