Thursday, March 26, 2009

prayers needed

If you have been checking out MckMama (there is a link on my blogroll) like I have suggested, you will have gotten to know Jennifer, the wonderful mother of 4 MSC (Many Small Children…a term I am starting to use on my own clan!) and daughter of the Lord. She is sweet, funny, honest and encouraging. Her son, Stellan, was diagnosed with severe heart failure during her pregnancy and was told he would certainly die during gestation if not at birth. But God provided them with a healthy heart and a healthy son in MckMiracle! Now, Stellan is 6 months old but has just been sent to the hospital. The same thing he was diagnosed with inutero, SVT (supraventricular tachycardia) has come back and is causing serious complications.

Please please take the time out to pray for this family. I can not imagine sitting where MckMama sits, with her baby in PICU, and knowing that the doctors can't stop his Tacycardiac heart currently. Pray that God will perform another miracle. Pray that they will be able to hold Stellan longer and be able to take him home to his siblings. Pray for strength in MckMama and Prince Charming, peace and understanding, and most of all, faith and trust. They have more faith than I do right now (reading her blog) but I know she is also starting to reach the limit where she needs an answer. Pray.



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