Monday, June 29, 2009

one's loosing teeth, another is getting some and another is sittin' on the potty....

Oh, the joys of a busy house full of children! This morning, Abi lost her first eye tooth! That was a complete surprise because I didn't even realize it was that loose! I don't think she knew either as she was just going to show me how loose it was this morning, when she pushed it a bit too far back and out it popped!!! Of course, I don't recall any of this, as I may have been half asleep this morning still, but this is the story she told her Daddy on the phone this morning to inform him! (She's in the process of telling all the other family members now....we're waiting for Grandma & Grandpa to call back, but we called Grandma Lynn already!) She looks quite cute with a little missing tooth gap! Strange to realize that within a year, Kai will be loosing his teeth too!

Meanwhile, Rhys is trying to get his IN! He's got his second front top tooth that just won't budge further than it's corner out of the gums, even though his eye tooth is out already! He's still into chomping onto everything! In total he has two bottom teeth and two and a half top teeth!

The competetion has begun for potty training!!! Okay, so not quite. I don't really believe in pushing children, and if there is one thing I've learned from Kai's long-term "training" is that you can't make a child learn something he isn't ready for! (boy, is that an understatement!!!) But, still...there is a part (just a teeny tiny part. really.) of me that desires to be a part of "the crowd". My SIL is in the process of training her cutie-pie to use the potty, and it sounds like Miss Mia is getting it too!!! How wonderful! Oh, and did I mention that she is only 1 1/2 years old??? I've always heard that girls were easier to train, but still..... LOL!

I'm nervous working with Bryn since Kai was so difficult, but maybe he'll surprise me. I had Bryn in his naked cuteness this morning, watching tv, eating noodles, while I suggested the potty. At first, he said he didn't need to go, and I said 'how about we try when we finish eating?' to which he agreed. While I was cutting up some strawberries, he tells me that's he's ready. "Ready for what?" I was thinking? (*roll eyes* I really need to work on my memory skills! *blush*) Off we went to the bathroom, me in an overuse of excitement to get the happiness going! When I pulled out the potty, I was sadly greeted with a very dirty-looking half-broken contraption. Uhm, it's been a while since it's been used, or cleaned. *cough*cough* If it were ME, I would be holding onto that urine 'til I could find a bush, but this is a 2 1/2 year old boy we're working with. He sat on it just fine, peering down at his penis (ooh, can I say that??? lol) for some sort of sign of activity, then said, "nuh-feens hapoh-ning." That's ok, we'll try again in a bit. So as he went to play, I pulled apart the potty and tossed it into the tub and under the shower! My child can't learn to use the potty on that THING!!! And, speaking of GROSS....what is up with the bathroom? It's been a while since I've attacked it with some good cleaning utensils as well! *blush* So out came the sprays and wipes and Toilet Duck and scrubbers! (I get the oddest urges to clean the just when I'm having a bath, or when I've been sick and lain on the cool floor for an hour,or when I need to begin potty training. Not during normal times, like on a weekly basis or when guests are coming over. No. That would make sense. Now of course, none of you want to ever use my bathroom, but that's ok, I've got two; and I just cleaned the downstairs one yesterday, so it's all good!!!)

As I'm swiping at the toilet bowl, Bryn returns and informs me that he's farted! Boys like to tell you stuff like that. He goes between wanting to sit on the toilet (which is now sparkly, yay go me!) and the potty (which is still wet in the bathtub)..and chooses the potty. When nothing happens again, he wants to try the Big Boy Toilet! I make up a fun pee song for encouragement, which goes something like this:
Pee Pee Pee
Push it out
Into the potty
like a Big Boy
drip drip drip.

There was a second verse, but I don't recall it already an hour later. It was special though. But it didn't help. Darn!

I went back to cleaning the sink, which Bryn decided to "help" with, until he got distracted and saw his toothbrush. I convinced him to let me brush his teeth for him (something that doesn't happen often. He does NOT like us stuffing foreign objects such as brushes in his mouth, go figure!) Just as I finished that very short process, he exclaims, "I peeing!" And sure enough, he's spraying all over the place like a fireman who's lost control of his hose! (hypospadius' sucks!) I knew that rushing him a step over to the toilet would be futuile, so we talked about telling me BEFORE it happens next time as I wiped the bathroom floor. My room is now clean enough to use again by strangers! Feel free to drop by unannounced!

SO far it's been a busy morning! I am so ready for a nap!!! :)


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