Wednesday, April 7, 2010

how can you not know???

Can you be pregnant and not know it? For real?

I read a very interesting article today on the very subject! It was based upon an 11-year study, and from the sounds of it, they're still baffled by it! I know that I am! I've had four children and not once have I not known about it right away. Oops, I lied! My second ectopic pregnancy in 2004 (which technically doesn't fall under my "four children" comment anyways!) was an unknown pregnancy, but since it was an EP and diagnosed with severe pains, and given that typically pains occur within the first few weeks, it's not altogether surprising that I didn't know. It's sad though; I didn't get a chance to even mourn the baby. The same night I "lost" the baby, I found out that I was pregnant! But that aside...I can't imagine being 7 months along, with a wiggling baby keeping you up at night, and not knowing what it was! Of course, I've always been as big as a house, so there's no option for concealing it, and the baby was often as wiggly as an octopus. (or as I assume one would be in a confined space..limbs everywhere!)

you can read the article here> Women Who Don't Realize They're Pregnant.

I am reminded of my Hunny's cousin who didn't realize she was pregnant until she saw the doctor because of the constant feelings in her tummy. I think she was 5 months pregnant. I couldn't imagine!

Although, I have to admit, I wished I had that ignorance sometimes! After an ectopic and/or miscarriage, you tend to have anxiety during your first trimester. Will the baby survive? Will you bleed? Will you have to have surgery? Will you survive? It's a scary thing. I am often partially jealous (but mostly really truely happy) for women who never have to go through that fear, who get to have easy pregnancies and wish I could skip through it sometimes! To suddenly know when you're past the first trimester would be nice!

Any thoughts on this phenomenon? Leave me a comment!


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