Sunday, February 13, 2011

house full of sickies

The plague has hit here. Well, not *that* plague, just influenza. At least I think that's what it is, but that's because I don't want to admit it's worse and that we all need to see a doctor. Hunny has been sick the longest, starting over a week ago. But it was Kai who really started it for the family. Not that I'm blaming him, I'm just stating things as I see it! Really.

On Monday, we got a phone call from the school to say that he needed to be picked up because he had an eye infection. Of course, this also happened to be at the same time when I was at the lab having my Glucose Tolerance test, which meant that I couldn't leave the lab for two hours (which was a surprise as I thought it was only the one-hour test when I went in), and also when I had the van, and when Hunny was at home too sick to do much. Great. Are they sure it just wasn't some dust in his eye? Somehow Hunny was going to have to find a way to get Kai without me.

When I came home from my GT test, I found out that he actually did have an eye infection! It was all gross and watery. Just the left eye though. I took him into the clinic for some antibiotics and some simple instructions on applying eye drops. (and let me tell you, they did not go as easy as the doctor said it should be! Why it needed to be so dramatic was beyond me! Kai fussed and cried and put up such a stink over the whole thing that it was all we could do to get those drops into his eyes. We tried three different methods too, all of which weren't invasive and didn't require anything actually touching his eye! oh the drama!) We were called by the school about an hour after it began, which is surprising since he didn't appear sick when we dropped him off, and his eye looked fine. But apparently it was a fast-acting infection because by the time I went to pick up his prescription, it had jumped to his other eye as well! Oh great! Poor Kai's eyes were watery, pus-y and puffy, and he looked like he was wearing a reddish eye mask. He spent the next few days at home, on the couch, sleeping.

On Thursday, his eyes weren't any better, and him taking his eye drops weren't getting any easier, and now he was complaining about a sore ear. Bryn was also not himself, after spending all morning curled up on the couch napping. So back to the doctor! He diagnosed Kai with an ear infection and gave us new eye drops, and said that Bryn's ear was a bit red, but we may as well treat it as an infection, just in case.

We thought getting Kai to take eye drops was difficult....try getting some Amoxil into Bryn! That turned out to be an ordeal all on it's own! Any bit we got into his mouth, he'd gag and spit it out. We soon gave up and decided that it wasn't worth the fighting. He just did not like the stuff. Which is funny because when I opened the bottle, I had such happy memories flood me. I remembered taking Amoxicillan as a child and I loved the banana flavour! Thankfully, Kai takes after me, and he's taken his meds just fine. Which could be why his eye has cleared up and his ear isn't sore anymore.

Currently, the whole family is down for the count! It hit me and Abi on Thursday night, so we've all been house and couch-bound all weekend. I'm not too sure if we all have infections and need to see the doctor for meds or not, but it does appear to be in our chests and sinus'. Everyone is coughing and coughing. And napping. And whining. And mostly miserable. The good news was that Hunny was starting to appear better. He was doing stuff, useful stuff, like laundry and cleaning and making meals, while the rest of us could only watch and listen from our perches on the couch. That is, until last night. :( Now he is back to being sick and napping.

Hunny and I are so different when it comes to being sick. If there is something going around, I will most likely catch it, according to my Hunny. I like to believe it's possible that I won't though! But he's probably correct. When I do get sick, I succumb pretty fast and easy, I don't fight it! I wrap myself up in a blanket and I mope and occasionally I like to bemoan my tragic state. If I feel really ill, I start to lament how I'm DYYYYYIIINNG!!! (well, in my defense, it can sure feel like it when I'm sick and I'm wondering how I'm supposed to muster up the energy to take care of children!) Hunny is more grown-up about it. He has this inborn trait that enables him to continue living despite his body telling him otherwise. He's always been able to accomplish things, such as going in to work several times this past week (even when I thought he should've stayed home) and taking care of the family. We are so lucky to have him! Sometimes I wish I had his attitude, but then I remind myself that when you're sick, you're supposed to rest. It's your body's way of telling you to sleep and get better! So I think we both have benefits to our responses.

I hope this plague doesn't last too much longer. Kai has already missed a week of school, I'd hate for him to miss more, but I am also not too sure if he's ready to go back. The rest of the family isn't at that stage yet though. So far, Rhys hasn't been sick at all, but he's been coughing and he has a fever. Maybe he takes after his Daddy! I think we're all ready for this to pass by now.


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