Monday, June 24, 2013


 It's hard to believe it's been two years since this post.

Eden is our special bundle of joy. She has challenged us and frustrated us and given us much to laugh about! She is a force to be reckoned with, that's for sure!

Eden on her birth day, only a few hours old!

Eden at one month old!

Eden at 3 months old, starting to get chubby and cheeky! What a joy! Her new nickname is Roly Poly, because she is the first baby to gain all the weight and roundness! (all the others were small thin wee ones. Even Bryn, with his stockiness, didn't have the skin rolls!)  I love it so much!!!!

Showing off her flexibility at 10 months!

On her First Birthday! YUM, cupcakes!

And now she is two! She definitely has her own opinions and likes to let us know just what she does not like! She is often screeching her annoyance with a "'top'bit!" :) (stop it)  But she is also very sweet and loves to laugh and play games. She loves to sing and dance, which is so wonderful to see. The Olders never did that; I remember being surprised, I thought all kids did that! She knows our bedtime routine, which is where I carry her to her crib and rock her while I sing a few Bible songs (I listened to so many Maranatha Kids Praise tapes when I was a kid and have a lot of the songs memorized! I wish I could find those on cd, but apparently they haven't been around is so long that Google searches are fruitless and no cds ever were produced. So sad.) and she will "sing" along with me. It is so sweet and melts my heart!

Eden is the baby girl I waited 10 years for! She is a lot more work than boys because of her fiesty-ness, but she brings joy and challenges to our family. :)

We love you, Edeny Shae!

Who can resist that face??? *squee*


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