Saturday, June 15, 2013

you have GOT to be kidding me!!!!!

Bryn lost his first tooth this week! Woohoo!!!  I may have made a big deal out of too! I couldn't help it...he missed out on losing his top teeth when he had to have them pulled when he was a toddler (after trying to bite his brother in the head, ahem!) so I wanted to make it into something exciting!  This bottom one had been wiggly for a good two weeks or so, but finally, I was just dangling by a thread! He could push it and pull it, but it still clung to his gums with every last strand! I was urging B to just yank it, but he was too nervous!  He had a hard time eating dinner due to his nerves distracting him! (he has been avoiding apples all this time too!)

But, finally, an hour after dinner, he comes and shows me that his tooth came out! All on it's own!!! :)  He was proud of himself then and had a smile for me!

I reminded him that he needed to put the tooth under his pillow for the Tooth Fairy, which he happily did. He even showed me where he put it, explaining that it would be easier for her to get it out! (I don't think he's on to me yet, though! LOL)

Would you believe that despite my reminder to the, ahem, Tooth Fairy that night, she still forgot???   I felt so embarrassed for her when B told me that the tooth was still there! Horrors! I suggested that she must've had a lot of houses to go to last night and ran out of time. But sheesh! This Tooth Fairy of ours isn't the most punctual. And I'm not too ashamed to say it that I think she needs a good talkin' to!  She needs to get her butt into gear as she's bringing down the good name of the revered Tooth Fairy! Sheesh!

She did remember the next night though, and paid a good ransom for that first baby tooth:  a whole toonie and loonie!  ($3) Bryn was quite excited the next morning!!!

On the footsteps of B's great tooth loss...we have another one to prepare for:  Eden's first teeth! Yep.  *sigh*  Another child of mine gets to go through that rite of passage (that seems to happen in my family alone) where they lose their front teeth years before most children! :(  B lost his, and then Rhys had his own incident and lost his, and now E can join the club! Woohoo. :(

I was already worried about her teeth and had mentioned them to the dentist because they were discoloured. He said just to keep an eye on them and use a floride toothpaste, which we did. But then Eden met the floor in a personal way. :(  She and Abi were roughhousing and playing on the couches, when Eden rolled over too far and fell off and smuck her face on the floor. Abi felt terrible! As soon as I saw her bloody mouth, I just knew. And my heart sank.  And I shed a few tears when I saw her front tooth all jagged.  It was bad enough that she had somehow chipped her left front tooth months earlier (we don't know how or when either) but now the right now looked scary! I was freaking out (but covering it up as good as I could) that she had snapped her tooth right off!!!  Of course, this happens at 5pm on Friday just before a Long Weekend. They always happen at that time, don't they? So I couldn't call the dentist and I couldn't take her in. My option was to either wait it out or go to the ER, something I did not want to do.  So what did I do? I decided to look up on Dr. Google for advice!  :)  After reading a few articles, I felt better that I was not the first parent to have this happen to their toddler (phew) and I was offered the possibility that it may not actually be snapped off. In the end, I decided that I needed to call the after-hours emergency line for our pediatric dentist (even though I knew it wasn't necessarily an emergency. I just needed some reassurance!)  And even the dentist suggested that it was likely just her tooth being pushed up into her gums (which is what happened to B), which meant that we may not need to do any intervention.  I was clinging to that hope as strong as I could!  She told me to call and get her in to see our dr on Tuesday when they opened again.

We just had three days to go through to get to that appointment.  Three long days. With an active toddler. Who likes to climb, and run and escape and chase her siblings.  Right. It should be easy.  Of course, the poor girl had a few more falls (she's clumsy. and a toddler. poor thing doesn't stand a chance!) and more chips were taken out.   Any time something hit her mouth, she cried and screamed. :( Oh, it broke my heart.

At her appointment in to see the awesome Dr. Geoff (goodness, this man is great. He literally GUSHES over his patients! "Look at you! You're a Super Star!"  "When I saw it was YOU coming in today, I was so happy!"  I'm sure many a mother's heart swoons for him just for that. I know I feel all soft with his pearly white grin!)  sadly, my worst fears came true. My original thought of her snapping her tooth was true, it wasn't a simple case of her tooth being pushed into her gums.  *deepbreath*  Unfortunately there isn't anything they can do for it except pull them out! (the second one has to come out too since it was also chipped and damaged)  I admit it: I cried a bit.

My poor little girl with the messed up smile. :(  My heart breaks and feels heavy. I feel like it was my fault. I wasn't brushing her teeth often enough. I didn't force her to drink more water. I should've been stronger. I shouldn't have let her have so many snacks. *sigh*  It's one thing to have a son lose his front teeth, but it's completely different when it's a girl and she's the third in a row to have this happen!!!  :(  How did I mess up these Youngers so much? The Olders didn't have this many problems!!!! :(

In a few weeks, Eden will go under sedation and have dental surgery done. I'm trying not to think about it.  Right now, I'm just praying we can make it to our appointment. The dentist said (very sympathetically too) that if she develops an infection or has more damage before her apt, we will have to do it in an emergency, which means doing it in the office with just freezing and us holding her down! I do NOT want to do that! (even if it will be so much cheaper!) I told Hunny that if it comes to that, he's the one taking her in! I can't hold down another child for a proceedure; I've done it with Rhys and his blood work and it's stressful!

My poor girl. :(


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