Wednesday, October 9, 2013

We survived!

I managed to survive a whole week by myself! I didn't really doubt my abilities, but it feels good to say that I did not only survived, but I thrived!  ...even if it wasn't even a whole week. 

My Hunny went away hunting with some buddies up north for the first week of October. They camped out in tents somewhere near Kamloops, which is about 4.5 hours away from here, so still close enough for us to be able to text eachother, but far enough away to see so much more wildlife than normal. Remember my past blog post about the weather being so much nicer this week than last? Yeah, he had to stay outdoors in that crappy weather! We had a wind storm (with winds up to 90km/h. I had to put that into perspective for my kids by telling them that was faster than I drive on a regular street or highway! they were surprised. I know that I speed *ahem* but it must feel terribly fast to them! weee, like an amusement park ride!) and tons of rain, and an Autumn chill.  Brr! I was so happy that we had heat in our house, and warm beds. They had bushes to hide out in, and cold tents to sleep in, but least they had a homemade stove in their tent at night that My Love crafted and welded together. (he's handy and clever like that) 

It was such a great week though, despite the weather. For him and his friends, and for us at home. The men came home victorious with two deer, so our freezer is stocked up for the year! They were hoping for a bear as well, but they were never close enough to the ones they spotted at the beginning of the week. It was so good for my man to finally get his own buck! A two-point, to be exact. His first one. He sent me a picture of his proud self and he may have even used an exclamation point in telling me! I was excited for him!

For us at home, the kids and I enjoyed our "freedoms". The first night, Abi, Bryn and Rhys piled into my bed and slept with me! (I didn't think they'd fit, but it worked out. Eden slept in her crib, and Kai was camping overnight with the men and his friend.)  We got into our pyjamas early and watched movies. We made tons of popcorn and snacks. Abi even offered to babysit (something she's starting to get really interested in doing) so that I could do the grocery shopping after the Youngers went to bed! (Kai came with me then, which made it a fun trip, since I don't do too many things with just him.)   

But it wasn't just our "special" events that we did that week, but that there a noticeable lightness to the family that made it so good. We were all in good moods. We didn't have too many disruptions and I didn't have to reprimand anyone too much! (other than the typical reminding them to use polite words, to apologize when they've done wrong, to watch their tempers and to generally get along with their siblings!)  I made an extra effort to be patient and joyful, and I kept up with prayer and praise, and it totally helped!

Our week was so good and I was sad to see it end. As much as I loved how the house ran that week, and how much larger my bed felt (I had so much room, it was nice, even if it did take a night to get used to!), and not having to worry about dinner being done on time or the house being clean enough (don't we all have a level of expectation we think our spouses have in their heads regarding us wives? it's hard sometimes. and probably all just in our heads too.)  I missed my Hunny though. It was such a blessing to be able to connect with him briefly through texts though. It made the missing him not as hard. 

It was nice to know that he missed us so much that he came home a bit early. So technically, it wasn't a complete week; it was a good 18 hours shorter than 7 days. But saying that I was a "single mom" for 6 and a half days doesn't sound as good! My husband came home a bit early and had a shower and relaxed and got to sleep in his own bed. The next day, when his two friends came home, he met them and they all tackled the cleaning and cutting up of the meat that evening. (he appreciated having that night to sleep at home, instead of coming back but not being able to go home until that was done, like the other two)

If I could relive that feeling of peace of last week, I would be happy. Not that it has been hectic or crazy or unsettled since we're a complete family again. It's just a different feel. Like when you come home after a vacation, and you feel you need a vacation because you're so tired. Well, he's tired and I'm tired. We need a rest to get over our break from eachother! 

The kids were excellent and we had a lot of fun. I am so happy to see how they are growing up. The Olders, at least, are maturing and are growing into their sense of humor. (they are good at the joking insults and sarcastic teasing now!) We enjoyed a lot of laughs together as we made dinner, cleaned, did homework; normal things. I love my little big family!  God truly answered prayers as I felt no anxiety whatsoever but had patience and joy, and I even managed to hold out and drive safely and got them to school on time, and it was a good week! I am so pleased and proud of us!


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