Wednesday, October 2, 2013

yay for clean teeth!

So incredibly pleased with the dentist appointments this morning (aside from Eden's screaming heard throughout the building to voice her displeasure of being there)! Both girls are cavity free! Woohoo! I can't recall a visit that good in a long long time! Even if one was deemed healthy, another had to return for work. :(  But I have been trying to be strict about the toothbrushing (teethbrushing?) before bed...and whenever else we remembered (like before church or school) *cough cough* 

Even better news is that Dr Geoff said that Abi has perfect teeth, as in aesthetics and alignment!!! Coming from someone with wildly crazy teeth, this made me the most happy!!! PERFECT TEETH! Those were his words! I probably shouldn't care, but I do. I care more than I need to as it weighs heavy on my insecurities. My crooked nowhere-near-perfect teeth is a constant every day battle for me. One of my biggest wishes were that my children wouldn't have to deal with the pain of poor oral genetics. So far so good.

I did my happy dance several times today!


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