Wednesday, July 8, 2015

cardiology update

After being late for my Cardiology appointment last month (I thought for sure that it was at 1:30, but when I arrived just before that time I learned that it was actually at 1 and I was considered a No Show. Oops. My bad.), I finally saw my cardiologist this morning. (that is, after he was an hour late. I thought he was getting me back or just forgot about me, but it turns out he has a 3rd year student doctor with him today and she didn't appear to be too bright)  He said that my latest ECHO shows a "normal" heart. The percentage was 65, which is perfect ("like an Olympic athlete.", were his words!)....not that I know what that means when I relay it back to someone, but it made sense in the office! 

My Mitral Valve Prolapse is still considered "mild" and my regurgitation (where the blood falls back out past the valve) is "Mild to Moderate." He still can't hear the "click" when he listens to my heart, which is also good. (MVP is usually diagnosed by an Echocardiogram, as in my case, or by hearing it on a stethoscope. Your heart will sound like this: I thought that sounded musical!) 

As for the fatigue, chest pain, lightheadedness, numb or tingly fingers or toes, or flip/floppy heart palps and breathlessness that I occasionally get, he just said that it is hard for me being a mom to 5 kids. Which is the excuse my own doctor gives me as well. Argh! It's so frustrating hearing that! Funny, how I never use that excuse!

 My BP is a bit high, so he is putting me on a med called Coversyl (the box say it's Perindopril Erbumine if anyone knows what that means) and is going to get me a free BP machine. I see him in 6 months to see if there is any change!

So that was that!  I ended up leaving feeling good, despite not getting any real answers on my other symptoms (which he asked me if I had). I am going to rest on the fact that this specialist says that my heart is doing well, is considered normal, that I had this since birth (it's in the family; my Opa has this as well) and that I will continue to have this. According to his tests and reports, I am doing well. So I guess that means I continue to keep my anxiety down with breathing exercises and Bible memory and prayer, which seems to help so far.


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