Tuesday, July 7, 2015

cool in the pool

It's not the lake, and it's not big, but it's just perfect in this heat!

 We are thankful that Grandma Lynn bought a pool for her yard that the kids can jump around in!

We tried to look into picking up one ourselves (Hunny has actually been looking since May for ideas. Apparently having a pool is something he is serious about. We used to own one a few years ago, but we got rid of it for some reason that I can't recall.) however, there is not a pool in our price range to be found in the Lower Mainland anymore!  He found one online at Canadian Tire, but when he looked again an hour later, it was sold!

And with our water restrictions going on, filling one will become difficult anyways.  We'll have to find other ideas. (Hunny nixxed my idea of resurrecting the Boat Pool; said it wasn't good for the boat. Phooey.)


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