Thursday, September 3, 2015

hello September

I can't believe it's already September!  But I think I say that at every month change!

Actually, after our wet and windy weekend, it's feeling very Autumnal! And I love Fall, so I'm okay with that.

I'm sad that Summer feels officially over now, yet I am also so ready for the change. In less than a week, the kids head back to school, and really they've been ready to go back for a few weeks. Secretly. They won't admit it, but they're restless and starting to get bored and rely too much on the computer for entertainment.  I'm happy that with our rain, it's been dark and cloudy, making it not too hard to convince the kids to head to bed on a more proper time. (the Olders need more convincing though)

It'll be nice to start up a new schedule again, with regular things (like school and Bible study group) as well as new opportunities (like a chore schedule, and preschool and even new teachers) I always feels that Autumn holds more promise of New Beginnings than January 1st does. Then I feel Easter is your second chance to start anew, with thoughts on the reason behind the holiday, and with Spring approaching.

Yay for new seasons that give hope and fresh change!


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