Saturday, September 5, 2015

Sweltzer Creek Campground

We were supposed to be camping this week, but had to cancel when important appointments came up. With all the rain and cool weather we've had, I guess it's okay. Would be nice to end summer with a bang though.  Instead, I'll tell you about our "camping" trip a few weeks ago.

It was local camping, and we actually didn't stay overnight. Just Bryn did, along with his aunt, grandma and cousin, but we did visit them for an evening and got to check out the place.  

My inlaws did a search online for local campgrounds and Sweltzer Creek Campground came up, and since it is just an hour away, tucked up by Cultus Lake, it was a perfect location.


The campground is surrounded by tons of trees, and has a fun playground at the top of a hill along with a huge playing field for games. It really is geared towards families there. Every evening, they had a night security guard come around and introduce himself, which I thought was neat. He kept any partiers ....and bears....out. I could appreciate their efforts to keep the campground safe and fun for all.

 What made it the most fun though was the creek. There were several campsites that were right up on the banks, which meant you could spend all day in it! And so that's what we did!

 We grabbed our air mattresses and boats and floated down the lazy creek.


 It was a lot of fun. And since the creek wasn't too deep (it came just below my knees in some areas) I wasn't too worried for the kids. I wonder how much deeper it would be if our summer weren't in a drought?

After our lazy swim, the kids played at the playground and climbed trees and made friends.

We even had a neighbour offer us their old propane firepit, since they replaced it with a newer and nicer one! That was pretty cool! With the fire ban on for the summer, camping isn't quite the same without roasted marshmallows! (wood fires are banned, but propane was okay)

We really enjoyed visiting family at their campsite! We don't go to campgrounds that are local.....or that have flushing toilets and pay showers; I like our rustic camping, but I also like the idea of having some comforts. So visiting and going back home to your own bed (and not having to pack up a tent trailer in the morning) was nice!

We'd go back to Sweltzer Creek Campground again. Maybe it is a perfect solution to wanting to camp but also not wanting to go far.


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