Thursday, October 29, 2015

Thankful Thursday

Welcome back to Thankful Thursday, a feature started by Louise at Talk Nerdy to Me, where we look back over our week and remember our blessings.  It is so good to see all that has happened, especially if you have had a particularly tough week. Being grateful is good for the soul. Here are just a few things that I am thankful for...

1. puddle jumping 

I am thankful for sunny days after the rain, for new-found (again) winter boots, for puddles to jump in and for friends to jump with after school.

2. birthday surprises

It was my birthday this past weekend and we had no plans for any special celebration. (which is strange for me) We had a birthday party to get Bryn to though, so while he was swimming, my husband drove myself and the two Youngers around for a few errands. As we were heading home, I accepted a phone call on my husband's cell from his mother asking if we could help our brother in law, since he had a flat tire. I agreed, so off we drove up to Walnut Grove. 

My husband pulled into the parking lot of Old Spaghetti Factory, saying that he would just call to find out where exactly our BIL was. I didn't think anything of it. Bryn then says that he sees his Grandma Lynn's vehicle, so I correct him to say that no, she wasn't going to be there, since she couldn't, and that's why we were. My loving, sneaky husband turns to me and says, "no, actually she is. We're here for a dinner for you!"

What? !!!   I was slightly shocked. I may have looked at him quite confused and stunned because I did ask, "what?" a few times! haha. I can't recall the last time he has shocked me like this! It was a nice surprise to have him plan an early dinner out with family for me!

3. youth retreats

We have joined a new church that is closer to our home and have been going since September. We're really enjoying it, and the kids are happy and we're feeling comfortable, even though we don't really know anyone yet. The Olders have joined the youth group and are trying to settle in, which is such a relief to see.

This past weekend was their Youth Retreat up at Camp Kawkawa for two nights. I am so thankful that the two got to go on that trip, and that they were safe and had a good time.

4. forge

My smart and clever and skilled husband has started up his own mini forge in our back workshop over the summer. He's always wanted to learn more blacksmithing.  Conveniently, this season a show called Forged In Fire started up, where four blacksmiths compete to build swords for a huge monetary prize. Not only have we been watching it, but our neice has been really into it. So for her birthday, my husband had her over to teach her how to forge her own item!

It was a pretty cool afternoon! Bryn joined her as well and they made a fancy coat hook. They were pleased with themselves.

I am thankful for creative husbands, for skills that are still important being taught, and for an afternoon to play (safely)!

5. cuzzie leaf jumping

After forging coat hooks, the cousins piled up our leaves and jumped in them! Isn't that the best part of Autumn?

Sadly, none of these leaves actually made it into the compost bin, but I am still thankful that they could run and jump and play. I am thankful that we have large trees and a yard with our house.

6. safe driving

Driving home from our dr apt on the 99 and we had come to a slow trickle. Instead of it being an hour drive home, it took 2.5hrs; all traffic on every major roadway was being diverted due to a big accident.  A police officer had to direct four lanes off of the freeway (one being driven from the opposite direction. You know it's not good when they have traffic on the wrong side of the road) and onto the 91, which was also crazy busy. Ugh! At one time, I was driving with no clue where I was going or how I'd make it back home! Something like that would normally make me all anxious since I get lost easy, but I am so thankful for His Spirit of Peace upon me. It was a crazy drive home, but oddly enough, not a terrible one. Rhys and I even made it to a gas station in time for gas and the bathroom! :)

7. drs appointments

This is Rhys' "I don't want to be here" pouty face. It makes me laugh.

We had a good specialist appointment, which I'll update on soon. Once I find time. Blah!
I am thankful for good doctors and appointments that go better than expected.

8. the cutest cowgirl

Eden had Western Dress Up Day in preschool, so I bought her a hat and bandana in her favourite colour, which she was so excited about. We happened to be out shopping before her class began and she found this big stuffed horse in a Christmas section for $3 and had to have it. I didn't realize until we got to her class that she wanted it for her cowgirl costume! How clever is that?

9. lunch dates

Since it has been so crazy busy lately, I feel like I haven't connected with my usual "old" friends in a long time. That saddens me.  I was so thankful to be able to visit with a good friend of mine this week and have her over for lunch. Yay for friendships that still survive and thrive despite busy lives.

10. online love

I know that many of the messages may have only been because FB reminded them, but I still love reading all of the posts that friends and aquaintances left to wish me well on my birthday!  I love that I still get surprised when I receive some of them. You know how you have a few friends that are there just because they're family or you know them just briefly through church, school or work? I was pleased to see that some took the time to say HBD. I love the love you feel online sometimes!

So that's my week in a nutshell. How about you? What are you thankful for?


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