Friday, November 20, 2009

An apple a day...

We got a huge box of apples from a boy at the LCS Middle School...he called b/c his mother has adopted me (or I hope, lol) to her own SU! team, since my own Upline moved away and I am *sob* orphaned, and she suggested my name and because his class (or school?) is doing a fundraiser for some reason I didn't catch! A box of apples for a good price? Why not? Of course! Bring 'em on!

So for $18, I got a nice huge box of Red Delicious. If they don't get eaten, surely I can bake with them. Can't I? Always being hopeful. ;)

When I brought them home, they stayed on the floor while I could start dinner. Once that was on the way, I peeked over at my Little Monkey to see what mischief he was getting himself into. And what do I see? He's made his way over to the box and climbed ONTO it!!!

I was quite surprised, to be honest! He's proud of himself!

Then he manages to pull out an apple from underneath himself!

H'mm...a snack! how handy!

He's so adorable. He's so clever. He makes me smile.


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