Thursday, November 12, 2009

punkin faces

The day of Hallowe'en approached us kind of fast. It's not like we didn't have adequate warning, I just didn't plan very well! Costumes weren't ready, pumpkins weren't was rather scattered. But in the end it all worked out!

The kids got some mini pumpkins from Grandma & Grandpa, and Kai got one from Aldor Acres on his class field trip, plus we had one from our garden, all waiting to be made into faces. So, I grabbed an old and rather ugly fitted sheet that I no longer liked, spread it over the table, pulled out some markers for the kids, and we got to it!

I first got the kids to draw on the pumpkins what they'd like to be carved. I don't give them set rules or tell them how a face "goes", I let them use their imagination! I remember her first pumpkin, Abi just drew circles and lines! It's neat to see the kids design and draw up ideas, and to see how their talent changes over the years! Bryn still needs help, but it's still his pumpkin and he loves being involved!

After the drawings are done, I cut the tops off the pumpkins and get the kids to clean out the gunk! You can see how enjoyable this process is....and can probably guess how I ended up cleaning out most of them in the end! *smile* At that time, we also pull out the seeds so that Daddy can bake them later. (a tradition he grew up with and one I'm learning)

Next comes the actual carving of previous drawings. And yes, I did give my children sharp instruments to work with!!! From personal experience I have learned that so-called "safety" utensils can cause just as much harm! (Ow!) So I just give them the good stuff and supervise!!!!! I'm very proud to say that we had no injuries, accidents or mistakes! *smile*

Our neighbour friends were over and even they got into the mess with us! They had a good time and I enjoyed having them join in. It's always nice to see friends work together! Max & Teague helped both Kai and Bryn carve their pumpkins, which I thought was so nice of them. Team Work! (they used sharp instruments also, but their mom said it was ok...but said something about if they get hurt, they couldn't come home and bleed on her carpets!)

We ended up with some pretty imaginative creations that we were were all proud of!

That night, since Cousin Mia, Jenn & James were trick-or-treating with us, we got their pumpkins to join our family too. It was so fun having them all lit up with candles at our doorstep! (which isn't a step at all, but what else do you call it?) Carved pumpkins make me happy! *smile*

Jenn went all fancy and carved her large pumpkin to look like Pablo from the Backyardigans (Mia's favourite character! too cute! She was dressed up as Uniqua, also a character from the show...but only b/c a Pablo costume wasn't working out too well) Show Off!!! *giggle* I love fancy pumpkin creations. I'm just not picky enough or patient enough to put the work into it myself. But I love seeing all the pumpkins when we go door-to-door...and am amazed at how many people do the whole kit and make artwork out of these orange vegetables!

Our Punkin Family


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