Saturday, May 1, 2010

*11 years*

Last weekend, Hunny and I celebrated our 11th Anniversary together. That sounds more epic than it feels!

That day was so magical. I actually woke up at 6am...on my own...and haven't done that since! I remember being excited, nervous, peaceful, anxious, and full of anticipation! The day was cool, which is typical of an April day, so I wasn't worried. Besides, I'd decided that if it rained that it was actually Good Luck, not bad! It couldn't mean anything but good on MY DAY!

I love the picture above of Hunny and I. We look so young! I have a funny expression on my face! We look great! It was such a good day! (ok, so the picture could be nicer, and in real life it is, but I don't have a scanner, so this is a picture of my picture!) There are a few things I'd like to change about the day (I threw together the program sheets the night before the wedding because it totally slipped my mind and I didn't like the way they turned out. little things like that.) but for the most part, when I look at this picture, I remember exactly what I see. I see US. Happy. In Love. Together. (oh, and young! *snicker*)

We celebrated our 11th Anniversary by driving into Chilliwack and leaving our children into the capable hands of my parents while we went out for dinner, which was wonderful. I love the atmosphere at Dakota's, and I would recommend it if you're in the area. (the one by Safeway in Yale) We arrived just before the dinner rush, which was nice, but it also meant that our food came out faster than typical. Sometimes that can be a bonus, but receiving my chicken fettucine when I'm still finishing my salad was a bit too quick! I was so stuffed halfway through dinner! Of course, dinner was over within an hour, so Hunny and I walked back to our vehicle and wondered what to do. It seemed too early to go back to get the kids; it wasn't even 7pm yet! But we were both so full that even the thought of going for coffee at Timmy's sounded nauseating! And we had no shopping to do. What to do? (and no, making out in a messy parked van didn't sound appealing! we're getting old, lol) So we decided to drive and chat. It was nice to dream and plan our next 11 years! We drove through Chilliwack, Rosedale, and into Agassiz, then back. You can do a lot of talking in that time! And it was uninterrupted by children's voices, too!

We came to get the kids just before 8pm, but they were all in their pyjamas and tucked into beds. That was a surprise! Grandma had told them that if they wanted to stay overnight, they had to be in bed by the time we came back! I'm glad that we stayed out that extra hour! *smile* We took Baby Honey home with us though, and that was ok.

Our Anniversary seemed to slip by without any major attention, and that was okay too. We both have been distracted by planning, discussing, dreaming and such for the future; wondering where we'd like to be, what it takes to get there; our worries, our hopes, our frustrations. It's a topic that won't die! I love retrospect. Really. Or maybe it's introspect. But I love thinking and talking and dissecting. I love planning and dreaming. I love going back over memories and laughing or discovering new viewpoints. It's great to see that we still share the same dreams after all these years.

I love my Hunny. He still makes me happy.


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