Saturday, May 8, 2010

At least they're still babies

Poor Rhys has not been having a good tooth year. He always seems to be falling and cutting his gums. I worry about sensitivity and damages, but the dentist didn't seem concerned so I'll have to assume he knows what he's talking about! I took Rhys into the dentist at the beginning of April because I was worried about his front teeth. Unfortunately, he has gained my teeth gene and he has an extra tooth up top which is very crooked. It's so close to his other two teeth that I can't get in properly to clean and it's hard enough brushing a baby's teeth as it is! So the dentist immediately said he'd remove the offending tooth, plus build up the other ones, but that can't be done until he is two because they'll put him to sleep. Our appointment is in July to book the surgery. So all is good.

Or so I thought.

Literally, the very next night, Rhys is in the bathtub playing. I'm sitting on the floor beside supervising. You're already cringing, aren't you? He slips and smashes his mouth. I'm not too sure if he hit his chin and then bit his lip or if he hit both, but his mouth was bloody and he had a bruise on his chin for a few days. Of course, he was crying and crying when it happened, and I pulled him out of the evil tub, but when I see inside his mouth, I start to cry too. I can see that his tooth (not the crooked one, the one in the middle) has been damaged and is all jagged! Of course, this happens on the Easter Long Weekend, when I can't get him in to see the doctor! Rhys gets over the fall fast, but I feel heartbroken. Why did he have to have my crooked teeth? Why didn't I put more effort into breastfeeding? Why aren't I strong enough to take away his nighttime bottle?

Then at the end of the month, the poor Baby Honey slipped on his own feet and smashed his face on the floor! Another bloody mouth and more chips out of his tooth. At his rate, he won't have any teeth, they'll all have to be pulled up top! But I'm trying not to think that way. I'm still hurting over Bryn loosing his front two teeth. (He damaged them a few days after work was done on them and they were pushed into his gums and it looked bad and they needed to come out. Let me tell you, I feel like a Bad Mommy! Even though I know it's all circumstancial, but I feel the guilt of bottles and nighttime drinks and can't help but notice that my two breastfed babies didn't have any issues. It's tough.) Maybe if I convince myself they are true Canadian hockey players with damaged teeth, it'll be better!


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