Monday, December 30, 2013

My Year In Review

I admit it;  I have been a Facebook fanatic since 2007. Apparently that says something about my personality, maybe even about my maturity and tech savvy, but I'm not too sure what that exactly is. But it's not nice, I'm sure. But I'm NOT tech savvy in any way possible, and I am not all about posting tiny statements on Twitter for the world. (as I'm sure you've surmised, I like long, drawn-out details, haha!) I like my own little "wall" where I can post photos and throw out a few "this is my day" type of posts. And I LOVE to "like" things! I can do that all day!  Really, Facebook is my own little soapbox.

Facebook has this feature that they post for you automatically in December. Your Year in Review. It's kind of neat.

I just watched a whole year of my life go by in a matter of seconds. (it really didn't take that long)

Here were "my highlights", according to Facebook:

January 10:
Naptime! Snuggling up with Elly, surrounded by her stuffys and dolls, in my lap!  

 (goodness, look at how little she looks!!!)

((apparently nothing amazing happened between Jan and April!))

April 24:
today is a good day to bask in the sunshine, take a nap and celebrate my anniversary!!! Happy 14 years, Hunny! I love you!

May 7:
My two cowboys for dress up day!  

May 12:
 Happy Mother's Day! After all my work in the backyard yesterday, I would've been happy with a massage today, but instead I got breakfast in bed and gifts from the kids, .....oh, and a brand new van!!!!

 (woohoo! since our van was sitting in our driveway dead, and every attempts at revival by my Hunny were proving fruitless, we had to go searching for a new vehicle. He drives a Jeep YJ, but it will not fit all of us, and besides, I have failed to learn how to drive a Standard. I know. Say what you will. I have tried 3x and have failed all three! It is much to my embarrassment, but I am not ready to try again. So Hunny went out to look at vans with his Mum and came home with a 2013 Dodge Caravan. I'm not happy about the monthly lease payment, but I am in love with this brand new vehicle! Woohoo! A working cd player! And a funky gear box on the dash! And a working engine, you can't beat that! Yay!)

June 11:
my favourite 2 year old!

June 20:
my favourite 5 year old!

July 5:
SO proud of Abi for her work this week babysitting the Leaders' children during VBS! So happy for her that she was recognized as well from everyone (and given a chocolate award!) So relieved her report card showed up today and we can confirm she has graduated to gr 7! .

July 18:
Ice cream!!!

July 26:
rough start to our camping trip. :(

(I was following my Hunny and two of the boys in the truck as we heading our way towards Carol Lake for a week of camping. I was already nervous about driving since last year, while as a passenger, I was freaking out over the sheer cliffs and drops as we drove the winding road along the canyon walls. We hadn't gotten very far when I heard a funny "hiss" that came out sporadically, so I radio'd to my Hunny that something was wrong and pulled over. Yep, sure enough, my tire managed to get sliced on a mountain rock. Phooey. Our poor new van, too! But we got the spare on, and made it safely to our site. We had to drive it back down the next day to get it fixed and all turned out okay in the end, but it was a *slightly* more expensive camping trip than we had anticipated for the summer.)

Aug 8:
my favourite 7 year old!

Aug 11:
thinking of my parents as they celebrate their 40th Anniversary! We love you so much! God bless your day and grant you many more years to celebrate! 

Aug 24:
 Abi is magical....she can get all the Youngers' hair washed WITHOUT tears and wails and gnashing of teeth! She makes them a deal that they can dump water on her head if she can wash their hair! I love this girl!

Sept 2:
we spent the day at the zoo with our couzie!  She took a lot of fun photos, many of them were of Bryn looking goofy! 

(they have such a great relationship. They are 14 months apart and have a lot of fun running around and being silly. They are the only two who have enough energy to keep up with eachother!) 

Water Fountain Fail!

Sept 9:
 sometimes when I back out of a parking spot, I expect applause. some of them are pretty hard to navigate, you know.

#sotrue   (I may not Twitter, but hashtags make me giggle. They can be so cute and witty sometimes!)     I get especially nervous about our school parking lot. Some of the spaces are quite tight, but it's also the fact that I know these families, if I were to hit a vehicle---or worse, a child---it would be terrible! You can't just ignore something like that or hide behind anonymity!)

Oct 4:
 I had such a great week with just the kids and myself! I am pleased with how good they were and the fun we had. I am so blessed to have this family! ...I am happy to have my Hunny back home again, though. — feeling blessed.

Oct 25:
 I love my husband. He has cleaned the house and set it up and is making dinner for 20 for my birthday! I am blessed!

Oct 26:
I love weddings. And friends. And friends at weddings. And bubbles. And going out on a date with my husband to weddings. I am happy. — feeling happy.

Nov 15:
 Coffee date with my boy! He makes me laugh. Happy 10th, Dude!

Dec 1:
 can't believe it's been 12 years....happy birthday to my beautiful firstborn. We are so blessed to have Abi in our family.
  Dec 5
Kai and his gr 5 "simple machine" project: a gumball machine made by himself and his dad!

Each day is a day that God has given us, and each moment of that day is in His hands. ~Roy Lessin

Interesting how a (very) quick review of a year can make you see things differently sometimes. These are FB's highlights, based only upon how many of my friends commented or 'liked', so they only show a very segmented view of how my life really played out. But I did see a theme of a grateful heart, and one who recognizes her blessings. I have a great family, and wonderful friends, and I am so blessed (there I go again with that word!) to have the riches that I do in them. I have struggled and in some ways am feeling relieved that this year is over, but it hasn't been all too bad. God is good. In Him we live, and move, and have our being. (Acts 17:28)


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