Wednesday, December 18, 2013

simple machine

Kai had to do a class project and make a "simple machine". They had to decide what to make, trying to incorporate all these different types of machines they have learned about (pulley, screw, lever, inclined plane) and then build it with the help of a parent. Abi did this in grade five also and made a trebuchet that flung gumballs at scary speeds with her father. They named it the "Abinator!" (he always has fun nicknames like that for her)

Kai decided that he wanted to make a gumball machine! I'm so thankful that My Love is gifted in many areas, this one being one, and could help him figure it out. I'd be hooped if it were up to me to do! Poor Kai would hand in something ridiculous and pathetic, I'm sure! 

He got to use the hand saw, some chisels,  and he sanded, which made him feel pretty happy. Maybe we can get him interested in tools and using his creativity to build with wood. (he's really good at building with Lego! And always creates out of his own head. Mostly guns and such, but they are always accurate!)

 It took a few days to build, working an hour or two every evening after school, mostly using pieces of wood in the workshop already.  We had to buy a few dowels from Home Depot, and the gumballs, but we managed to get the gear, technically called a worm and worm reel (the screw) from Hunny's work, so it was a relatively cheaper project. Phew! (and we had our own mason jar)

 Almost done! Just need to get that handle finished. (the lever)  This "simple machine" was sure seeming like a "complex machine" to build!

The finished product:

Kai was so proud of himself!  So are we! He worked hard and it turned out great!


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