Tuesday, March 10, 2015

tricycle tricks

It was such a beautiful weekend that the kids were outside playing at the park and riding bikes. Eden and Rhys were given bike helmets for Christmas, so Eden grabbed hers and pulled out the little tricycle to the sidewalk at our house.  I was impressed with her. She was so determined to learn to ride that bike!

She is also a "Threenager" though, and was full of frustration and anger at not being able to turn those wheels and not wanting help and needing more oomph to get up those bumps on the sidewalk. But for the most part, she managed it! (23 Things All Parents of Threenagers Understand

 Sometimes I would give her a gentle push on the back of the trike. Shh! I don't know if she noticed.

This little tricycle has been around for all of the kids to ride on. So neat to think of! Just when I think I should pass it along for a donation, another child uses it! Maybe I'll have to keep it around for little cousins after Eden has mastered it.

She should have it all figured out by the summertime!  And then we can try her two-wheeler that her Grandma Lynn won for her!

**I did adjust her helmet several times, so it was on properly. Really.


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