Saturday, March 21, 2015

sibling love

I am so thankful for the sunshine this afternoon after the thunderstorm we had this morning!  Did you hear the rumbling?  It was loud and I loved it! I didn't see any lightening though, but I was also in my bed and didn't feel like getting up to look!  Today feels more like Spring again!

{I'm practicing Lettering. What do you think?}

We made the kids go out in the sunshine since they were acting like trapped animals inside. They didn't like it and kept coming back inside every five minutes for one excuse after another (they needed to go to the bathroom, needed a drink, they wanted to check the clock...) It's funny how if they go out with a friend or chose to go out on their own they can be running around for hours, but once they are forced outside it is a chore!

 Despite them fighting it, I did manage to find them playing together and helping eachother out!  It made me smile.

Sometimes they actually can get along and be sweet!

Bryn gets along with everone, so this wasn't a surprise to see. He is such a sweetheart. But seeing Kai do this was heartwarming. Eden and Kai are very much alike with their stubborness and headstrong ways, so they clash a lot. This proves that they can indeed learn to work together!

I am a happy Mom.


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