Thursday, March 12, 2015

Thankful Thursday

 Welcome back to Thankful Thursday, a feature started by Louise at Talk Nerdy to Me, where we look back over our week to remember our blessings.  It is so good to see the good things that have happened, especially if you have had a particularly tough week. Being grateful is good for the soul. Here are just a few things that I am thankful for...

1. digging

We began to dig up a bit of our backyard this weekend for a new veggie garden. It was a family affair, with even my mother-in-law coming to help out!  (not that we needed that many people for a small patch, but it was good to all be involved)  I'm not a big gardener (I tend to kill plants) but I do enjoy digging in the dirt!

2. Bryn's heart

I took the kids to the park where there were two other kids, a little boy around two years old and a baby girl. The little boy wanted to go on the turnstile (what do you call that playground toy that spins??? we used to call it a Sick-mobile as a kid!)...the merry-go-round-thing (I'll have to take a picture of it next time) with Eden, and Rhys,  so Bryn would push it slow enough for them to be spun but not fast enough to get flung off! When his Mom said it was time to go home, the boy started to cry, and so Bryn did the sweetest thing: he put his arm on the boy's shoulder and got on his knee and tried to comfort him in words. It was such a gentle thing for him to do! I don't think it made the boy less sad to leave, but the gesture was so touching. I was impressed with him. His heart is so good and open to the Lord.

3. Beautiful weather

It was up to 16 degrees this weekend! The kids were in t-shirts and playing outside and it was oh so beautiful.  I told my hunny, "I don't want to alarm you, but even I am getting warm!" I am always cold (dang hypothyroidism) but I took off my sweater for a bit! Hooray! Spring-like days sure give hope and spirit.

4. Worship

I love music. I love to dance. I love to sing. Music just speaks to my soul. Our worship singing at the beginning of our church service is always one of my favourite parts. Our leader sang this song, which I had never heard of before, and it was so touching.  It's called "At Your Name" by Phil Whickham. Yahweh Yahweh! We love to shout your name!

5. Fellowship

My BSF classes are on Spring Break this month since schools are, but a few of the ladies in my group got together for an evening of chatting. I love that our group is close and that we can take time to share our own stories of how God is working in us. In meeting like this we strengthen our own faith, and we gain encouragement, and we find God bringing things to our minds when others speak the truth. I am thankful for how He works in each of us and yet weaves our stories and lives together. 

6.  guest lecture

My Husband is a Machinist and the place where he works often has students walk through on a tour to check out different shops and how they run. After speaking to a group in the Fall, the Instructor asked if he would be interested in coming in to teach! This week was his second time guest lecturing at University of Fraser Valley. I think he really enjoys teaching; he does seem to have a natural ability to lead groups (he has been teaching our grade 5/6 class at church for a good 7 years!) and a passion in his industry. Who knows where this will lead, but I am thankful for opportunities for him to use his talents and for chances to try out other ways to work in his career.

7. heath changes

My sister-in-law has a ton of allergies, many of them food-related, that makes life difficult for her. To help combat her Jobs Syndrome, she has been having blood transfusions for four years on a weekly basis. This week, she went to see how her allergy to pineapple was, and happily discovered that she is no longer analyphalactic to them! Hooray!  In November, she will see how she does with latex! Then we can have a pineapple and balloon party to celebrate!

8. Provisions

Sometimes, okay oftentimes, we are living paycheque to paycheque and we need to be creative to stretch out our food and gas those last two days before payday. I'm sure we aren't the only ones! It's not easy, but it is teaching me to trust and wait for the Lord to provide. I admit that I am still working on that. It's easy for me to say that I have faith that all of our needs will be met, but I sometimes don't live like I believe it. I am so thankful that He is willing to be patient with me, and to keep giving me opportunities to learn. I am also thankful that He does indeed provide, even if it is through an insurance cheque for B's dental appt last week. 

9. Sunbeams

I love my little couch (well, actually I don't and would like it replaced, but I love that I have a couch and that it was free...) and I love the sunbeams that fall across it during the afternoon when I am resting or writing or planning or reading or drawing get the point.  I have done a fair bit of resting this week thanks to my thyroid and the dumb time change! I am thankful for furniture, sunbeams and restful days.

10. lettering

I was on Instagram the other day checking out other posts similar to mine and was encouraged to keep working on my lettering. It's something that I have always loved to do, and grew up watching my Dad paint his own lettering signs, but something that I never worked on to grow in. Until now.  It feels good to Letter!

So that's my week. How about yours? What are you thankful for? You should start your own list. You may be amazed at just how many blessings you have been given. If you do start, I'd love to share in your thanksgiving; let me know in the comments!


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