Sunday, July 5, 2009

could you turn the heat down???

good golly! It is one HOT day!!! Okay, maybe it's not nearly as hot as yesterday, but it is Very MUGGY. Oi! My Hunny is grumpy. Kai is whiney and demanding. Bryn is whiney (so I sent him to bed for a nap). I am exhausted and dizzy, but trying to stay cheerful and patient, but my oh my!!! Today is one of those days where you want to escape....without the kids....and go to a remote cool place to vegetate!! (Abi is at the neighbour's house playing in their kiddie pool!!! the thing is like 2' deep. She's smart!)

Thank goodness the weather is calling for clouds tonight and rain next week. Today's high was 27...and it's currently 28 degrees. Figure that out! The humidex is 30 degrees, so there you go! I could go for a nice cool breeze about now....followed by a long nap!

I love summer, but not when I'm surrounded by grumpy boys!!!!


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