Sunday, July 5, 2009

Urgent Prayer Request

I came across this prayer request in my usual blurfing tonight, and was surprised as it was a story that my friend was telling me about at dinnertime. She had heard about it in her times on caringbridge. It's the story of a little girl named Kate who needs our prayers desperately. She went into the hospital for hand tremors and hasn't left the building yet in almost a week. Instead of enjoying Independance Day with her family in the States, she is prepping for surgery as she has been diagnosed with an agressive brain tumor. This shakes me and brings me to tears!

Here is a link to hear more from her own parents, plus see pictures of this beautiful girl. Pray for strength in the family, guidance of the doctors, faith and peace for her parents, and that our Father, the Great Physician, would heal her with a miracle. Thank-you. Kate McRae


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