Saturday, January 23, 2010

I don't know what's worse...

~That we ran out of ketchup and I'm wondering how to get my 3yo to eat food without it.

~That there is a dead oppossom in our backyard. This is a picture of one. This isn't the one in our backyard; this one is alive. It seemed inappropriate to take a photo of the dead one, no matter how un-gross it looked. This one is cute. *

~That my Hunny is sick and it looks like he's taking me down with him.

~That the underwire in my nice fancy bra is poking me in places I don't like.

*the oppossom in our backyard was situated perfectly behind the kid's "treefort" (I use quotations b/c it's not in a tree) just close enough to freak them all out! (and myself) I was surprised at how big they are. They're like white raccoons! I remember seeing one in my neighbour's evergreen tree years ago and being shocked at how easy I could see it from that distance. Hunny said he'll get rid of it for us---he's going to throw it over the fence. (hahaha! just kidding, Jenny!)

**PS...are they POSSOMS or OPPOSSOMS???


Jenny said...

I'll be watching you my pretty. I'll be watching.

FieryCanuck77 said...


Financial Student said...

They look cute, but they can apparently be nasty when cornered. I just watched the house episode with the Opossum in the bathtub hissing at Wilson. Creepy!

BTW, he pronounced the "O" too! :)

FieryCanuck77 said...

LOL! good to know! :)

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