Sunday, January 10, 2010

in yur howze tucheen yur stuff

(like my title...LOLz Cat style? I really really suck at purposely trying to misspell! Really! I'm a stickler when it comes to spelling. When I am chatting with friends and they're using those ridiculous abbrev. or misspelling (like kewl instead of cool or hugz instead of hugs. seriously? if you're going to use the same amount of letters, why not use the right ones?? I just don't get it!) I'm spelling things out fully and properly! I'm a kill joy I guess! It's a good thing I can type fast! lol Moving along....)

It was my Bestest Favouritest Sister's birthday this week. She turned 30! It's crazy to think that! While I know we're all going to get older and that the "circle of life" continues and it's all good and such, the idea of my family getting older makes me sad. I am so not ready to say goodbye to anyone!!!! :( Yeah, I know, it's a *bit* bizarre way of thinking since it's not like any of us are OLD or anything. It's an issue I'm still working out! lol Moving along....

So, it was my Favouritest Sister's birthday this week. She went away with a group of friends to a cabin this weekend to celebrate. It was a surprise that her husband put together...until he spilled the beans or she guessed! Either way, she was in on it within a few days! LOL Oh well. Still fun no matter if it's a surprise or not. We were invited (well, sans children) but had to decline due to lack of sufficient funds. That sucked. Here's hoping 2010 is more, well, prosperous for us!

Since it was her 30th, which is pretty special, I felt crummy that I couldn't participate in celebrating her. So I was racking my brain trying to figure out someway to make it fun from me. Then it came to me. I had the keys to their condo from when they went to Mexico over Christmas and I took care of their cat...h'mm...I see an opportunity here.

The boys helped me shop and Abi helped me decorate last night! We got 30 small gifts for her and 30 balloons and had fun! *big grin* We left a big card that Abi made on their table, which they'll see right away, plus a note saying:

Happy 30th Birthday Surprise, Julie!

Scattered throughout your house you will find many gifts. But can you find them all? There are 28 wrapped gifts plus 2 unwrapped.

Have fun searching!

We then proceeded to unload all the balloons into their office. (it had to be a room that the door is typically closed, so that the cat doesn't get into them and pop a bunch! Although it sounds funny, coming home to broken balloon bits may be a bit unexciting!) How many balloons can you see in the picture? There is supposed to be 30 in total. (totally filling a room and having them tumble out when she opened the door would've been more fun, but you need a door that opens towards you, and most doors here open in. phooey)

I wonder how long it takes her to find all the gifts? Abi & I were nice and left a few out in the open, but then a few were more tricky! Did she find the one in the microwave?*

or the freezer?

or the one hidden in her unmentionable drawer?

or the one hidden behind her pillow?*

or the one hidden between the curtains on her bathtub?*

or the one under the cushion on the chair?*

* Abi had some clever hiding places! Gus-Gus didn't trust us and watched us with guarded curiosity! He ran and hid when I tried to pet him!

I'm excited about this surprise and can't wait to hear from Julie when she comes home! I hope she was just as excited abut it too! (and not feeling annoyed or inconvenienced!)


PS> thanks for the yummy toffee! *big smile*
PPS> don't turn on your oven without looking inside first! just sayin'!
PPPS>please ignore the Christmas wrapping paper. Oddly, I still have bits of it left but no Birthday wrap. What's up with that?


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