Friday, January 22, 2010

Wii like to play

Wii like to have fun.

Wii are learning to share and take turns.

Wii are trying to learn to be good sportsmen and good losers.

Wii play better without any shirts on.

Just before Christmas, MIL said that there was a good deal on Wiis somewhere and were we interested. Hunny and I exchange glances. Were we? Uhm. No, not really. We explained that we're not really "video game people". We don't care about Wii or Nintendo or Play Station or anything cool like that. It's just not something we're into. So we politely declined.

A week later, she asks us what we'd like for Christmas, and so I excitedly suggested a gift card so I could get what I wanted. (I've got my heart set on this David*Crowder Band cd!) As it got closer to the 25th, the more happier I was as I thought ahead to my shopping trip and my many nights stamping and listening to some good music. Then the Big Day. There was a large box for Hunny & I from MIL, which I didn't think too much of. Until we opened it and discovered a Wii. Yep, she didn't heed our advice and we are now Wii owners!

At first, we pondered what we were going to do. Should we return it for something else? Instead, Hunny decided to give it a try. After all, we'd heard how it's a good family activity and I'd love to try the Wii Fitness and get a good workout. So the next day (yes! he decided quickly!) Hunny went out and picked up new games and found some good deals on the accessories, and that night it was all set up and we were good to go!

It turns out that it's been a good gift for us! The kids love playing (although they're still learning to share and how not to get upset when they lose) and it's been fun. However, I still have yet to play longer than just one attempt at shooting ducks! I'd love to get a chance to try too! *smile*


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